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yvk.2.4 b Stay, O Maruts, the speeding falcon, Swift as mind, the strong, the glorious; That whereby the dread host goeth set loose, Do ye, O Asvins, put around; hail! c East wind, raining, quicken; Ravat! Hail! Storming, raining, dread; Ravat! Hail! Thundering, raining, formidable; Ravat! Hail! Thundering without lightning, lightning, raining, resplendent; Ravat! Hail! Raining over night, satisfying; Ravat! [1] Hail! Famed as having rained I much; Ravat! Hail! Raining while the sun shines, radiant; Ravat! Hail! Thundering, lightning, raining, waxing great; Ravat! Hail! d Gladdening, obedient, purifying, agile, Full of light, full of darkness, flooding, with fair foam, Supporting friends, supporting the warrior caste, With fair realms, do ye help me.

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