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yvk.2.1 He who has a dispute for a Purohitaship should offer (a beast) with a black neck to Agni, a brown one to Soma, and one with a black neck to Agni; the Brahman is connected with Agni, the prince with Soma; on either side of (the beast) for Soma there is one for Agni; verily with brilliance, with the Brahman, he seizes on either side the kingdom, and forthwith appropriates it; they choose him as Purohita.
yvk.3.5 The Rsis could not see Indra face to face; Vasistha saw him face to face; he said, Holy lore shall I proclaim to you so that people will be propagated with thee as Purohita; therefore do thou proclaim me to the other Rsis.
yvk.3.5 To him he proclaimed these shares in the Stoma, therefore people were propagated with Vasistha as their Purohita; therefore a Vasistha should be chosen as the Brahman priest; verily he is propagated.
yvk.4.3 f Fathers, grandfathers, near and far, may they protect us, may they help us, in this holy power, this lordly power, this prayer, this Purohita ship, this rite, this invocation of the gods.
yvk.6.4 Brhaspati was the Purohita of the gods, Sanda and Marka of the Asuras; the gods had the holy power Brahman(), the Asuras had the holy power Brahman(); they could not overcome one another; the gods invited Sanda and Marka; they replied, Let us choose a boon; let cups be drawn for us also herein.
yvk.7.4 Brhaspati desired, May the gods have faith in me, and may I become their Purohita.
yvk.7.4 Then the gods had faith in him, and he became their Purohita.

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