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yvk.1.2 i May the cry of Indra guard thee in front with the Vasus; may the swift of mind guard thee on the right with the Pitrs; may the wise one guard thee behind with the Rudras; may Visvakarman guard thee on the left with the Adityas.
yvk.1.3 d To sky thee, to atmosphere thee, to earth thee! e Pure be the world where the Pitrs sit.
yvk.1.3 g Thou art the seat of the Pitrs.
yvk.1.3 k Honour to the gods I Homage to the Pitrs! 1 Here (may) I (be free) from Varuna s noose; may I gaze on the heaven, on the light that is for all men, M Agni, lord of vows, thou art the vow lord of vows.
yvk.1.3 a To I earth thee! To atmosphere thee! To sky thee! b Pure be the world where the Pitrs sit.
yvk.1.3 d Thou art the seat of the Pitrs.
yvk.1.6 If be were to fast without eating, the Pitrs would be his divinity [3]; he eats of the wild, the wild is power, and so he bestows power upon himself.
yvk.1.6 If he were to collect them one by one, they would have the Pitrs as their divinity; if all together, (they would have) men as their divinity.
yvk.1.7 Samsravas Sauvarcanasa said to Tuminja Aupoditi: When thou hast been a Hotr of Sattrins, what Ida hast thou invoked? Her I have invoked he said, who supports the gods by her expiration, men by her cross breathing, and the Pitrs by her inspiration.
yvk.1.8 a He offers to Soma with the Pitrs a cake on six potsherds, to the Pitrs who sit on the straw fried grains, for the Pitrs prepared by Agni he milks a beverage from a cow which has to be won over (to another calf).
yvk.1.8 b This for thee, O father, and for thy line; This for thee, O grandfather, great grandfather, and for thy line Do ye Pitrs rejoice in your portions.
yvk.1.8 e The Pitrs have eaten, the Pitrs have rejoiced, the Pitrs have been glad, the Pitrs have purified themselves.
yvk.1.8 f Go away, O ye Pitrs, Soma loving, With your majestic ancient paths; Then reach ye the kindly Pitrs Who carouse in company with Yama.
yvk.1.8 h Mind let us summon hither With the praise of Narasansa And the reverence of the Pitrs.
yvk.1.8 i May the Pitrs restore mind to us, May the host of the gods; May we belong to the band of the living.
yvk.1.8 g O Pitrs, beaded by Soma, rejoice.
yvk.2.3 Soma is full of life; he is (full) through the plants; the sacrifice is full of life; it is (full) through the sacrificial fees; the Brahman is full of life; that is full of life through the Brahmans; the gods are full of life; they are (full of life) through the ambrosia; the Pitrs are full of life; they are full of life through the Svadha call with this life I make thee full of life.
yvk.2.4 The gods, men, and the Pitrs were on one side, the Asuras, Raksases, and Pisacas on the other.
yvk.2.5 The Pitrs found him; therefore an offering is made to the Pitrs on the day before.
yvk.2.5 Creatures slew hunger, man at onc ,the gods at the half month, the Pitrs in a month, trees in a year.
yvk.2.5 Therefore day by day men desire food, at the half month the gods are sacrificed to, every month offering is made to the Pitrs, in a year trees produce fruit.
yvk.2.5 There are three Agnis, the oblation bearer of the gods, the bearer of the offering of the Pitrs, the guardian of the Asuras.
yvk.2.5 He chooses, beginning at the further end, in order of descent; therefore the Pitrs drink after men in order of descent, beginning at the further end.
yvk.2.5 Those worthy of praise are men; those worthy of honour are the Pitrs; those worthy of sacrifice are the gods; verily he sacrifices to the deities according to their portions.
yvk.2.5 The thread is worn around the neck for men, over the right shoulder for the Pitrs, over the left for the gods.
yvk.2.6 By Agni the sacrificer discerns the world of the gods, by Soma the world of the Pitrs; in the north part he offers to Agni, in the south to Soma, for these worlds are thus, as it were, to illumine these worlds.
yvk.2.6 If dug too deep, it has the Pitrs for its deity; so much does he dig as is measured [2] by Prajapati as the mouth of the sacrifice.
yvk.2.6 The gods said, Come, let us interchange them with food the gods invited Agni [4], with the kingdom the Pitrs Yama; therefore is Agni the food eater of the gods, Yama the king of the Pitrs; he who knows thus obtains the kingdom and food.
yvk.2.6 Him, who reviles him, he shall fine with a hundred; him, who strikes him, he shall fine with a thousand; he, who draws blood from him, shall not behold the world of the Pitrs for as many years as are the grains of dust which the blood in its fall seizes upon (they replied).
yvk.3.2 g Homage to the Pitrs, who have watched around us, Making the sacrifice, loving the sacrifice, the benignant deities; We have not brought you the offering without desires; Trouble us not for this sin.
yvk.3.3 h May the gods aid me to radiance, may the Pitrs rejoice in me.
yvk.3.3 e Thou art the past, the future by name, in the lordship of the Pitrs, expugnate the waters and the plants.
yvk.3.5 Thou art force; to the Pitrs thee! Quicken the Pitrs he says; verily the gods and the Pitrs he connects.
yvk.3.5 Thou art the thread; for offspring thee! Quicken offspring [3], he says; verily the Pitrs and offspring he connects.
yvk.4.2 a Go hence depart, creep away, hence, Ye that are here of old and ye that are new, Yama hath given this resting place of earth, The Pitrs have made this world for him.
yvk.4.4 Thou art force; for the Pitrs thee! Quicken the Pitrs.
yvk.5.2 So many are animals, bipeds and quadrupeds; if he were to let them loose to the east, he would give them over to Rudra; if to the south, he would deliver them to the Pitrs; if to the west, the Raksases would destroy them; to the north he let them loose; this is the auspicious qu rter of gods and men (3); verily he lets them loose in that direction.
yvk.5.3 (With the words) ray he created Aditya; with advance right; with following the sky; with union the atmosphere; with propping the earth; with prop the rain; with blowing forward the day; with blowing after the night; with eager the Vasus; with intelligence the Rudras; with brilliant the Adityas; with force the Pitrs; with thread offspring; with enduring the battle cattle; with wealthy plants.
yvk.5.5 l May the Vasus, with the Rudras, protect thee on the east; may the Pitrs whose lord is Yama, with the Pitrs, protect thee on the south; may the Adityas, with the All gods, protect thee on the west; may Dyutana Maruta, with the Maruts, protect thee on the north [4]; may the gods, whose chief is Indra, protect thee from below and from above.
yvk.6.1 The gods and men divided the quarters, the gods (obtained) the eastern, the Pitrs the southern, men the western, the Rudras the northern.
yvk.6.1 (Of the garment) the place where the border is belongs to Agni, the wind guard to Vayu, the fringe to the Pitrs, the foreedge to the plants [3], the warp to the Adityas, the woof to the All gods, the meshes to the Naksatras.
yvk.6.1 Ghee pertains to the gods, sour cream to the Pitrs, well seasoned butter to men [4], fresh butter is connected with all the gods; verily in anointing with fresh butter he satisfies all the gods.
yvk.6.1 By that (the Rc) has the Pitrs for its deity.
yvk.6.2 Them the cry of Indra with the Vasus repelled in front [4]; the swift of mind with the Pitrs on the right, the wise one with the Rudras behind, and Visvakarman with the Adityas on the left.
yvk.6.2 Thou art the seat of the Pitrs (with these words) he spreads the strew, for what is dug in has the Pitrs for its deity [3].
yvk.6.2 If he were to set it up without strewing, it would be dug in and have the Pitrs for its deity; he sets it up after strewing; verily he sets it up in thi (earth), and makes it firm rooted.
yvk.6.3 Homage to the gods he says, for homage is the due of the gods; svadh to the Pitrs be says, for the svadh call is the due of the Pitrs [5].
yvk.6.3 Thou art the seat of the Pitrs (with these words) he spreads the strew, for what is dug in has the Pitrs for its deity.
yvk.6.3 If he were to set it up without strewing, it would be dug in and have the Pitrs for its deity; he sets it up after strewing; verily he sets it up in this (earth).
yvk.6.3 What is dug in belongs to the Pitrs, what is above the part dug in up to the girdle belongs to men, the girdle belongs to the plants [6], what is above th girdle up to the top to the All gods, the top to Indra, the rest to the Sadhyas.
yvk.6.3 A Brahman on birth is born with a threefold debt, of pupilship to the Rsis, of sacrifice to the gods, of offspring to the Pitrs.
yvk.6.4 To the heart thee! he says; verily he makes it for men; To mind thee! he says; verily he makes it for the Pitrs; To the sky thee! To the sun thee! he says; verily he makes it for the gods; so many are the gods; verily he makes it descend for them all.
yvk.6.5 In this same cup (offering) is made for men, gods, and Pitrs; Thou givest good protection, and art well estab ished he says; verily thereby he makes (it) for men; The great he says; verily thereby he makes (it) for the gods; Homage he says; verily thereby he makes (it) for the Pitrs; so many are the gods; verily he draws it for them all.
yvk.6.6 He should set (the set) up with the lower parts alike for one who desires the world of the Pitrs, with the girdle part alike for one who desires the world of men, with the top pieces alike for one who desires power, and all alike for one who desires support; the three in the middle alike for one who desires cattle; for through them [1] cattle attend (on him); verily he becomes possessed of cattle.
yvk.6.6 If he were to offer in the northern half or the middle, he would cause conflict with the gods; he offers on the southern half; this is the quarter of the Pitrs; verily in their own quarter he propitiates the Pitrs.
yvk.7.3 By fire he surmounted fervour, by speech holy power, by a gem forms, by Indra the gods, by the wind the breaths, by the sun the sky, by the moon the Naksatras, by Yama the Pitrs, by the king men, by fruit the flavours, by the boa constrictor serpents, by the tiger wild beasts, by the eagle birds, by the stallion horses, by the bull kine, by the he goat goats, by the ram sheep, by rice food, by barley plants, by the banyan trees, by the Udumbara strength, by the Gayatri the metres, by the Trivrt the Stomas, by the Brahmana speech.
yvk.7.4 d Prajapati, bestowing these on me, In harmony with all the gods and Pitrs, Hath brought them, auspicious, to our pastures.

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