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yvk.3.5 Soma was in the third sky from hence; the Gayatri fetched it, a leaf of it was cut off, that became the Parna, that is why the Parna is so called.
yvk.3.5 He whose ladle is made of Parna wood [1] has his oblations acceptable; the gods rejoice in his oblation.
yvk.3.5 The gods discussed regarding holy power; the Parna overheard it; he whose ladle is made of Parna wood is styled famous; he hears no evil bruit.
yvk.3.5 The Parna is holy power, the Maruts are the people, the people are food, the Asvattha is connected with the Maruts; he whose ladle is made of Parna wood, and his spoon (upabhrt) is of Asvattha, by holy power wins food, and the holy class [2] puts over the people.
yvk.3.5 The Parna is the royalty, the Asvattha is the people; in that the ladle is made of Parna wood and the spoon of Asvattha, verily he puts the royalty over the people.
yvk.4.2 e In the Asvattha is your seat, In the Parna is your dwelling made; Cows shall in truth be your share If ye shall gain this man.
yvk.7.4 a Let the ram aid thee with cooked food, the dark necked with goats, the cotton tree with increase, the Parna tree with the holy power Brahman(), the fig tree with the sacrifice, the banyan with the beakers, the Udumbara with strength, the Gayatri with the metres, the Trivrt with the Stomas.

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