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yvk.1.2 i To Vayu thee; to Varuna thee; to Nirrti thee; to Rudra thee! k O divine waters, son of the waters, the stream Fit for oblation, mighty, most exhilarating, That stream of yours may I not step upon.
yvk.1.8 The (grains) which are thrown down to the west of the support he (offers) on one potsherd to Nirrti; the sacrificial fee is a black garment with a black fringe.
yvk.1.8 This is thy share, O Nirrti; O thou who hast prospered, thou art rich in oblation; Free him from evil.
yvk.1.8 To Nirrti (he offers) an oblation in the house of the neglected wife, made up of rice broken by the nails; the sacrificial fee is a black hornless (cow).
yvk.2.6 That which is burnt belongs to Nirrti, that which is not cooked to Rudra, that which is cooked to the gods.
yvk.4.2 f The bright light Born beyond this firmament, May that convey us beyond our foes, O Agni Vaisvanara, hail! g Homage to thee, O Nirrti of every form [2], Loosen ye this bond made of iron; Do thou in accord with Yama and Yami Mount this highest vault.
yvk.4.2 h The bond that Nirrti, the goddess, Bound on thy neck, not to be loosened, This I loosen for thee as from the middle of life; Then living, let loose, do thou eat the food.
yvk.4.2 i Thee in whose cruel mouth here I make offering, For the loosening of these bonds, As earth men know thee, As Nirrti [3], I know thee on every side.
yvk.4.2 k Seek the man who poureth not offering nor sacrifices; The road of the thief and robber thou followest; Seek another than us, that is thy road; Homage be to thee, O Nirrti, O goddess.
yvk.4.2 l Praising Nirrti, the goddess, Like a father his son, I weary her with my words; She who knoweth all that is born, Discerneth, the lady, every head.
yvk.5.2 For Nirrti there are three (bricks) black, dried by a chaff fire; chaff is the portion of Nirrti, black is the form of Nirrti; verily by her own form he propitiates Nirrti.
yvk.5.2 They go to this quarter; this [2] is the quarter of Nirrti; verily in her own quarter he propitiates Nirrti.
yvk.5.2 He places (it) in a self made hole or a cleft; that is the abode of Nirrti; verily he propitiates Nirrti in her own abode.
yvk.5.2 He places (them) over against the sling, the noose is connected with Nirrti; verily he frees him straightway from the noose of Nirrti.
yvk.5.2 He places three, man is threefold in arrangement; verily he removes by sacrifice Nirrti from the whole extent of man.
yvk.5.2 He places them going away (from the place of sacrifice); verily he drives away Nirrti from him [3].
yvk.5.2 They retur without looking round, to conceal Nirrti.
yvk.5.2 To the Garhapatya they pay reverence; verily having wandered in the world of Nirrti, they return, purified, to the world of the gods.
yvk.5.5 The Saka, is for earth; the field rat, the Kasa, the flying fox, these are for the fathers; the pole cat for the seasons; the quail to the year; the pigeon, the owl, the hare, these are for Nirrti; the cock for Savitr.
yvk.5.6 Or rather they say, It should not be stepped on the pan is connected with Nirrti; if he were to step on it, he would hand himself over to Nirrti; therefore it should not be stepped on.
yvk.5.7 Tortoises with the hooves; with the flesh of the hooves francolin partridges; the Saman with the dewclaws; speed with the legs; health with the two knees; strength with the two Kuhas; fear with the two movers; the secret with the two sides; the Asvins with the two shoulders Aditi with the head; Nirrti with the bald head.
yvk.5.7 Force with the neck; Nirrti with the bones; Indra with the hard working bearing part; for Rudra the moving shoulder; for day and night the second (part); for the half months the third; for the months the fourth; for the seasons the fifth; for the year the sixth.

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