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yvk.1.2 h Guard me from the lustre of the Naksatras.
yvk.1.8 h To Agni hail! To Soma hail! To Savitr hail! To Sarasvati hail! To Pusan hail! To Brhaspati hail! To Indra hail! To sound hail! To verse hail! To Ansa hail! To Bhaga hail! To the lord of the field hail! i To earth hail! To atmosphere hail! To sky hail! To the sun hail! To the moon hail! To the Naksatras hail! To the waters hail! To plants hail! To trees hail! To moving creatures hail! To swimming creatures hail! To creeping creatures hail!
yvk.2.5 May I be adorned with the Naksatras said yonder (sky); I May I be adorned with variegated things said this (earth).
yvk.2.5 Therefore yonder (sky) is adorned with the Naksatras, this (earth) with variegated things.
yvk.3.4 a Agni overlord of creatures, may he help me; Indra of powers, Yama of earth, Vayu of the atmosphere, Surya of the sky, Candramas of Naksatras, Brhaspati of holy power, Mitra of truths, Varuna of waters, the ocean of streams, food of lordships overlord, may it help me; Soma of plants, Savitr of instigations, Rudra of cattle, Tvastr of forms, Visnu of mountains, the Maruts of troops overlords, may they help me.
yvk.3.4 c The all blessed, sun rayed Candramas is the Gandharva; his Apsarases are the Naksatras, (called) the bright, &c.
yvk.4.3 (Thou art) earth metre, atmosphere metro, sky metre, seasons metre, Naksatras metre, mind metre, speech metre, ploughing metre, gold metre, cow metre, female goat metre, horse metre.
yvk.5.2 e May the earth with the atmosphere, May Vayu heal thy rent, May the sky with the Naksatras Arrange thy form aright.
yvk.5.4 He puts down the constellation bricks; these are the lights of the sky; verily he wins them; the Naksatras are the lights of the doers of good deeds; verily he wins them; verily also he makes these lights into a reflection [3] to light up the world of heaven.
yvk.5.6 The first layer is this (earth), the mortar the plants and trees; the second is the atmosphere, the mortar the birds; the third is yonder (sky), the mortar the Naksatras; the fourth the sacrifice, the mortar the sacrificial fee; the fifth the sacrificer, the mortar offspring; if he were to pile it with three layers, he would obstruct the sacrifice, the fee, the self, offspring; therefore should it be piled with five layers; verily he preserves all.
yvk.5.7 Day with the flesh; night with the fat; the waters with the juice; ghee with the sap; ice with the fat (vsa); hail with the rheum of the eyes; with tears hoar frost; sky with the form; the Naksatras with the shadow; earth with the hide; the skin with the skin; to it brought up hail! To it slaughtered hail! To it offered hail!
yvk.5.7 For Vayu the first rib; for Sarasvant the second; for the moon the third; for the Naksatras the fourth; for Savitr the fifth; for Rudra the sixth for the serpents the seventh; for Aryaman the eighth; for Tvastr the ninth for Dhatr the tenth; for Indrani the eleventh; for Aditi the twelfth; for sky and earth the side; for Yama the side bone.
yvk.6.1 (Of the garment) the place where the border is belongs to Agni, the wind guard to Vayu, the fringe to the Pitrs, the foreedge to the plants [3], the warp to the Adityas, the woof to the All gods, the meshes to the Naksatras.
yvk.6.1 He should not utter speech until the Naksatras appear.
yvk.6.1 If he were to utter speech before the Naksatras appear, he would divide the sacrifice [3].
yvk.6.1 When the Naksatras have arisen, be utters sp ech, Prepare the fast food.
yvk.7.1 If they omit the Trinava Stoma, his seasons and the strength of the Naksatras are omitted, but he who offers the sacrifice does so with the wish, May it be in my seasons and the strength of the Naksatras [2].
yvk.7.1 To earth hail! To atmosphere hail! To sky hail! To the sun hail! To the moon hail! To the Naksatras hail! To the eastern quarter hail! To the southern quarter hail! To the western quarter hail! To the northern quarter hail! To the zenith hail! To the quarters hail! To the intermediate quarters hail! To the half years hail! To the autumns hail! To the days and nights hail! To the half months hail! To the months hail! To the seasons hail! To the year hail! To all hail!
yvk.7.3 By fire he surmounted fervour, by speech holy power, by a gem forms, by Indra the gods, by the wind the breaths, by the sun the sky, by the moon the Naksatras, by Yama the Pitrs, by the king men, by fruit the flavours, by the boa constrictor serpents, by the tiger wild beasts, by the eagle birds, by the stallion horses, by the bull kine, by the he goat goats, by the ram sheep, by rice food, by barley plants, by the banyan trees, by the Udumbara strength, by the Gayatri the metres, by the Trivrt the Stomas, by the Brahmana speech.
yvk.7.5 Of thee the sky is the greatness, the Naksatras the form, the sun the splendour; to his greatness, to Prajapati, thee (I offer).
yvk.7.5 To the moon he made obeisance, to the Naksatras he made obeisance; as the moon with the Naksatras (made harmony, so &c.
yvk.7.5 The head of the sacrificial horse is the dawn, the eye the sun, the breath the wind, the ear the moon, the feet the quarters, the ribs the intermediate quarters, the winking the day and night, the joints the half months, the joinings the months, the limbs the seasons, the trunk the year, the hair the rays (of the gun), the form the Naksatras, the bones the stars, the flesh the mist, the hair the plants, the tail hairs the trees, the mouth Agni, the open (mouth) Vaisvanara [1], the belly the sea, the anus the atmosphere, the testicles the sky and the earth, the membrum virile, the pressing stone, the seed the Soma.

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