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yvk.1.1 c The Vedi hath come to the sacrificial straw, Made by Manu, fashioned with the Svadha call.
yvk.1.5 Manu established it; therefore did Manu prosper; therefore offspring are said to be Manu s.
yvk.1.5 a I gaze on offspring, Offspring of Ida, connected with Manu; May they all be in our house.
yvk.1.6 h O Agni, kindled by the gods, kindled by Manu, with sweet tongue, I touch the head of thee, the immortal, O Hotr, for increase of wealth, good offspring, strength.
yvk.1.7 By the whole sacrifice the gods went to the world of heaven; Manu laboured with the cooked offering; the Ida went to Manu; the gods and the Asuras called severally upon her, the gods directly, the Asuras indirectly; she went to the gods; the cattle choose the gods, cattle deserted the Asuras.
yvk.1.7 e Or Vayu thee, or Manu thee, The seven and twenty Gandharvas; They first yoked the steed; They placed swiftness in it.
yvk.2.2 Too much splendour is produced they say, he is liable to become a leper he should insert the verses of Manu s; whatever Manu said is medicine [2]; verily he makes medicine for him.
yvk.2.5 Kindled by Manu he says, for Manu kindled him after the gods.
yvk.2.6 Manu desired what of earth was sacrificial.
yvk.2.6 Offspring of Manu he says, for Manu first saw her [3].
yvk.3.1 g Manu divided his property among his sons.
yvk.3.2 To Prajapati, to Manu, hail! Vat! To him who approveth himself homage.
yvk.3.3 c May Ida who summoneth the gods, Manu who leadeth the sacrifice, d May Brhaspati recite the hymns and acclamations.
yvk.3.4 f Weave ye without a flaw the work of the singers; Become Manu; produce thou.
yvk.3.4 Become Manu; produce thou the host divine ,he says; offspring are connected with Manu; verily he makes them fit for food.
yvk.4.1 a Purpose, Agni, impulse, hail! Mind, intellect, Agni, impulse, hail! Thought, knowledge, Agni, impulse, hail! Discrimination of speech, Agni, impulse, hail! To Manu, lord of creatures, hail! To Agni Vaisvanara hail! b Let every man choose the companionship Of the god who leadeth; Every man prayeth for wealth; Let him choose glory that he may prosper; hail! e Be not broken, nor come to harm; Be firm and enduring; O mother, daringly show thy heroism [1]; With Agni wilt thou do this deed.
yvk.4.5 d Be merciful to us, O Rudra, and give us delight; With honour let us worship thee, destroyer of men; The health and wealth which father Manu won by sacrifice, May we attain that, O Rudra, under thy leadership.
yvk.5.4 Manu piled the fire; with it he did not prosper; he saw this re piling, he piled it, with it he prospered; in that he piles the re piling, (it is) for prosperity.
yvk.6.2 Manu was wont thrice to take drink, the Asuras twice, the gods once [3].
yvk.6.2 Morning, midday, evening, w re the times of Manu s drinking, the symbol of the sacrifice of cooked food, (serving) for prosperity.
yvk.6.6 Indra caused Manu to sacrifice with his wife; after she had been encircled with fire he let her go; therewith Manu prospered; in that he lets go (the victim), (for Tvastr with the wives, the sacrificer prospers with the prosperity with which Manu prospered.
yvk.7.5 The gods made Indra sacrifice with it, and therefore is it Indra s pressing; men made Manu sacrifice with it, and therefore is it Manu s pressing.
yvk.7.5 As Indra among the gods, as Manu among men, becomes he who knowing thus sacrifices with this sacrifice.

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