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yvk.6.1 Man has breath without; his eating is his breath, he eats; verily he consecrates himself with breath.
yvk.6.2 Man must be made; verily he prospers.
yvk.7.2 Man is of a hundred (years of) life and of a hundred powers; verily in life and power do they find support.
yvk.7.3 Man is twentyfold, ten fingers and ten toes; verily obtaining the greatness of man they cease (the rite).
yvk.7.4 Man is of twelve parts, two thighs, two arms, the trunk and the head, four members, and the breasts as the eleventh and twelfth [3].
yvk.7.5 Man is of a hundred (years) of age, and of a hundredfold strength; verily they find support in age and strength.

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