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yvk.1.8 The two ornaments he gives to the Adhvaryu, the garland to the Udgatr, the round ornament to the Hotr, a horse to the Prastotr and Pratihartr, twelve heifers to the Brahman, a cow to the Maitravaruna, a bull to the Brahmanacchansin, garments to the Nestr and Potr, a wagon drawn by one ox laden with barley to the Achavaka, a draught ox to the Agnidh.
yvk.6.1 After the buying of the Soma he hands the staff to the Maitravaruna (priest).
yvk.6.1 For the Maitravaruna first assigns to the priests their utterance, and the priests plant it in the sacrificer.
yvk.6.4 O bowl priest of the Maitravaruna, run hither
yvk.6.4 The pit is the birthplace of the sacrifice, the Vasairivaris are the sacrifice; bringing the bowls of the Hotr and the Maitravaruna into contact he pours in the Vasativaris reciprocally, so that the sacrifice may have its birthplace; verily he produces it from its own birthplace.

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