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yvk.5.2 He puts down two ladles, one made of Karsmarya and full of butter, one of Udumbara and full of curds; that made of Karsm rya is this (earth), that of Udumbara is yonder (sky); verily he deposits these two (earth and sky) [3].
yvk.5.2 In silence he puts (them) down, for he should not obtain them with a Yajus; the Karsmarya on the south, the Udumbara on the north; therefore is yonder (sky) higher than this (earth); the Karsmarya filled with butter, the butter is a thunderbolt, the Karsmarya is a thunderbolt; verily by the thunderbolt he smites away the Raksases from the south of the sacrifice; the Udumbara filled with curds, curds are cattle, the Udumbara is strength; verily he confers strength upon cattle.

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