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yvk.2.4 n Thee, Jatavedas.
yvk.2.5 Bring hither the gods, O Agni; and sacrifice to them with a fair sacrifice, O Jatavedas he says; verily he quickens Agni, and quickened by him he bears the oblation to the gods.
yvk.3.1 m Thee they keep to carry the offering, To cook (the victim) and as worthy of sacrifice; 0 Agni, with thy strength and thy body, be present And accept our offerings, O Jatavedas.
yvk.3.1 n O Jatavedas, go with the caul to the gods, For thou art the first Hotr; With ghee do thou strengthen their bodies; May the gods eat the offering made with the cry of hail! o Hail to the gods; to the gods hail!

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