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yvk.2.2 p Soma [3] the righteous as pressed becometh visible, Jamadagni singing the hymn to Indra; Thou art the mighty restrainer of impetuous might; Ward it off and strengthen the support for the singer.
yvk.3.1 Visvamitra and Jamadagni had a quarrel with Vasistha.
yvk.3.1 Jamadagni saw this Vihavya (hymn), and by means of it he appropriated the power and strength of Vasistha.
yvk.3.3 Prajapati saw the Viraj; by it he created the past and the future; he concealed it from the Rsis; by penance Jamadagni beheld it, and by it he created various delights; that is why the various (cups) have their name.
yvk.4.3 d This one on the left, the light; his, the light s, ear; the autumn born of the ear; the Anustubh connected with the autumn; from the Anustubh the Svara Saman(); from the Svara the Manthin (cup); from the Manthin the twenty onefold Stoma(); from the twenty onefold the Vairaja; from the Vairaja Jamadagni, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati [2], I take the ear for offspring.
yvk.5.2 With those (put down) on the east Vasistha prospered, with those on the south Bharadvaja, with those on the west Visvamitra, with those on the north Jamadagni, with those above Visvakarman.
yvk.5.4 Visvamitra and Jamadagni h d a feud with Vasistha; Jamadagni saw these Vihavya (bricks); he put them down, and with them he appropriated the power and strength of Vasistha; in that he puts down the Vihavyas, the sacrificer with them appropriates the power and strength of his foe.
yvk.7.1 Jamadagni desiring prosperity, sacrificed with the four night rite.
yvk.7.1 He prospered therein, and accordingly the two descendants of Jamadagni are not seen as grey haired.

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