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yvk.1.1 m Thou art the girdle of Aditi, the cord of Indrani.
yvk.1.7 b To thee hath been assigned for mighty power, For ever, in the slaying of Vrtra, All lordship, and all strength, O thou that art worthy of sacrifice In the overcoming of man by the gods, O Indra, c Indrani beyond other women I have heard to be favoured with a spouse, For never at any time [1] Shall her husband die of old age.
yvk.1.7 d I have not joyed, O Indrani, Without my friend Vrsakapi, Whose oblation rich in water Goeth dear to the gods.
yvk.2.2 He whose dart is not as it were sharp should offer an oblation to Indrani; the deity of the arrow is Indrani; verily he has recourse to Indrani with her own share; she sharpens his arrow.
yvk.5.5 The Alaja is for the atmosphere; the otter, the diver, the swimmer, these for the waters; to Aditi the Hansasaci; to Indrani the Kirsa; the vulture, the white breasted, the Vardhranasa, these are for the sky; the hedgehog is for sky and earth.
yvk.5.6 To Aditi are (to be offered) three ruddy spotted; to Indrani three black spotted; to Kuhu three red spotted; three calves to Raka; three heifers to Sinivali; the red spotted hornless ones are for Agni and Visnu.
yvk.5.6 Three reddish brown ones are for Soma; to Soma, the king, are (to be offered) three dappled ones; the cloud formed are for Parjanya; three goats with dewlaps are (to be offered) to Indrani; three ewes are for Aditi; those of auspicious mark and hornless are for sky and earth.
yvk.5.7 For Indra the breast, for Aditi the flanks, for the quarters the cervical cartilages; the clouds with the heart and its covering; atmosphere with the pericardium; the mist with the flesh of the stomach; Indrani with the lungs; ants with the liver, the hills with the intestines; the ocean with the stomach; Vaisvanara with the fundament.
yvk.5.7 For Vayu the first rib; for Sarasvant the second; for the moon the third; for the Naksatras the fourth; for Savitr the fifth; for Rudra the sixth for the serpents the seventh; for Aryaman the eighth; for Tvastr the ninth for Dhatr the tenth; for Indrani the eleventh; for Aditi the twelfth; for sky and earth the side; for Yama the side bone.

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