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yvk.2.5 Clever indeed [1] were the Hotrs of old; there fore the ways were held apart, and the paths did not conflict.
yvk.4.1 h O ye divine Hotrs, sing ye To our uplifted sacrifice, to Agni s tongue, Make for us good offering.
yvk.4.3 m The Maruts, of the year, fair singers, With wide abodes, in troops among men, May they from us unloosen the bonds of tribulation, Those that burn, delighting, granting delight, n Delight the eager gods, O thou most young, Knowing the seasons, O lord of the season, do thou sacrifice here; With the priests divine, O Agni, Thou art the best sacrificer of Hotrs.
yvk.5.1 g First for you have I made glad the two, who share one car, fair of hue, The gods that gaze on all the worlds, Those that ordain your ordinances, The two Hotrs, that indicate the light in its place.

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