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yvk.2.1 k God Agni with the Vasus [2], Soma with the dread forms, Indra with the Maruts, worthy of sacrifice, Varuna with the Adityas hath been in harmony with us.
yvk.3.1 f That procreant strength for us do thou, O God Tvastr, graciously lot loose, Whence is born a hero [1] of great deeds, of skill, Who wieldeth the pressing stone and loveth the gods.
yvk.3.1 aa O Agni, many are the hosts of the immortal all knower, O God, powerful; and (many) the [6] wiles of the wily Which of yore they deposited in thee, O thou that impellest all, O seeker of friends.
yvk.3.2 a O God Savitr, he hath declared that to thee; that do thou impel and offer.
yvk.3.4 a O Vayu, drinker of the pure, come to us; A thousand are thy teams, O thou that hast all choice boons; For thee the sweet drink bath been drawn, Whereof, O God, thou hast the first drink.
yvk.3.5 h Invoking increase of wealth, Rich in heroes and rich in steeds, Bidden I God speed by Brhaspati, with wealth Abide thou for me, the sacrificer.
yvk.4.1 b The son of self, the Asura, all knower, God, god among gods, Anointeth the ways with mead and ghee.
yvk.4.3 h I praise Agni, domestic priest, God of the sacrifice and priest, The Hotr, best bestower of jewels.
yvk.7.5 a Thine ancient paths, O Savitr, That are extended dustless through the atmosphere, With these to day, with thy paths easy to travel, Guard us, and, O God, speak for us.

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