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yvk.1.7 e Or Vayu thee, or Manu thee, The seven and twenty Gandharvas; They first yoked the steed; They placed swiftness in it.
yvk.5.5 For the sun the crane; the deer, the peacock, the hawk, these are for the Gandharvas; for the Vasus the francolin partridge; for the Rudras the partridge; the red doe, the Kundrnaci, the Golattika, these are for the Apsarases; to the wood the Srmara.
yvk.5.7 Indra and Varuna with the two buttocks; Indra and Agni with the flesh below the buttocks; Indra and Brhaspati with the two thighs; Indra and Visnu with the knees; Savitr with the tail; the Gandharvas with the penis; the Apsarases with the testicles; the purifying with the anus; the strainer with the two Potras; the going with the two Sthuras; the going to with the two centres of the loins.
yvk.6.1 The gods said, The Gandharvas love women; let us redeem it with a woman.
yvk.6.1 She adopted the form of a deer and ran away from the Gandharvas [5] that was the origin of the deer.
yvk.6.1 The Gandharvas uttered a spell, the gods sang, she went to the gods as they sang.
yvk.7.5 As Haya (steed) it carried the gods, as Arvan (courser) the Asuras, as Vajin (racer) the Gandharvas, as Asva (horse) men.

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