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yvk.1.3 i May Dyutana Maruta set thee up according to the established law of Mitra and Varuna.
yvk.5.5 l May the Vasus, with the Rudras, protect thee on the east; may the Pitrs whose lord is Yama, with the Pitrs, protect thee on the south; may the Adityas, with the All gods, protect thee on the west; may Dyutana Maruta, with the Maruts, protect thee on the north [4]; may the gods, whose chief is Indra, protect thee from below and from above.
yvk.6.2 May Dyutana Maruta set thee up he says; Dyutana Maruta was wont to set up the Udumbara (post) of the gods; verily [4] by him he sets this (post) up.

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