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yvk.3.1 Candramas is the deity, Satobrhati the metre, thou art the vessel of the mixed Soma().
yvk.3.4 a Agni overlord of creatures, may he help me; Indra of powers, Yama of earth, Vayu of the atmosphere, Surya of the sky, Candramas of Naksatras, Brhaspati of holy power, Mitra of truths, Varuna of waters, the ocean of streams, food of lordships overlord, may it help me; Soma of plants, Savitr of instigations, Rudra of cattle, Tvastr of forms, Visnu of mountains, the Maruts of troops overlords, may they help me.
yvk.3.4 c The all blessed, sun rayed Candramas is the Gandharva; his Apsarases are the Naksatras, (called) the bright, &c.
yvk.4.3 [1] Vata, the deity, Surya, the deity, Candramas, the deity, the Vasus, the deity, the Rudras, the deity, the Adityas, the deity, the All gods, the deity, the Maruts, the deity, Brhaspati, the deity, Indra, the deity, Varuna, the deity.

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