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yvk.1.4 a Sitta with the sinew, Bhava with the liver, Rudra with the taniman, Pasupati with the thick heart, Agni with the heart, Rudra with the blood, Sarva with the kidneys, Mahadeva with the intestinal flesh, him that slayest most quickly with the entrails.
yvk.4.5 a Homage to the golden armed leader of hosts, and to the lord of the quarters homage! b Homage to the trees with green tresses, to the lord of cattle homage! c Homage to the one who is yellowish red like young grass, to the radiant, to the lord of paths homage! d Homage to the brown one, to the piercer, to the lord of food homage! e Homage to the green haired, wearer of the cord, to the lord of prosperity homage! f Homage to the dart of Bhava, to the lord of the moving world homage! g Homage to Rudra, with bent bow, to the lord of fields homage! h Homage to the minstrel, the inviolate, to the lord of the woods homage! i Homage
yvk.4.5 a Homage to Bhava and to Rudra.

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