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yvk.1.7 e May Aryaman further us, May Bhaga, may Brhaspati, May the gods, and the bounteous one; May the goddess speech be bountiful to us.
yvk.1.8 h To Agni hail! To Soma hail! To Savitr hail! To Sarasvati hail! To Pusan hail! To Brhaspati hail! To Indra hail! To sound hail! To verse hail! To Ansa hail! To Bhaga hail! To the lord of the field hail! i To earth hail! To atmosphere hail! To sky hail! To the sun hail! To the moon hail! To the Naksatras hail! To the waters hail! To plants hail! To trees hail! To moving creatures hail! To swimming creatures hail! To creeping creatures hail!
yvk.2.1 e In contests we invoke Indra, swift to hear, The divine folk working good, freeing from distress, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, for gain, Bhaga, Sky and earth, the Maruts for welfare.
yvk.3.1 ii As the impulse of Savitr, The favour of Bhaga, I call Agni who is clothed with the sea.
yvk.4.4 [1] Aryaman the deity; the two Phalgunis the Naksatra, Bhaga the deity; Hasta the Naksatra, Savitr the deity; Citra the Naksatra, Indra the deity; Svati the Naksatra, Vayu the deity; the two Visakhas the Naksatra, Indra and Agni the deity; Anruradha the Naksatra, Mitra the deity; Rohini the Naksatra, Indra the deity; the two Visrts the Naksatra; the fathers the deity; the Asadhas the Naksatra, the waters the deity; the Asadhas the Naksatra, the All gods the deity; Srona the Naksatra, Visnu the deity; Sravistha the Naksatra, the Vasus
yvk.5.5 To the offspring of waters a fish; the crocodile, the dolphin, the Kulikaya are for the ocean; to speech the Paingaraja; to Bhaga the sea crow; the swan, the Vahasa, the woodpecker, these are for Vayu; to the quarters the Cakravaka.

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