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yvk.5.4 He puts down next an Avaka plant; this is the birthplace of Agni; verily he piles up the fire with its birthplace
yvk.5.4 The reed is the flower of the waters, the Avaka is the cream of the waters
yvk.5.4 [2] he draws over (it) with a branch of reeds and with Avaka plants; the waters are appeased; verily with them appeased he calms his pain.
yvk.5.7 Flies with the teeth, frogs with the grinders; the cater with the gnawer; strength with the digester; the wild with the knee cap; clay with the gums; Avaka grass with pieces of gravel; with the Avakas gravel; with the hump the tongue; with the shouter the palate, Sarasvati with the tongue tip.

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