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yvk.1.8 There is (an offering) to Mitra and Brhaspati; in the milk of a white (cow) with a white calf which has curdled itself, and in butter which has churned itself, in a dish of Asvattha wood
yvk.2.3 Should he not attain (them), he should knock in seven pegs of Asvattha wood in the middle shaft, (saying), Here do I bind the Adityas to attain the people N.
yvk.2.3 (The pegs) are of Asvattha wood; the Asvattha is the might of the Maruts; verily with might he attains the people; seven are they, the Maruts are in seven troops; verily in troops he attains the people.
yvk.3.4 Of Nyagrodha, Udumbara, Asvattha, or Plaksa (wood) is the kindling wood; these are the homes of the Gandharva and the Apsarases; verily he appeases them in their own abode
yvk.3.5 The Parna is holy power, the Maruts are the people, the people are food, the Asvattha is connected with the Maruts; he whose ladle is made of Parna wood, and his spoon (upabhrt) is of Asvattha, by holy power wins food, and the holy class
yvk.3.5 The Parna is the royalty, the Asvattha is the people; in that the ladle is made of Parna wood and the spoon of Asvattha, verily he puts the royalty over the people.
yvk.4.2 e In the Asvattha is your seat, In the Parna is your dwelling made; Cows shall in truth be your share If ye shall gain this man.
yvk.5.1 He puts on one of Asvattha wood; of trees the Asvattha is the overcomer of foes; (verily it serves) for victory.
yvk.7.2 The oblation holder and the Agnidh s seat should be of Asvattha wood, for that is heavenly.

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