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yvk.1.3 a Thou, O Agni, art Rudra, the Asura of the mighty sky, Thou art the host of the Maruts, thou art lord of food; Thou farest with ruddy winds, blessing the household; Thou, as Pasan dost, protectest thy worshippers with thyself.
yvk.1.5 i Thine anger, O Varuna, would we avert with reverence, With sacrifices, with oblations Ruling, O wise Asura, O king, Do thou unloose the sins we have committed.
yvk.1.6 r Rich in cattle, in sheep, O Agni, in horses, is the sacrifice, With manly companions, ever unalterable; Rich in food is this, O Asura, rich in offspring, Enduring wealth, deep based and rich in houses.
yvk.2.1 Svarbhanu, the Asura, pierced the sun with darkness; the gods desired an atonement for him; the first darkness of his they struck off became a black sheep; the second a bright coloured one; the third a white one; what they cut from the upper part of the bone became a barren ewe
yvk.2.6 There was an Asura, named Etadu.
yvk.3.1 b Rich in cattle, in sheep, O Agni, in horses is the sacrifice; With manly companions, ever unalterable; Rich in food is this, O Asura, in offspring, Enduring, wealth, deep based and rich in houses.
yvk.3.1 bb From the sky grant us rain, O ye Maruts; Make ye to swell the streams of the strong steed Come hither with this thunder, Pouring the waters, the Asura our father.
yvk.3.2 h O Indra and Visnu, ye overthrew The nine and ninety strong forts of Sambara; Of Varcin, the Asura, a hundred and a thousand heroes Do ye slay irresistibly.
yvk.4.1 b The son of self, the Asura, all knower, God, god among gods, Anointeth the ways with mead and ghee.
yvk.4.1 d Be firm, O goddess earth, for prosperity; Thou art the wile of the Asura, made with power; Let this oblation be pleasing to the gods; Do thou emerge uninjured at this our sacrifice.
yvk.4.2 g Guard of Tvastr, navel of Varuna, Born as the sheep from the furthest region, The great thousandfold wile of the Asura, O Agni, harm not in the highest heaven.
yvk.4.4 (Thou art) Prajapati in mind, when come to the Soma; the creator in the consecration; Savitr in the bearing; Pusan in the cow for the purchase of the Soma; Varuna when bound (in the cloth); Asura in the being bought; Mitra when purchased; Sipivista when put in place; delighter of men when being drawn forward; the overlord on arrival; Prajapati being led on; Agni at the Agnidh s altar; Brhaspati on being led from the Agnidh s altar; Indra at the oblation holder; Aditi when put in place; Visnu when being taken down; Atharvan when made wet; Yama when pressed out; drinker of unpurified Soma() when being cleansed; Vayu when purifying; Mitra as mixed with milk; the Manthin when mixed with groats; that of the All gods when taken out; Rudra when offered; Vayu when covered up; the gazer on men when revealed; the food when it comes; the famed of the fathers; life when taken; the river when going to the final bath; the ocean when gone; the water when dipped; the heaven when arrived at completion.
yvk.6.3 The gods drove away the Asura who were in front by the sacrifices which they offered on the eastern side, and the Asuras who were behind by those which they offered on the western side.

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