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yvk.1.6 The Ahavaniya is the abode of the gods, between the fires of cattle, the Garhapatya of men, the Anvaharya pacana of the fathers.
yvk.1.7 The gods who receive offering secretly, he thus offers to them in sacrifice; in that he brings the Anvaharya mess the Brahmans are the gods openly them he verily delights.
yvk.1.7 [1] with the Anvaharya mess, and that is why it has its name.
yvk.1.7 Now the priests are the messengers of the gods; in that he brings the Anvaharya mess, he delights the messengers of the gods.
yvk.1.7 Prajapati distributed the sacrifice to the gods; he reflected that he was empty; he per ceived this Anvaharya mess unallotted; he conferred it upon himself.
yvk.1.7 The Anvaharya is connected with Prajapati; he, who knowing thus brings the Anvaharya, assuredly enjoys Prajapati.
yvk.1.7 Whatever the gods did in the sacrifice, the Asuras did; the gods perceived the Anvaharya connected with Prajapati; they seized it then the gods prospered, the Asuras were defeated; he who knowing thus brings the Anvaharya prospers himself, his foe is defeated.
yvk.1.7 He who knowing thus brings the Anvaharya, accomplishes at once sacrifice and satisfaction.

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