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yvk.1.8 a Anumati he offers a cake on eight potsherds; the sacrificial fee is a cow.
yvk.1.8 He offers a cake on twelve potsherds to Dhatr, to Anumati an oblation, to Raka an oblation, to Sinivali an oblation, to Kuhu an oblation; the sacrificial fee is a pair of cattle.
yvk.3.3 l For us to day may Anumati Among the gods favour our sacrifice, And be she and Agni, bearer of the oblation, A joy to the giver.
yvk.3.3 m Accord thy favour, O Anumati
yvk.3.3 o Anumati men reverence in the quarter Wherein is that which shineth; May she in whose lap is the broad atmosphere, The goddess, easy to invoke, grant us protection
yvk.3.4 He makes Dhatr first; verily he produces pairing with him, Anumati gives approval to him, Raka gives, Sinivali produces, and in offspring when produced by Kuhu he places speech.
yvk.3.4 He makes Dhatr first; by him he scatters, Anumati gives approval to him, Raka gives, Sinivali produces, and by Kuhu he establishes offspring when produced.
yvk.3.4 Anumati is the Gayatri, Raka the Tristubh, Sinivali the Jagati, Kuhu the Anustubh, Dhatr the Vasat call.
yvk.3.4 Raka is the first fortnight, Kuhu the second, Sinivali the new moon (night), Anumati the full moon (night), Dhatr the moon.
yvk.4.4 r Us to day Anumati.
yvk.4.4 s O Anumati, thou.
yvk.4.7 p Us to day Anumati.
yvk.4.7 q O Anumati, thou
yvk.5.5 The dappled (deer) is for the All gods; the Pitva, Nyanku, the Kasa, these are (to be offered) to Anumati; the cuckoo is for the half months; the tortoise for the months; the Kvayi, the Kutaru, the gallinule, these are (to be offered) to Sinivali; to Brhaspati the cat.
yvk.7.5 To Anumati an oblation (is made).
yvk.7.5 To Agni, saviour from distress, (offering is made) on eight potsherds; to Indra, saviour from distress, on eleven potsherds; to Mitra and Varuna, saviours from sin, a milk offering; to Vayu and Savitr saviours from sin, an oblation; to the Asvins, saviours from sin, grain; to the Maruts, saviours from evil, on seven potsherds; to the All gods, saviours from evil, on twelve potsherds; to Anumati an oblation; to Agni, Vaisvanara on twelve potsherds; to heaven and earth, saviours from evil, on two potsherds.

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