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yvk.1.4 b O bounteous one, restrain (it), protect Soma, guard wealth, win food by sacrifice, I place within thee sky and earth, within thee the broad atmosphere; in unison with the gods, the lower and the higher, O bounteous one, do thou rejoice in the Antaryama (cup).
yvk.4.3 b This one on the right, the all worker; his, the all worker s, mind; summer born of mind; the Tristubh born of summer; from the Tristubh the Aida Saman(); from the Aida the Antaryama (cup); from the Antaryama the fifteenfold Stoma(); from the fifteenfold the Brhat; from the Brhat Bharadvaja, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take mind for offspring
yvk.4.7 May the Amsu cup for me, the Rasmi, the Adabhya, the overlord (cup), the Upansu, the Antaryama, the (cup) for Indra and Vayu, the (cup) for Mitra and Varuna, the (cup) for the Asvins, the Pratiprasthana (cup) the Sukra, the Manthin, the Agrayana, the (cup) for the All gods, the Dhruva, the (cup) for Vaisvanara, the season cups
yvk.6.4 The Asuras grasping the thunderbolt attacked the gods; the gods in fear ran up to Indra, Indra obstructed them by means of the Antaryama (cup), and that is why the Antaryama has its name, the obstructor
yvk.6.4 In that the Antaryama cup is drawn, verily thus the sacrificer obstructs his foes.
yvk.6.4 O bounteous one, do thou rejoice in the Antaryama he says; verily he does not cut off the sacrificer from the sacrifice.
yvk.6.4 The Antaryama is drawn with a filter
yvk.6.4 The Upansu and the Antaryama (cups) are expiration and inspiration, the Upansu pressing (stone) is cross breathing.
yvk.6.4 Therefore the cup for Indra and Vayu is drawn before that for Mitra and Varuna, for the Upansu and the Antaryama (cups) are expiration and inspiration.
yvk.6.5 He draws (the cup) for Savitr from the Agrayana with the Antaryama vessel; the Agrayana is Prajapati; (verily it serves) for the begetting of offspring.
yvk.6.5 Savitr is among the gods he who is connected with the Gayatri; in that the Agrayana (is drawn), it is drawn in the world of the Gayatri; in that he draws (the cup) for Savitr from the Agrayana with the Antaryama vessel, verily he draws it off from its own birthplace.
yvk.6.5 Offspring and cattle are born through the cups, goats and sheep through the Upansu and Antaryama, men through the Sukra and Manthin, whole hooved animals through the season cups, kine through the Aditya cup.
yvk.6.5 [2] is (the foundation) of the Upansu and the Antaryama (cups); in that (he recites) aloud, that is (the foundation) of the other cups; he who knows thus becomes possessed of a foundation.

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