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yvk.1.2 a Thou art a Vasvi, thou art a Rudra, thou art Aditi, thou art an Aditya, thou art Sukra, thou art Candra.
yvk.1.4 b Thou art taken with a support; to the Adityas thee! c At no time art thou heedless, But dost guard the two generations; The pressing is thy strength, O fourth Aditya The ambrosia is ready in the sky.
yvk.1.4 e O bright Aditya, this is thy Soma drink, Delight in it, have gladness in it; may we that gladden thee have gladness; With the rain of the sky I mix thee.
yvk.1.5 k Unloose from us, O Varuna, the highest, The lowest, the midmost knot; Then may we, O Aditya
yvk.1.8 He offers an oblation to Aditya; the sacrificial fee is a choice (ox).
yvk.1.8 To Aditya (he offers) an oblation in the house of the chief wife; the sacrificial fee is a cow.
yvk.3.3 The seer is Agni, the hearer is Vayu, the reciter Aditya; he, who offers knowing thus to them, in yonder world is united with what be has sacrificed and bestowed.
yvk.3.3 O god, that dost fatten he says; the god that fattens is yonder Aditya; verily he says to ditya, Guard this for me.
yvk.3.4 r Rich in food be that mortal, O Mitra, Who, O Aditya, seeks to follow thy law; Aided by thee he is not slain nor oppressed; Affliction cometh to him neither from near nor from afar.
yvk.3.5 e The Aditya (cup) is these cattle, Agni is Rudra here, having cast plants in the fire he offers the Aditya (cup); verily he hides the cattle from Rudra, and causes the cattle to find support in the plants
yvk.4.2 [3] Then may we, O Aditya, in thy rule, Be guiltless before Aditi.
yvk.4.2 a Anointing with milk Aditya, the embryo, Counterpart of a thousand, of every form, Spare him, injure him not with thy heat; Make him of a hundred (years of) life, as thou art piled.
yvk.4.6 c Thou art Yama, O steed, thou art Aditya; Thou art Trita by secret ordinance; Thou art entirely separated from Soma
yvk.4.7 [1] the Atigrahyas, the (cup) for Indra and Agni, the (cup) for the All gods, the (cups) for the Maruts, the (cup) for Mahendra, the (cup) for Aditya, the (cup) for Savitr the (cup) for Sarasvati, the (cup) for Pusan, the (cup) for Tvastr() with the wives (of the gods), the Hariyojana (cup) (prosper for me through the sacrifice).
yvk.5.3 (With the words) ray he created Aditya; with advance right; with following the sky; with union the atmosphere; with propping the earth; with prop the rain; with blowing forward the day; with blowing after the night; with eager the Vasus; with intelligence the Rudras; with brilliant the Adityas; with force the Pitrs; with thread offspring; with enduring the battle cattle; with wealthy plants.
yvk.5.3 He puts down the Aditya bricks; it is the Adityas who repel from prosperity him who being fit for prosperity does not obtain prosperity; verily the Adityas
yvk.5.3 It is yonder Aditya who takes away the brilliance of him who having piled up a fire does not display splendour; in that he puts down the Aditya bricks, yonder sun confers radiance upon him; just as yonder sun is radiant, so he is radiant among men.
yvk.5.7 Aditya said to Prajapati, Let me come to thee
yvk.5.7 He came to him by the space filler; therefore the space filler is unexhausted, for yonder Aditya is unexhausted
yvk.5.7 Aditya was the animal; with it they sacrificed; it won this world where Aditya is; this is thy world, thou wilt win it if thou dost snuff it.
yvk.6.5 [1] (saying) Let this labour be for enjoyment to me they said, Let us choose a boon; let him who shall be born hence be one of us; let him who shall be prosperous among his offspring be for our enjoyment then was born the Aditya Vivasvant, men are his offspring here, among them he alone is successful who sacrifices, he serves for enjoyment of the gods.
yvk.6.5 The Aditya (cup) is cattle; curds are strength; he mixes with curds in the middle; verily he places strength in the middle of cattle; (with curds) to be coagulated with boi ed milk, for purity.
yvk.6.5 The Aditya (cup) is cattle; he draws after covering (the cup); verily he draws securing cattle for him.
yvk.6.5 The Aditya (cup) is those cattle; Agni is Rudra here; he draws after covering; verily he shuts off cattle from Rudra
yvk.6.5 (The stone) for pressing out the Upansu (cup) is this Aditya Vivasvant; it lies round this Soma drink until the third pressing.
yvk.6.5 O bright Aditya, this is thy Soma drink he says; verily he unites the Aditya Vivasvant with the Soma drink.
yvk.6.5 Offspring and cattle are born through the cups, goats and sheep through the Upansu and Antaryama, men through the Sukra and Manthin, whole hooved animals through the season cups, kine through the Aditya cup.
yvk.6.5 The Aditya cup is drawn with the largest number of Rcs; therefore kine axe the most numerous of cattle; in that he thrice draws apart with his hand the Upansu (cup), therefore the female goat gives birth to two or three, but sheep are more numerous.
yvk.7.5 The Aditya is thy yoke fellow, O steed; I grasp thee; bear me prosperously.

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