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yvk.3.3 That undeceived, watchful, name of thine, O Soma he says; he indeed offers an oblation with an oblation who drawing the Adabhya (cup) offers it to Soma.
yvk.4.7 May the Amsu cup for me, the Rasmi, the Adabhya, the overlord (cup), the Upansu, the Antaryama, the (cup) for Indra and Vayu, the (cup) for Mitra and Varuna, the (cup) for the Asvins, the Pratiprasthana (cup) the Sukra, the Manthin, the Agrayana, the (cup) for the All gods, the Dhruva, the (cup) for Vaisvanara, the season cups
yvk.6.6 The gods caused the metres and the pressings to find support in the Adabhya; then the gods prospered, the Asuras were defeated; he, for whom knowing thus the Adabhya is drawn, prospers himself, his foe is defeated.
yvk.6.6 Because the gods deceived the Asuras with the Adabhya (undeceivable), that is why the Adabhya has its name.
yvk.6.6 The Adabhya is the form of Prajapati, called the freer; he draws from (the Soma) which is tied up, for freedom; he who knows thus is set free from his evil foe.
yvk.6.6 The theologians say, What is it that the sacrificer does in the sacrifice whereby he goes alive to the world of heaven? The Adabhya is the taking alive; he draws from (the Soma) before pressing; verily he makes him go alive to the world of heaven.
yvk.6.6 Now they break the sacrifice asunder when they make it find support in the Adabhya; he lets go the shoots, for the continuance of the sacrifice.

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