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Mbh.13.2.235 And thou shalt attain to all the worlds in this thy body, and as truly as the science of Yoga is within her control, this highly blessed lady will follow thee with only half of her corporeal self, and with the other half will she be celebrated as the river Oghavati!
Mbh.13.7.450 One possessed of penances and having his soul on Yoga, get vehicles and riding animals as the fruit of their renunciation in this life.
Mbh.13.14.853 It is of Him that Rishis, conversant with Yoga and possessing a knowledge of the tattwas, think and reflect.
Mbh.13.14.866 He sees all things with the eye of Yoga.
Mbh.13.14.983 The Self-born Brahma, concentrating his mind in Yoga in days of yore, made a sacrifice for three hundred years, with the object of obtaining children.
Mbh.13.14.985 Without doubt, thou knowest, O Krishna, the lord of Yoga, him that is, who is sung by the deities.
Mbh.13.14.988 The great ascetic who is Parasara's son, viz, Vyasa, of soul set on Yoga, has obtained great celebrity by adoring Sankara.
Mbh.13.14.1117 He sometimes makes gifts and sometimes receives those gifts; sometimes disposes himself in Yoga and sometimes becomes the object of the Yoga contemplation of others.
Mbh.13.14.1131 He is the soul of Yoga, and it is that is called Yoga.
Mbh.13.14.1189 I solicit boons from Him who cannot be comprehended by argument, who represents the object of the Sankhya and the Yoga systems of philosophy, and who transcends all things, and whom all persons conversant with the topics of enquiry worship and adore
Mbh.13.14.1512 Innumerable masters of Yoga, all the regenerate Rishis with their children, all the celestial Rishis, the goddess Earth, the Sky between Earth and Heaven, the Constellations, the Planets, the Months, the Fortnights, the Seasons, Night, the Years, the Kshanas, the Muhurtas, the Nimeshas, the Yugas one after another, all the celestial Sciences and branches of knowledge, and all beings conversant with Truth, were seen bowing down unto that Supreme Preceptor, that great Father, that giver or origin of Yoga.
Mbh.13.14.1547 They that are devoted to meditation, that are always engaged in Yoga, that are devoted to or firm in Truth and that have subjugated their passions, seek thee and rest on thee
Mbh.13.14.1550 By understanding the seven subtile entities viz, Mahat, Ego, and five subtile primal elements called Tanmatras, by comprehending thy six attributes of Omniscience, Contentment of Fullness, Knowledge without beginning, Independence, Puissance that is not at fault at any time and that is infinite, and being conversant with Yoga that is freed from every false notion, the man of knowledge succeeds in entering into thy great self,
Mbh.13.15.1561 SECTION XV The blessed Krishna said, Bowing my head with great joy unto that mass of energy and effulgence, I said these words unto the great Deity, with a heart filled with gladness, Firmness in virtue, the slaughter of foes in battle, the highest fame, the greatest might, devotion to Yoga, thy adjacence, and hundreds upon hundreds of children, these are the boons I solicit of thee, So be it, said Sankara repeating the words I had uttered.
Mbh.13.17.1740 Persons endued with Yoga; Yoga's achievements are unable to know in even a hundred years, the glory and puissance of the great Deity in their entirety.
Mbh.13.17.1756 This abstract of names that I shall recite to thee is looked upon as Yoga
Mbh.13.17.1820 Thou art devoted to Yoga.
Mbh.13.17.2120 Thou art the Lord of Yoga in consequence of thy withdrawing all the senses into the heart and combining them together in that place.
Mbh.13.17.2222 Thou art exceedingly devoted to Yoga contemplation
Mbh.13.17.2253 Thou art he that unites Jiva with Supreme Brahman through Yoga.
Mbh.13.17.2254 Thou art identifiable with that Yoga which causes such a union between Jiva and Supreme Brahman.
Mbh.13.17.2508 Thou art Yoga.
Mbh.13.17.2692 Thou art always in excellent Yoga.
Mbh.13.17.2754 This confers Yoga and Emancipation and heaven and contentment.
Mbh.13.18.2834 I then cherished the desire of obtaining a son that would be possessed of great ascetic merit, endued with superior energy, and addressed to high Yoga, that would earn world-wide fame, arrange the Vedas, and become the home of prosperity, that would be devoted to the Vedas and the Brahmanas and be distinguished for compassion.
Mbh.13.18.2881 Vishnu said, O Great King, Aditya, Chandra, Wind, Fire, Heaven, Earth, the Vasus, the Viswedevas, Dhatri, Aryyaman, Sukra, Vrihaspati, the Rudras, the Saddhyas, Varuna, Brahma, Sakra, Maruts, the Upanishads that deal with knowledge of Brahman, Truth, the Vedas, the Sacrifices, Sacrificial Presents, Brahmanas reciting the Vedas, Soma, Sacrificer, the shares of the deities in sacrificial offerings or clarified butter poured in sacrifices, Raksha, Diksha, all kinds of restraints in the form of vows and fasts and rigid observances, Swaha, Vashat, the Brahmanas, the celestial cow, the foremost acts of righteousness, the wheel of Time, Strength, Fame, Self-restraint, the Steadiness of all persons endued with intelligence, all acts of goodness and the reverse, the seven Rishis, Understanding of the foremost order, all kinds of excellent touch, the success of all religious acts, the diverse tribes of the deities, those beings that drink heat, those that are drinkers of Soma, Clouds, Suyamas, Rishitas, all creatures having Mantras for their bodies, Abhasuras, those beings that live upon scents only, those that live upon vision only, those that restrain their speech, those that restrain their minds, those that are pure, those that are capable of assuming diverse forms through Yoga-puissance, those deities that live on touch as their food, those deities that subsist on vision and those that subsist upon the butter poured in sacrifices, those beings that are competent to create by fiats of their will the objects they require, they that are regarded as the foremost ones among the deities, and all the other deities, O descendant of Ajamila, the Suparnas, the Gandharvas, the Pisachas, the Danavas, Yakshas, the Charanas, the snakes, all that is gross and all that is exceedingly subtile, all that is soft and all that is not subtile, all sorrows and all joys, all sorrows that come after joy and all joy that comes after sorrow, the Sankhya philosophy, Yoga, and that which transcends objects which are regarded as foremost and very superior, all adorable things, all the deities, and all the protectors of the universe who entering into the physical forces sustain and uphold this ancient creation of that illustrious Deity, have sprung from that Creator of all creatures.
Mbh.13.29.3761 In consequence of the observance of such Yoga which was extremely difficult to bear, he became very much emaciated and his arteries and veins became swollen and visible.
Mbh.13.30.3853 Aided by his Yoga powers, Bharadwaja of great intelligence had entered into the prince.
Mbh.13.40.4427 As a traveller, in course of his sojourn, takes up his residence for a while in any empty mansion he finds, I shall, after the same manner, reside this day within the body of my preceptor's lady Verily, with mind rapt up in Yoga, I shall dwell today in this lady's body!
Mbh.13.55.5563 I then made myself invisible, and again showed myself in the room of thy palace, and, once more betaking myself to Yoga, slept for one and twenty days.
Mbh.13.55.5575 Pleased with thee, O king, I created with the aid of my Yoga puissance that forest which thyself with thy wife didst behold here.
Mbh.13.57.5669 One possessed of the wealth of penances and always passing his days in Yoga obtains good beds and seats and vehicles.
Mbh.13.60.5867 Endued with knowledge and spiritual vision and penances and Yoga, such persons always deserve our worship.
Mbh.13.75.6878 There are many persons, who may be called the heroes of the Sankhya faith as, indeed, there are many others that are called heroes of Yoga.
Mbh.13.83.7413 Established on the highest Yoga she also stood upon one leg for eleven thousand years.
Mbh.13.90.8096 They are Yatis and those that are conversant with the religion of Moksha, and they that are devoted to Yoga, and they that properly observe excellent vows and they that, with collected mind recite sacred histories unto foremost of Brahmanas.
Mbh.13.92.8230 The Grandsire Brahman, Pulastya, Vasishtha, Pulaha, Angiras, Kratu and the great Rishi Kasyapa, these, O prince of Kuru's race, and regarded as great masters of Yoga.
Mbh.13.93.8417 Vasishtha said, I am endued with the wealth that consists of the Yoga attributes of puissance, etc
Mbh.13.102.9146 Dhritarashtra said, They who are freed from all attachments, who are possessed of cleansed souls, who are steady in the observance of the foremost vows, who are devoted to the Yoga that depends on tranquillising the mind, and who have in this life attained to the happiness of heaven, those persons wedded to the attribute of Sattwa, attain to the sacred region of Brahman.
Mbh.13.107.9852 Devoted to Yoga and adorned with celestial robes and garlands and smeared with celestial perfumes and unguents, he passes his time in great happiness, unacquainted with the least sorrow.
Mbh.13.112.10172 A person, O chief of men, by feeding ten thousand Brahmanas, becomes cleansed of the piety and devoted to Yoga practices.
Mbh.13.125.10827 Yama of stainless deeds, with the aid of vows well-observed and Yoga meditation, had acquired the knowledge of these mysteries as the high fruits of his penances
Mbh.13.140.11496 All the highly blessed ascetics, the Siddhas who have drawn in their vital seed, the Maruts, the Vasus, the Sadhyas, the Viswedevas, Vasava himself, the Yakshas, the Nagas, the Pisachas, the Regents of the world, the several sacred Fires, the Winds, and all the great creatures dwelt on that mountain with minds concentrated in Yoga.
Mbh.13.141.11731 He is always devoted to Yoga and the Sankhya Philosophy.
Mbh.13.141.11739 Or, he may wander about, devoted to Yoga.
Mbh.13.141.11798 Abstention from all luxurious viands prepared from cow's milk, taking a pleasure in tranquillity of heart, lying on bare rocks or the earth, devotion to Yoga, eating potherbs and leaves of trees, and subsisting upon fruits and roots and wind and water and moss, are some of the practices of the Rishis by which they attain to the end that belongs to persons unsubjugated by the world.
Mbh.13.142.11812 Having gone through the practices of Yoga and become crowned with ascetic success and freed from lust and wrath, they should seat themselves in the attitude called Virasana.
Mbh.13.142.11814 Observant of the excellent ordinances relating to Yoga, sitting in summer in the midst of four fires on four sides with the sun overhead, duly practising what is called Manduka Yoga, and always seated in the attitude called Virasana, and lying on bare rocks or the earth, these men, with hearts set upon righteousness, must expose themselves to cold and water and fire.
Mbh.13.142.11876 The hero, observant of the practices of heroes and devoted to that Yoga which belongs to heroes, living in the practice of Goodness, having renounced everything, having undergone the Diksha and subjugated his senses, and observing purity of both body and mind, is sure to attain to that path which is reserved for heroes.
Mbh.13.147.12279 He has Yoga for his illusion.
Mbh.13.149.12516 He that enters all things, besides Himself, He that covers all things, He unto whom sacrificial libations are poured, the Lord of the Past, the Present, and the Future, the Creator or Destroyer of all existent things, the upholder of all existent things, the Existent, the Soul of all, the Originator of all things I, IX; of cleansed Soul, the Supreme Soul, the highest Refuge of all emancipated persons, the Immutable, He that lies enclosed in a case, the Witness, He that knows the material case in which He resides, the Indestructible X, XVII He upon whom the mind rests during Yoga-abstraction, the Guide or leader of all persons conversant with Yoga, the Lord of both Pradhana or Prakriti and Purusha.
Mbh.13.149.12531 He whose acts are never futile, He that cleanses those that worship Him, those that hear of Him and those that think of Him, He that is endued with pre-eminent energy and strength, He that transcends Indra in all attributes, He that accepts all His worshippers, He that is the Creation itself in consequence of His being the Causes thereof, He that upholds His self in the same form without being ever subject to birth, growth, or death, He that sustains all creatures in their respective functions in the universe, He that controls the hearts of all creatures CLI, CLXII; He that deserves to be known by those who wish to achieve what is for their highest good; He who is the celestial physician in the form of Dhanwantari, or He who cures that foremost of all diseases, viz, the bonds that bind one to the world; He that is always engaged in Yoga; He that slays great Asuras for establishing Righteousness; He that is the Lord of that Lakshmi who sprang from the ocean when it was churned by the deities and the Asuras, or, He that cherishes both the goddesses of prosperity and learning; He that is honey in consequence of the pleasure He gives to those that succeed in having a taste of him; He that transcends the senses or is invisible to those that turn away from Him; He that is possessed of great powers of illusion manifested in His beguiling Mahadeva and the deities on many occasions; He that puts forth great energy in achieving mighty feats; He that transcends all in might CLXIII, CLXXII; He that transcends all in intelligence; He that transcends all in puissance; He that transcends all in ability; He that discovers the universe by the effulgence emanating from his body; He whose body is incapable of being ascertained by the eye or any other sense organ of knowledge; He that is possessed of every beauty; He whose soul is incapable of being comprehended by either deities or men; He that held on his back, in the form of the vast tortoise, the huge mountain, Mandara, which was made the churning staff by the deities and the Asuras when they set themselves to churn the great ocean for obtaining therefrom all the valuables hid in its bosom; or, He who held up the mountains of Govardhana in the woods of Brinda for protecting the denizens of that delightful place, who were especial objects of His kindness, from the wrath of Indra who poured incessant showers for days together with a view to drowning every thing CLXXIII, CLXXX; He that can shoot His shafts to a great distance, piercing through obstruction of every kind; He that raised the submerged Earth, having assumed the form of the mighty Boar; He on whose bosom dwells the goddess of Prosperity; or He that is identical with Kama, the lord of Rati; He that is the Refuge of those that are righteous; He that is incapable of being won without thorough devotion; or, He that is incapable of being immured or restrained by any one putting forth his powers; He that is the delight of the deities, or, He that is the embodiment of fullness of joy; He that rescued the submerged Earth; or He that understands the hymns addressed to him by His devotees; He that is the Master of ell eloquent persons or He that dispels the calamities of all those who know him CLXXXL, CLXXXVIII; He that is full of blazing effulgence He that suppressed the afflictions of His adorers; or, He that assumes the form of Yama, the universal Destroyer, for chastising all persons that fall away from their duties; He that assumed the form of a Swan for communicating the Vedas to the Grandsire Brahman; or, He that enters into the bodies of all persons; He that has Garuda, the prince of the feathery denizens of the welkin, for His vehicle; He that is the foremost of snakes in consequence of His identity with Sesha or Ananta who upholds on his head the vast Earth, or, He that has the hood of the prince of snakes for His bed while He lies down to sleep on the vast expansion of water after the dissolution of the universe; He whose navel is as beautiful as gold; He that underwent the severest austerities in the form of Narayana at Vadari on the breast of Himavat; He whose navel resembles a lotus; or, He from whose navel sprang the primeval lotus in which the Grandsire Brahma was born; He that is the Lord of all creatures CLXXXIX, CXCVII; He that transcends death; or, He that wards off Death from those that are devoted to him; He that always casts a kind eye on His worshippers; or, He that sees all things in the universe; He that destroys all things; or, He that drenches with nectar all those that worship Him with single-minded devotion; He that is the Ordainer of all ordainers; or, He that unites all persons with the consequences of their acts; He that himself enjoys and endures the fruits of all acts, or, He that assumed the form of Rama, the son of Dasaratha, and going into exile at the command of His sire made a treaty with Sugriva the chief of the Apes for aiding him in the recovery of his kingdom from the grasp of his elder brother Vali in return for the assistance which Sugriva promised Him for recovering from Ravana His wife Sita who had been ravished by that Rakshasa and borne away to his island home in Lanka, He that is always of the same form; or, He that is exceedingly affectionate unto His worshippers; He that is always moving; or, He that is of the form of Kama who springs up in the heart of every creature; He that is incapable of being endured by Danavas and Asuras or, He that rescued His wife Sita after slaying Ravana, or, He that shows compassion towards even Chandalas and members of other low castes when they approach Him with devotion, in allusion to His friendship, in the form of Rama, for Guhaka the chief of the Chandalas, inhabiting the country known by the name of Sringaverapura; He that chastises the wicked; or, He that regulates the conduct of all persons by the dictates of the Srutis and the Smritis; He whose soul has true knowledge for its indication; or, He that destroyed Ravana, the foe of the gods, having assumed the form of Rama that was full of compassion and other amiable virtues; He that destroys the foes of the deities or, He that slays those who obstruct or forbid the giving of presents unto deserving persons CXCVII, CCVIII; He that is the instructor in all sciences and the father of all; He that is the instructor of even the Grandsire Brahma; He that is the abode or resting place of all creatures; He that is the benefactor of those that are good and is free from the stain of falsehood; He whose prowess is incapable of being baffled; He that never casts his eye on such acts as are not sanctioned or approved by the scriptures; He that casts his eye on such acts as are sanctioned or approved by the scriptures; or, He whose eye never winks or sleeps; He that wears the unfading garland of victory called by the name of Vaijayanti; He that is the Lord of speech and that is possessed of great liberality insomuch that He rescued the lowest of the low and the vilest of the vile by granting them His grace CCLX, CCXVIII; He that leads persons desirous of Emancipation to the foremost of all conditions, viz, Emancipation itself; or, He that assumes the form of a mighty Fish and scudding through the vast expanse of waters that cover the Earth when the universal dissolution comes, and dragging the boat tied to His horns, leads Manu and others to safety; He that is the leader of all creatures; or, He that sports in the vast expanse of waters which overwhelm all things at the universal dissolution; He whose words are the Veda and who rescued the Vedas when they were submerged in the waters at the universal dissolution; He that is the accomplisher of all functions in the universe; He that assumes the form of the wind for making all living creatures act or exert themselves; or, He whose motions are always beautiful, or, who wishes His creatures to glorify Him; He that is endued with a thousand heads; He that is the Soul of the universe and as such pervades all things; He that has a thousand eyes and a thousand legs; CCXIX, CCXXVI; He that causes the wheel of the universe to revolve at His will; He whose soul is freed from desire and who transcends those conditions that invest Jiva and to which Jiva is liable; He that is concealed from the view of all persons that are attached to the world; or, He that has covered the eyes of all persons with the bandage of nescience; He that grinds those that turn away from him; He that sets the days a-going in consequence of His being identical with the Sun; He that is the destroyer of all-destroying Time itself; He that conveys the libations poured on the sacred fire unto those for whom they are intended; or, He that bears the universe, placing it on only a minute fraction of His body; He that has no beginning; or, He that has no fixed habitation He that upholds the Earth in space in the form of Sesha, or, rescues her in the form of the mighty boar or supports her as a subtil pervader CCXXVII, CCXXXV; He that is exceedingly inclined to grace, insomuch that He grants happiness to even foes like Sisupala; He that has been freed from the attributes of Rajas passion and Tamas darkness so that He is pure or stainless Sattwa by itself; or, He that has obtained the fruition of all His wishes; He that supports the universe; He that feeds or enjoys the universe; He that is displayed in infinite puissance; He that honours the deities, the Pitris, and His own worshippers; He that is honoured or adored by those that are themselves honoured or adored by others; or, He whose acts are all beautiful and enduring; He that accomplishes the purposes of others; or, He that is the benefactor of others; He that withdraws all things unto Himself at the universal dissolution; or, He that destroys the foes of the deities or of His worshippers; He that has the waters for his home; or, He that is the sole Refuge of all creatures or He that destroys the ignorance of all creatures CCXXXVI, CCXLVI; He that is distinguished above all, He that cherishes the righteous, He that cleanses all the worlds, He that crowns with fruition the desires of all creatures, He whose wishes are always crowned with fruition, He that gives success to all, He that bestows success upon those that solicit Him for it CCXLVII, CCLVI; He that presides over all sacred days; or, He that overwhelms Indra himself with His own excellent attributes, He that showers all objects of desire upon His worshippers, He that walks over all the universe, He that offers the excellent flight of steps constituted by Righteousness unto those that desire to ascend to the highest place; He that has Righteousness in His abdomen; or, He that protects Indra even as a mother protects the child in her womb; He that aggrandises His worshippers, He that spreads Himself out for becoming the vast universe, He that is aloof from all things though pervading them; He that is the receptacle of the ocean of Srutis CCLVII, CCLXIV; He that is possessed of excellent arms ie, arms capable of upholding the universe; He that is incapable of being borne by any creature, He from whom flowed the sounds called Brahman or Veda, He that is the Lord of all Lords of the universe, He that is the giver of wealth, He that dwells in His own puissance, He that is multiform, He that is of vast form, He that resides in the form of Sacrifice in all animals, He that causes all things to be displayed CCLXV, CCLXXIV, He that is endued with great might, energy, and splendour; He that displays Himself in visible forms to His worshippers, He that scorches the unrighteous with His burning energy, He that is enriched with the sixfold attributes of affluence, etc,
Mbh.13.149.12536 He that is the foremost Refuge of all things DLIX, DLXVIII; He that is armed with the best of bows called Saranga; He that was divested of His battle-axe by Rama of Bhrigu's race He that is fierce; He that is the giver of all objects of desire; He that is so tall as to touch the very heavens with his head in allusion to the form He assumed at Valis sacrifice; He whose vision extends over the entire universe; He that is Vyasa who distributed the Vedas; He that is the Master of speech or all learning; He that has started into existence without the intervention of genital organs DLXVIII, DLXXVI; He that is hymned with the three foremost Samans; He that is the singer of the Samans; He that is the Extinction of all worldly attachments in consequence of His being the embodiment of Renunciation; He that is the Medicine; He that is the Physician who applies the medicine; He that has ordained the fourth or last mode of life called renunciation for enabling His creatures to attain to emancipation; He that causes the passions of His worshippers to be quieted with a view to give them tranquillity of soul; He that is contented in consequence of His utter dissociation with all worldly objects; He that is the Refuge of devotion and tranquillity of Soul DLXXVII, DLXXXV; He that is possessed of beautiful limbs; He that is the giver of tranquillity of soul; He that is Creator; He that sports in joy on the bosom of the earth; He that sleeps in Yoga lying on the body of the prince of snakes, Sesha, after the universal dissolution; the Benefactor of kine; or, He that took a human form for relieving the earth of the weight of her population; the Master of the universe; the Protector of the universe; He that is endued with eyes like those of the bull; He that cherishes Righteousness with love DLXXXVI, DXCV: He that is the unreturning hero; He whose soul has been withdrawn from all attachments; He that reduces to a subtle form the universe at the time of the universal dissolution; He that does good to His afflicted worshippers; He whose name, as soon as heard, cleanses the hearer of all his sins; He who has the auspicious whorl on His breast; He in whom dwells the goddess of Prosperity for ever; He who was chosen by Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity as her Lord; He that is the foremost one of all Beings endued with prosperity DXCVI, DCIV; He that give prosperity unto His worshippers; the Master of prosperity; He that always lives with those that are endued with prosperity; He that is the receptacle of all kinds of prosperity; He that gives prosperity unto all persons of righteous acts according to the measure of their righteousness; He that holds the goddess of Prosperity on his bosom; He that bestows prosperity upon those that hear of, praise, and mediate on Him; He that is the embodiment of that condition which represents the attainment of unattainable happiness; He that is possessed of every kind of beauty; He that is the Refuge of the three worlds DCV, DCXIV; He that is possessed of beautiful eye; He that is possessed of beautiful limbs; He that is possessed of a hundred sources of delight; He that represents the highest delight; He that is the Master of all the luminaries in the firmament for it is He that maintains them in their places and orbits; He that has subjugated His soul; He whose soul is not swayed by any superior Being; He that is always of beautiful acts; He whose doubts have all been dispelled for He is said to behold the whole universe as an Amlaka in His palm DCXV, DCXXIII; He that transcends all creatures; He whose vision extends in all directions: He that has no Master; He that at all times transcends all changes; He that in the form of Rama had to lie down on that bare ground; He that adorns the earth by His incarnations; He that is puissance's self; He that transcends all grief; He that dispels the griefs of all His worshippers as soon as they remember His DCXXIV, DCXXXII; He that is possessed of effulgence, He that is worshipped by all; He that is the water-pot as all things reside within Him; He that is of pure soul; He that cleanses all as soon as they hear of him; He that is free and unrestrained; He whose car never turns away from battles; He that is possessed of great wealth; He whose prowess is incapable of being measured DCXXXIII, DCXLI; He that is the slayer of the Asura named Kalanemi; He that is the Hero; He that has taken birth in the race of Sura; He that is the Lord of all the deities; the soul of the three worlds; the Master of the three worlds; He that has the solar and lunar rays for his hair; the slayer of Kesi; He that destroys all things at the universal dissolution DCXLII, DCL; the Deity from whom the fruition of all desires is sought; He that grants the wishes of all; He that has desires; He that has a handsome form; He that is endued with thorough knowledge of Srutis and Smritis; He that is possessed of a form that is indescribable by attributes; He whose brightest rays overwhelm heaven; He that has no end; He that in the form of Arjuna or Nara acquired vast wealth on the occasion of his campaign of conquest DCLI, DCLX; He who is the foremost object of silent recitation, of sacrifice, of the Vedas, and of all religious acts; He that is the creator of penances and the like; He that is the form of the grandsire Brahman, He that is the augmentor of penances; He that is conversant with Brahma; He that is of the form of Brahmana; He that has for His limbs Him that is called Brahma; He that knows all the Vedas and everything in the universe; He that is always fond of Brahmanas and of whom the Brahmanas also are fond DCLXI, DCLXX; He whose footsteps cover vast areas; He whose feats are mighty; He who is possessed of vast energy; He that is identical with Vasuki, the king of the snakes; He that is the foremost of all sacrifices; He that is Japa, that first of sacrifices; He that is the foremost of all offerings made in sacrifices DCLXXI, DCLXXVIII He that is hymned by all; He that loves to be hymned by his worshippers; He that is himself the hymns uttered by His worshippers; He that is the very act of hymning; He that is the person that hymns; He that is fond of battling with everything that is evil; He that is full in every respect; He that fills others with every kind of affluence; He that destroys all sins as soon as He is remembered; He whose acts are all righteous; He that transcends all kinds of disease DCLXXIX, DCLXXXIX; He that is endued with the speed of the mind; He that is the creator and promulgator of all kinds of learning; He whose vital seed is gold; He that is giver of wealth being identical with Kuvera the Lord of treasures; He that takes away all the wealth of the Asuras; the son of Vasudeva; He in whom all creatures dwell; He whose mind dwells in all things in thorough identity with them; He that takes away the sins of all who seek refuge in him DCXC, DCXCVIII; He that is attainable by the righteous; He whose acts are always good; He that is the one entity in the universe; He that displays Himself in diverse forms; He that is the refuge of all those that are conversant with truth; He who has the greatest of heroes for his troops He that is the foremost of the Yadavas; He that is the abode of the righteous He that sports in joy in the woods of Brinda on the banks of Yamuna DCXCIX, DCCVVII; He in whom all created things dwell; the deity that overwhelms the universe with His Maya illusion; He in whom all foremost of Beings become merged when they achieve their emancipation He whose hunger is never gratified; He that humbles the pride of all; He that fills the righteous with just pride; He that swells with joy; He that is incapable of being seized; He that has never been vanquished DCCVII, DCCXVI; He that is of universal form; He that is of vast form; He whose form blazes forth with energy and effulgence; He that is without form as determined by acts; He that is of diverse forms; He that is unmanifest; He that is of a hundred forms; He that is of a hundred faces DCCXVII, DCCXXIV; He that is one; He that is many through illusion; He that is full of felicity; He that forms the one grand topic of investigation; He from whom is this all; He that is called THAT; He that is the highest Refuge; He that confines Jiva within material causes; He that is coveted by all; He that took birth in the race of Madhu; He that is exceedingly affectionate towards His worshippers DCCXXV, DCCXXXV; He that is of golden complexion; He whose limbs are like gold in hue; He that is possessed of beautiful limbs; He whose person is decked with Angadas made with sandal-paste; He that is the slayer of heroes; He that has no equal; He that is like cipher in consequence of no attributes being affirmable of Him; He that stands in need of no blessings in consequence of His fulness; He that never swerves from His own nature and puissance and knowledge; He that is mobile in the form of wind DCCXXXVI, DCCXLV; He that never identifies Himself with anything that is not-soul He that confers honours on His worshippers; He that is honoured by all; He that is the Lord of the three worlds; He that upholds the three worlds; He that is possessed of intelligence and memory capable of holding in His mind the contents of all treatises; He that took birth in a sacrifice; He that is worthy of the highest praise; He whose intelligence and memory are never futile; He that upholds the earth DCCXLVI, DCCLV; He that pours forth heat in the form of the Sun; He that is the bearer of great beauty of limbs; He that is the foremost of all bearers of weapons; He that accepts the flowery and leafy offerings made to Him by His worshippers; He that has subdued all his passions and grinds all His foes; He that has none to walk before Him; He that has four horns; He that is the elder brother of Gada DCCLVI, DCCLXIV; He that has four arms; He from whom the four Purushas have sprung; He that is the refuge of the four modes of life and the four orders of men; He that is of four souls Mind, Understanding, Consciousness, and Memory; He from whom spring the four objects of life, viz, Righteousness, Wealth, Pleasure, and Emancipation; He that is conversant with the four Vedas; He that has displayed only a fraction of His puissance DCCLXV, DCCLXXII; He that sets the wheel of the world to revolve round and round; He whose soul is dissociated from all worldly attachments; He that is incapable of being vanquished; He that cannot be transcended; He that is exceedingly difficult of being attained; He that is difficult of being approached; He that is difficult of access; He that is difficult of being brought within the heart by even Yogins; He that slays even the most powerful foes among the Danavas DCCLXXIII, DCCLXXXI; He that has beautiful limbs; He that takes the essence of all things in the universe; He that owns the most beautiful warp and woof for weaving this texture of fabric of the universe; He that weaves with ever-extending warp and woof; He whose acts are done by Indra; He whose acts are great; He who has no acts undone; He who has composed all the Vedas and scriptures DCCLXXXII, DCCLXXXIX; He whose birth is high; He that is exceedingly handsome; He whose heart is full of commiseration; He that has precious gems in His navel; He that has excellent knowledge for His eye; He that is worthy of worship by Brahman himself and other foremost ones in the universe; He that is giver of food; He that assumed horns at the time of the universal dissolution; He that has always subjugated His foes most wonderfully; He that knows all things; He that is ever victorious over those that are of irresistible prowess DCCXC, DCCXCIX; He whose limbs are like gold; He that is incapable of being agitated by wrath or aversion or other passion; He that is Master of all those who are masters of all speech; He that is the deepest lake; He that is the deepest pit; He that transcends the influence of Time; He in whom the primal elements are established DCCC, DCCCVI; He that gladdens the earth; He that grants fruits which are as agreeable as the Kunda flowers Jasmim pubescens, Linn; He that gave away the earth unto Kasyapa in His incarnation as Rama; He that extinguishes the three kinds of misery mentioned in the Sankhya philosophy like a rain-charged cloud cooling the heat of the earth by its downpour; He that cleanses all creatures; He that has none to urge Him; He that drank nectar; He that has an undying body; He that is possessed of omniscience; He that has face and eyes turned towards every direction DCCCVIII, DCCCXVI; He that is easily won with, that is, such gifts as consist of flowers and leaves; He that has performed excellent vows; He that is crowned with success by Himself; He that is victorious over all foes; He that scorches all foes; He that is the ever-growing and tall Banian that overtops all other trees; He that is the sacred fig tree Ficus glomerata, Willd; He that is the Ficus religiosa; or, He that is not durable, in consequence of His being all perishable forms in the universe even as he is all the imperishable forms that exist; He that is the slayer of Chanura of the Andhra country DCCCXVII, DCCCXXV; He that is endued with a thousand rays; He that has seven tongues in the forms of Kali, Karali, etc;
Mbh.13.149.12537 He that has seven flames in consequence of His being identical with the deity of fire; He that has seven horses for bearing His vehicle; or, He that owns the steed called Sapta; He that is formless; He that is sinless: He that is inconceivable; He that dispels all fears; He that destroys all fears DCCCXXVI, DCCCXXXIV; He that is minute; He that is gross; He that is emaciated; He that is adipose; He that is endued with attributes; He that transcends all attributes; He that is unseizable; He that suffers Himself to be easily seized by His worshippers; He that has an excellent face; He that has for His descendants the people of the accidental regions; He that extends the creation consisting of the fivefold primal elements DCCCXXXV, DCCCXLVI; He that bears heavy weights in the form of Ananta; He that has been declared by the Vedas; He that is devoted to Yoga; He that is the lord of all Yogins; He that is the giver of all wishes; He that affords an asylum to those that seek it; He that sets Yogins to practise Yoga anew after their return to life upon the conclusion of their life of felicity in heaven; He that invests Yogins with puissance even after the exhaustion of their merits; He that has goodly leaves in the form of the Schhandas of the Vedas, Himself being the tree of the world; He that causes the winds to blow DCCCXLVII, DCCCLVI; He that is armed with the bow in the form of Rama; He that is conversant with the science of arms; He that is the rod of chastisement; He that is chastiser; He that executes all sentences of chastisement; He that has never been vanquished; He that is competent in all acts; He that sets all persons to their respective duties; He that has none to set Him to any work; He that has no Yama to slay Him DCCLVII, DCCCLXVI; He that is endued with heroism and prowess; He that has the attribute of Sattwa Goodness; He that is identical with Truth; He that is devoted to Truth and Righteousness; He that is sought by those who are resolved to achieve emancipation; or, He towards whom the universe proceeds when the dissolution comes; He that deserves to have all objects which His worshippers present unto Him; He that is worthy of being adored with hymns and flowers and other offering of reverence; He that does good to all; He that enhances the delights of all DCCCLXVII, DCCCLXV; He whose track is through the firmament; He that blazes forth in His own effulgence; He that is endued with great beauty; He that eats the offerings made on the sacrificial fire; He that dwells everywhere and is endued with supreme puissance; He that sucks the moisture of the earth in the form of the Sun; He that has diverse desires; He that brings forth all things; He that is the parent of the universe; He that has the Sun for His eye DCCCLXXVI, DCCCLXXXV; He that is Infinite; He that accepts all sacrificial offerings; He that enjoys Prakriti in the form of Mind; He that is giver of felicity; He that has taken repeated births for the protection of righteousness and the righteous; He that is First-born of all existent things; He that transcends despair in consequence of the fruition of all His wishes; He that forgives the righteous when they trip; He that is the foundation upon which the universe rests; He that is most wonderful DCCCLXXXVI, DCCCXCV; He that is existent from the beginning of Time; He that has been existing from before the birth of the Grandsire and others; He that is of a tawny hue; or, He that discovers or illumines all existent things by His rays; He that assumed the form of the great Boar; He that exists even when all things are dissolved; He that is the giver of all blessings; He that creates blessings; He that is identifiable with all blessings; He that enjoys blessings; He that is able to scatter blessings DCCCXXI, CMV; He that is without wrath; He that lies ensconced in folds in the form of the snake Sesha; or, He that is adorned with ear-rings; He that is armed with the discus; He that is endued with great prowess; He whose sway is regulated by the high precepts of the Srutis and the Smritis; He that is incapable of being described by the aid of speech; He whom the Vedantas have striven to express with the aid of speech; He that is the dew which cools those who are afflicted with the three kinds of grief; He that lives in all bodies, endued with the capacity of dispelling darkness CMVI, CMXIV; He that is divested of wrath; He that is well-skilled in accomplishing all acts by thought, word, and deed; He that can accomplish all acts within the shortest period of time; He that destroys the wicked; He that is the foremost of all forgiving persons; He that is foremost of all persons endued with knowledge; He that transcends all fear; He whose names and feats, heard and recited, lead to Righteousness CMXV, CMXXII, He that rescues the Righteous from the tempestuous ocean of the world; He that destroys the wicked; He that is Righteousness; He that dispels all evil dreams; He that destroys all bad paths for leading His worshippers to the good path of emancipation; He that protects the universe by staying in the attribute of Sattwa; He that walks along the good path; He that is Life; He that exists overspreading the universe CMXXIII, CMXXXI; He that is of infinite forms; He that is endued with infinite prosperity; He that has subdued wrath; He that destroys the fears of the righteous; He that gives just fruits, on every side, to sentient beings according to their thoughts and acts; He that is immeasurable Soul; He that bestows diverse kinds of fruits on deserving persons for their diverse acts; He that sets diverse commands on gods and men; He that attaches to every act its proper fruit CMXXXII, CMXL; He that has no beginning; He that is the receptacle of all causes as well as of the earth; He that has the goddess of Prosperity ever by his side; He that is the foremost of all heroes; He that is adorned with beautiful armlets; He that produces all creatures; He that is the original cause of the birth of all creatures; He that is the terror of all the wicked Asuras; He that is endued with terrible prowess CMXLI, CMXLIX; He that is the receptacle and abode of the five primal elements; He that gulps down His throat all creatures at the time of the universal dissolution; He whose smile is as agreeable as the sight of flowers; or, He who laughs in the form of flowers; He that is always wakeful; He that stays at the head of all creatures; He whose conduct consists of those acts which the Righteous do; He that revives the dead as in the case of Parikshit and others; He that is the initial syllable Om; He that has ordained all righteous acts CML, CMLVIII; He that displays the truth about the Supreme Soul; He that is the abode of the five life-breaths and the senses; He that is the food which supports the life of living creatures; He that causes all living creatures to live with the aid of the life-breath called Prana; He that is the great topic of every system of philosophy; He that is the One Soul in the universe; He that transcends birth, decrepitude, and death CMLIX, CMLXV; He that rescues the universe in consequence of the sacred syllable Bhuh, Bhuvah, Swah, and the others with which Homa offerings are made; He that is the great rescuer; He that is the sire of all; He that is the sire of even the Grandsire Brahman; He that is of the form of Sacrifice; He that is the Lord of all sacrifices being the great deity that is adored in them; He that is the sacrificer; He that has sacrifices for his limbs; He that upholds all sacrifices CMLXXVI, CMLXXXV; He that protects sacrifices; He that has created sacrifices; He that is the foremost of all performers of sacrifices; He that enjoys the rewards of all sacrifices; He that causes the accomplishment of all sacrifices; He that completes all sacrifices by accepting the full libation at the end; He that is identical with such sacrifices as are performed without desire of fruit; He that is the food which sustains all living creatures; He that is also the eater of that food CMLXXVI, CMLXXXIV; He that is Himself the cause of His existence; He that is self-born; He that penetrated through the solid earth and repairing to the nether regions slew Hiranyaksha and others; He that sings the Samans; He that is the delighter of Devaki; He that is the creator of all; He that is the Lord of the earth; He that is the destroyer of the sins of his worshippers CMLXXXV, CMXXCII; He that bears the conch Panchajanya in His hands; He that bears the sword of knowledge and illusion; He that sets the cycle of the Yugas to revolve ceaselessly; He that invests Himself with consciousness and senses; He that is endued with the mace of the most solid understanding.
Mbh.13.149.12564 Yoga, the Sankhya Philosophy, knowledge, all mechanical arts, the Vedas, the diverse scriptures, and all learning, have sprung from Janardana.
Mbh.13.150.12628 Samvarta, Merusavarna, the righteous Markandeya, and Sankhya and Yoga, and Narada and the great Rishi Durvasa, these are endued with severe penance and great self-restraint, and are celebrated over the three worlds.
Mbh.13.150.12648 Sankhya, and Yoga which is highest of the high, and Havya and Kavya and that refuge of all the Srutis, viz, Supreme Brahma, have been declared to be the sources of great benefit to all creatures.
Mbh.13.154.12870 Arrived at this conclusion, she departed for the region of Brahman The Rishi Kasyapa, beholding goddess Earth on the point of departing, himself immediately entered the visible embodiment of the goddess, casting off his own body, by the aid of Yoga.
Mbh.13.162.13483 If, on the other hand, thou doubtest as to how the one indivisible Brahman could be the cause, I answer that one would understand it only after a long course of years and with the assistance of Yoga practised without idleness.
Mbh.13.168.13827 SECTION CLXVIII Vaisampayana said, Having said so unto all the Kurus, Bhishma, the son of Santanu, remained silent for sometime, O chastiser of foes He then held forth his life-breaths successively in those parts of his body which are indicated in Yoga.
Mbh.13.168.13829 Those parts of the body of Santanu's son, in consequence of the adoption, of Yoga, from which the life-breaths went up, became soreless one after another.
Mbh.14.13.377 The Yogi who holds communion with the Supreme Spirit, knows Yoga to be the perfect way to salvation by reason of the practices of his many former births.
Mbh.14.13.380 Kama says No creature is able to destroy me without resorting to the proper methods viz, subjugating of all desires and practice of Yoga etc
Mbh.14.16.450 I discoursed to thee on Supreme Brahma, having concentrated myself in Yoga.
Mbh.14.16.461 Indeed, the latter had mastered all the knowledge which the scriptures teach respecting the departure and reappearance of beings and possessed that direct knowledge of all things which Yoga gives.
Mbh.14.19.649 After this I shall declare the science of Yoga to which there is nothing superior, and how Yogins, by concentration, behold the perfect soul
Mbh.14.19.653 Observant of penances and always practising concentration of mind, the learned Brahmana, endued with intelligence, should observe the precepts of the science of Yoga, beholding the soul in the body.
Mbh.14.19.659 This is the excellent illustration propounded by persons conversant with Yoga.
Mbh.14.19.660 When the bearer of a body adequately beholds the soul in Yoga, he then has no one that is master over him, for he then becomes the lord of the three worlds
Mbh.14.19.663 The self-restrained man, concentrated in Yoga, can create for himself the godship of the very gods.
Mbh.14.19.667 Devoid of desire and possessed of a tranquil mind, the person in Yoga is never shaken by pain and sorrow and fear, the terrible effects that flow from attachment and affection.
Mbh.14.19.673 While one is enjoying the sovereignty that Yoga bestows, one should never fall away from devotion to Yoga
Mbh.14.19.674 When one, after adequate devotion to Yoga, beholds the Soul in oneself, one then ceases to have any regard for even him of a hundred sacrifices Indra
Mbh.14.19.675 Hear now how one, habituating oneself to exclusive meditation, succeeds in attaining to Yoga.
Mbh.14.19.725 Yoga takes place in his case, O son of Pritha, who devotes himself to its constant practice for a period of six months
Mbh.14.20.737 It is for that seat that the Grandsire Brahman and others, concentrated in Yoga, worship the Indestructible.
Mbh.14.25.983 The sacrifice constituted by Yoga is going on as regards myself.
Mbh.14.27.1059 There are seven hermitages, seven forms of Yoga concentration, and seven forms of initiation.
Mbh.14.30.1231 Then O best of regenerate ones, Alarka, that foremost of intelligent men, having reflected for a long time, failed to obtain anything better than Yoga.
Mbh.14.30.1232 Setting his mind on one object, he remained perfectly still, engaged in Yoga
Mbh.14.30.1233 Endued with energy, he quickly slew all the senses with one arrow, having entered by Yoga into his soul and thereby attained to the highest success.
Mbh.14.30.1237 There is no happiness that is higher than Yoga,
Mbh.14.35.1414 It is for this that Brahmanas who are always devoted to Yoga, who have transcended wrath and sorrow, and who always regard Religion as the causeway along which every one must pass for avoiding the morass below, take refuge in Truth.
Mbh.14.38.1513 He who is devoted to the duty of Yoga, regarding knowledge to be vain, conduct to be vain, service to be vain, and mode of life to be vain, attains to what is highest in the world hereafter.
Mbh.14.40.1589 In Him are all those who comprehend the nature of the understanding, all those who are devoted to goodness of disposition, all those who practise meditation, who are always devoted to Yoga, who are firm in truth, who have subdued their senses, who are possessed of knowledge, who are freed from cupidity, who have conquered wrath, who are of cheerful hearts, who are endued with wisdom, who are liberated from ideas of meum and teum, and who are devoid of egoism.
Mbh.14.42.1686 He who duly understands this, comes to be regarded as possessed of Yoga, ye chief of regenerate persons.
Mbh.14.50.2120 Even thus proceeds the man of intelligence who is conversant with the ordinances respecting truth and Yoga or Knowledge and Devotion.
Mbh.14.51.2202 After the same manner, those who have achieved perfection, who were capable of the concentration of Yoga, and who subsist on fruits and roots, likewise perceive the triple world by penance.
Mbh.14.51.2209 Those high-souled ones, however, who are devoid of mineness and freed from egoism through the pure contemplation of Yoga, attain to the great and highest regions.
Mbh.14.51.2210 Those who best understand the self, having attained to Yoga contemplation and having their minds always cheerful, enter into the unmanifest accumulation of happiness.
Mbh.14.51.2211 Those persons who are freed from the idea of mineness as also from egoism and who are reborn after having attained to the fullness of Yoga contemplation, enter when they depart from such life into the highest region reserved for the great, viz, the Unmanifest.
Mbh.15.26.1029 Casting his gaze thus on the king, he stood motionless in Yoga.
Mbh.15.26.1037 Endued with mighty energy, he had heard of Yoga practice from Vyasa.
Mbh.15.30.1237 The deities are possessed of Yoga puissance.
Mbh.16.3.94 Hearing that they had taken up their abode on the sea-coast, Uddhava, the wisest of men, who was, besides, well-versed in Yoga, proceeded there and took his leave for departing.
Mbh.16.4.162 He also saw that Rama had set himself to Yoga and that from out his mouth was issuing a mighty snake.
Mbh.16.4.173 He then restrained his senses in Yoga.
Mbh.16.4.175 Having restrained all his senses, speech, and mind, Krishna laid himself down in high Yoga.
Mbh.16.4.177 The hunter, mistaking Keshava, who was stretched on the earth in high Yoga, for a deer, pierced him at the heel with a shaft and quickly came to that spot for capturing his prey.
Mbh.16.4.178 Coming up, Jara beheld a man dressed in yellow robes, rapt in Yoga and endued with many arms.
Mbh.16.4.182 Then, O king, the illustrious Narayana of fierce energy, the Creator and Destroyer of all, that preceptor of Yoga, filling Heaven with his splendour, reached his own inconceivable region.
Mbh.16.7.265 When morning dawned, Vasudeva of great energy and prowess attained, through the aid of Yoga, to the highest goal.
Mbh.17.1.49 Setting themselves on Yoga, those high-souled ones, resolved to observe the religion of Renunciation, traversed through various countries and reached diverse rivers and seas.
Mbh.17.1.74 Observant of Yoga, they were desirous of making a round of the whole Earth
Mbh.17.2.75 SECTION Vaishampayana said: Those princes of restrained souls and devoted to Yoga, proceeding to the north, beheld Himavat, that very large mountain.
Mbh.17.2.78 As those mighty ones were proceeding quickly, all rapt in Yoga, Yajnaseni, falling of from Yoga, dropped down on the Earth.
Mbh.18.5.256 Through the command of the Grandsire, he, aided by his Yoga power, supported the Earth.
Mbh.18.5.277 He is omniscient, conversant with all ordinances, possessed of a knowledge of all duties, endued with piety, capable of perceiving what is beyond the ken of the senses, pure, having a soul cleansed by penances, possessed of the six high attributes, and devoted to Sankhya Yoga.
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