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vrm.6.35 "When righteousness swallows unrighteousness, it becomes Krita Yuga, a golden age.
vrm.6.35 When unrighteousness swallows righteousness, it incites Kali Yuga the fourth age.
vrm.7.22 Hiranyakasipu, the gracaful Namuchi, and Shamvara, Nishandi and Dhumketu and Virochana s ofspring Vali, and the Daitya Shamvu that mighty monarchs, Vritra and Bana ;and Rajarshis versed in all branches of learnings and Gandharvas, and mighty Nagas, and Sages, and Pannagas and Yakshas, and swarms of Apsaras and the Earth herself containing vasty oceans and mountains and rivers and trees, at the unrolling of a Yuga all these, O mighty monarch have I brought to dissolution.
vrm.7.44 At the end of the golden age and the beginning of Treta Yuga the deity Narayana shall assume a human form for the benefit of men and Devas.
vrm.7.63 Immediately befere the advent of the Kali Yuga the Rishi Nara Narayana gifted with great prowess shall descend upon earth to relieve her of the burden, "Having thus imprecated the curse upon the king the Rishis became silent.
vrm.7.71 He is time, he is Yuga and he is the creation, mobile and immobile.
vrm.7.87 Thereupon at the end of the golden age, Brahmana s understanding became loose and the Treta Yuga set in.
vrm.7.87 And for houses and farms that were the property of the former age, people of the Treta Yuga were possessed by envy, the outcome of the quality of darkness.
vrm.7.87 And in Yuga named Dwapara the Vaisyas engaged in devout penances.
vrm.7.87 And in the Kali Yuga asceticism shall be established in the Sudras.
vrm.7.110 In the golden age only the celestial wind used to blow and it now blew even in the Treta Yuga and forsooth it was a matter of exceeding surprise.
vrm.7.121 Thereupon he said to the Jambavan, Brahma s son, Mainda, Dvivida and five others in his company: "As long as the Kali Yuga exists do ye all live.

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