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vrm.1.1 b, That omni dextrous Rama looked at the skeleton, smiled in aplomb, then that very energetic Rama flicked that skeleton with tip of his foot s big toe wholly to a ten Yojana lengths.
vrm.1.1 "Then, upon the word of Sampati, the eagle and elder brother of Jatayu, the efficacious Hanuma leaped forth the salty ocean, which breadth wise is in a hundred Yojana s.
vrm.1.5 That glorious city with well devised highways is twelve Yojana s lengthwise and three Yojana s breadth wise.
vrm.1.6 a While residing in which city King Dasharatha ruled the world that city is further fortified up to two more Yojana s outside city, true to its name a Yodhya, an un assailable one.
vrm.1.22 a And on going one and half Yojana distance Vishvamitra addressed Rama in a harmonious voice calling, oh, Rama on the southern riverbank of Sarayu.
vrm.1.24 b, a "She lives about one and half Yojana distance from here, and by which reason this became the forest of Tataka, owing to her gruesome activities, for that reason only a headway is to be made, to eradicate her and her activities.
vrm.1.30 Cleanly hit with that great missile Manava, Maricha is pitched for a hundred Yojana lengths in full, and flung down into an ocean rocking with tidewaters.
vrm.1.39 Oh, sons, let each prince advance searching one square Yojana of earth, by my order you dig up the earth until the appearance of the Horse, while searching for the stealer of that Horse.
vrm.1.39 "But, oh, tigerly man Rama, on going round the earth in its entirety those great mighty princes did not find that Horse, then as said by their father they mapped the earth to a unit of one square Yojana for each of them, and each of them hollowed out each and every area on the surface of earth with their arms that have the touch of the diamonds.
vrm.1.39 "Oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu s dynasty, thus sixty thousand square Yojana s of the earth is dug over, so as to make the earth s outermost plane as the unsurpassed Rasatala, the sixth subterranean and the nethermost plane.
vrm.2.97 That royal army of Ikshvaku race, crowded with Elephants Horses and chariots was encamped around the edge of the mountain occupying an area of one Yojana and a half.
vrm.3.4 Oh, Sire, att one and half Yojana s of distance from here Sage Sharabhanga, a great saint of virtue, and an efficacious sage with sun like resplendence dwells, you shall quickly approach him for he advises you opportunely.
vrm.3.11 On going far on their way, and when the sun is dangling in the western skiy, together they saw a charming lake of one Yojana width fully overloaded with red and white lotuses, overspread with sporting Elephants, and over flurried with waterfowls like saarasa Birds, kaadamba Birds, swans and with others kinds too.
vrm.3.11 b, a On your going four Yojana s from this hermitage, oh, dear Rama, there is the great and glorious hermitage of Agastya s brother on the southern side.
vrm.3.11 a On going one Yojana beyond, taking the southward course on the side of the forest clump you will find Agastya s hermitage.
vrm.3.13 A most prosperous place called Panchavati is there at a distance of two Yojana s from here, oh, dear Rama, which is abundant with tubers, fruits, water, and
vrm.3.35 b, a There Ravana also saw a banyan tree which in sheen is like a black cloud, and the branches of which are stretching all over for a hundred Yojana s in length, and on which sages made their abode for practising ascesis.
vrm.3.35 For the sake of the grace of those sages Garuda took flight from that tree, grasping that broken tree branch of a hundred Yojana length along with those pendulous sages with his beak, and both of the Elephant and tortoise with both of his claws.
vrm.3.38 "He then released an acute arrow that eliminates the enemy, and hit by it I am plunged into the ocean which was a hundred Yojana s off.
vrm.3.55 "It is impossible to assail this Lanka even for Indra with all of the Devas and Danavas, as an ocean roundly enshrouds this Lanka which is hundred Yojana s witdthwise.
vrm.3.69 He is eating the highly brutal Bears, Lions, predators, and Elephants, and he is outstretching both of his deadly arms, each of which is stretchable to a Yojana distance, and the bothers neared such a Rakshasa.
vrm.3.71 "When I said to Indra this way, Indra devised for me Yojana long arms, also that way a rapier fanged mouth in my paunch.
vrm.4.11 "Then the hastiest Vali swayed that dead and inanimate Rakshasa with both of his hands and hurled him a Yojana distance in a single flick.
vrm.4.11 "By his hurling the Rakshasa s body these trees are also completely destroyed, hence he ought not set his foot in a distance of one full Yojana around this hermitage, and if that evil minded one places his foot then he evidently does not exist.
vrm.4.11 Saying so to Sugreeva in a comforting manner, he that dextrous, vigorous Rama, the elder brother of Lakshmana sportively flipped the skeleton of Dundubhi with his big toe, and flicked that withered body of the Rakshasa with his big toe itself to a ten Yojana distance without lifting his foot.
vrm.4.40 b, c "On the northern province of that soft water ocean there is a hugely enormous mountain named Jaataruupa shila, Golden Rock Mountain, which glitters like gold and which spreads across thirteen Yojana s.
vrm.4.40 The pinnacles of Mountain Sunrise will be touching heavens for their height is hundred Yojana s and that divine mountain greatly glitters for it is completely golden, and it is pedestalled with suchlike glittering mountains.
vrm.4.40 "On the apex of that Mountain Sunrise there is another pinnacle with one Yojana width and ten Yojana s height named Saumanasa, which is completely golden and very firm.
vrm.4.41 b, a "There is a dazzling island on the other side of the shore of Mountain Mahendra, which is breadthwise a hundred Yojana s, and which is an impassable one for humans, and you have to search that island up to its fringes.
vrm.4.41 "On crossing over that isle and after a Hundred Yojana s a mountain named Pushpitaka is there in that august ocean, which is adored by the Siddha s, Caarana s.
vrm.4.41 Then on going across that inviolable mountain and taking a highly impassable route there is a mountain named Suuryavaan after fourteen Yojana s from Mountain Pushpitaka.
vrm.4.41 b, a "There the golden abode of Agastya will be beautiful decorated with numerous gemstones, and it measures a Yojana breadthwise and ten Yojana s in height.
vrm.4.42 b, a "On your seagoing there, oh, vanara s, you will see the golden peak of a waterlogged mountain called Mountain Paariyaatra, which peak will be hundred Yojana s in height, and which is difficult to see as it will be blindingly glittering.
vrm.4.42 There that glorious mountain will be soaring high, squarely for a hundred Yojana s, and diverse trees and climbers will be spreading over it.
vrm.4.42 "After sixty four Yojana s another very great mountain with golden peaks is there in abyss of the abode of Rain god, namely the ocean, and it is named as Mountain Varaaha.
vrm.4.42 "The Sun courses across those ten thousand Yojana s from Mountain Meru Saavarni to Mountain Astaadri in one and half hours, and quickly reaches Mountain Astagiri, or Mountain Dusk.
vrm.4.43 "On crossing Mountain Devasakha, there is a vacant land to a span of hundred Yojana s all around, which is devoid of mountains, rivers and even trees, and discarded by all beings.
vrm.4.45 "I can fly jump a hundred Yojana s, undoubtedly," said one Vanara while the other said, "I can jump even more than a hundred Yojana s, for sure.
vrm.4.50 b, a In that awful cave that is compacted with various trees, then they advanced further an interstice of Yojana distance, hand in hand lest one may miss the other.
vrm.4.58 There is a lavish city in the oceanic island afar a hundred Yojana s all in all from here, which Vishvakarma, the Divine Architect, has built, and it is called Lanka.
vrm.4.58 island in southern ocean, which ocean spans in an overalled width of hundred Yojana s from this side of seashore, then landing on the other seashore you can see Lanka secluded all around by ocean, and in such a water walled Lanka you can see Ravana.
vrm.4.58 Thereby, oh, vanara s, dietetically and congenitally we Eagles can always see till the end of hundred Yojana s, comprehensively.
vrm.4.59 At one time I fell down on this impassable mountain which is breadth wise in many Yojana s, whereupon my age has advanced and my liveliness and forcefulness have slackened.
vrm.4.64 "Who is that brave hurdler who can hurdle over a hundred Yojana distance, oh, fly jumpers, who is he who can even emancipate all these Vanara commanders from the great fear of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.65 In that matter Gaja said, I can fly ten Yojana s.
vrm.4.65 quot and Gavaksha said, I can go over twenty Yojana s.
vrm.4.65 In that matter the vanara Sharabha said to the Vanaras, oh, fly jumpers, I can indeed go up to thirty Yojana s.
vrm.4.65 The vanara Sharabha said, I can go up to forty Yojana s, undoubtedly.
vrm.4.65 quot The great resplendent Gandhamadana said, I can go up to fifty Yojana s, no doubt.
vrm.4.65 The vanara Mainda said the Vanaras in that matter, quot I venture to jump just sixty Yojana s.
vrm.4.65 Then the great resplendent Dvivida informed, I can go up to seventy Yojana s, no doubt.
vrm.4.65 jump eighty Yojana s.
vrm.4.65 we can go up to ninety Yojana s, undoubtedly.
vrm.4.65 I can vault over this ocean which is broadwise in a hundred Yojana breadth, but whether I am capable of coming back or not, it is
vrm.4.65 Why a hundred, if need be you are capable to go up to a hundred thousand Yojana s and come back.
vrm.4.66 Even on your flying up three hundred Yojana s, oh, brave Vanara, and even when sun s radiation puffed and blown you down, you did not get into any anguish as were indefatigable.
vrm.4.67 On seeing that best Vanara Hanuma, who is burgeoning to cross over the hundred Yojana ocean and who is also quickly, progressively, and stupendously maximising his body, the other Vanaras instantly shunning off their sadness, raved and rhapsodized over that staggeringly mighty Vanara, Hanuma.
vrm.4.67 I who am a coequal of Vayu in speediness, and of Garuda in fleetness, can traverse ten thousand Yojana s at a stretch.
vrm.4.67 b, a On the verge of my upstart from here for a hundred Yojana s, these sturdy crags are sure to withstand the impetus of that
vrm.5.9 That building of Ravana filled with many edifices was half a Yojana long and one Yojana tall.
vrm.6.22 Due to that speed and swelling of waters, the ocean crossed beyond the other shore to the extent of a Yojana eight miles.
vrm.6.27 He who, walking on all fours touches with his flanks, a mountain situated at a distance of one Yojana eight miles and reaching an object one Yojana high, obtains it with his body, whose huge form no other four begged animal is having, by which intelligent Vanara, battle was given earlier to Indra on a field of battle but no defeat was sustained by him, he is a commander of commanders and the grand father of Vanaras, famous as Samnadana by name.
vrm.6.60 Entering the beautiful cave of Kumbhakarna, with a large door, having an area of a Yojana on all sides and bearing a floral perfume, the Rakshasas of mighty strength, though shaken off by Kumbhakarna s breaths, remained stable forcefully with difficulty and went into the cave.
vrm.6.123 Here was killed, Kabandha, having arms, a Yojana eight miles long.
vrm.7.13 And, thereupon, employed by the king, architects resembling Viswakarma constructed an edifice beautiful to behold, measuring the smooth space of a Yojana diagonally and two in area; graceful to the view.
vrm.7.90 In the middle I espied a pond extending many a Yojana.
vrm.7.94 Showering dust Indra shall destroy, earth to the extent of a hundred Yojana, the territory of this vicious king.
vrm.7.94 Without any anxiety, O Arajas, do thou wait for the time at the picturesque banks of this pond extending over a Yojana.
vrm.7.123 Having thus gone for more than a half Yojana, the descendant of Raghu espied Sarayu of holy waters flowing towards the west.

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