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vrm.1.70 Ambarisha s son was Nahusha, the emperor and Yayati is the son of Nahusha, but Nabhaga is born to Yayati.
vrm.2.5 "Your father King Dasaratha is anointing you affectionately for the princely kingdom tomorrow at dawn even as king Nahusha has done to Yayati".
vrm.2.13 He was lying down on the floor, as king Yayati who fell down on earth fter exhausting his merit in the region of heaven.
vrm.2.21 "As sage king named Yayati in olden times left the heaven and reached back heaven again, I shall be back to the city from the forest, after fulfilling my promise.
vrm.2.21 As Yayati returned to heaven by the power of truth, give me your power of blessings so that I can return here after completion of exile.
vrm.2.58 By hearing these things, I shall survive, as Yayati survived in the company of saints.
vrm.2.77 All his ministers hastily approached Bharata who was virtuous in conduct, as sages once rushed to the fallen Yayati at the time of his death.
vrm.3.66 World s disposition is this way only, even if Nahusha, the son Yayati, has become an egalitarian with Indra, writhe touched him off.
vrm.4.17 Then on seeing him who has fallen in war, the one with golden pendant, enormously chested, mightily armed, face golden, eye greenish, but who is like a fire extinct of its flame who is like Indra in unassailability and like Upendra in indomitability and who like Yayati who has fallen from heaven, as well like the sun who falls onto earth from solar orbit when Time ender flings him at the end of era such as he is, on seeing that son of Indra, who forsooth has fallen, Rama neared him followed by Lakshmana.
vrm.7.68 O Saumitri, do hear attentively, the unbearable anger which was born by the king Yayati resorting to the quality of goodness.
vrm.7.68 Yayati, the enhancer of the prosperity of cities, was the son of Nahusha.
vrm.7.68 Hearing the words of his daughter, Bhargava, enraged said to the king Yayati "Thou art vicious minded, O son of Nahusha ;thou hast dishonored me and therefore in thy youth thou shalt be subject to decrepitude and infirmities of age.
vrm.7.69 Yayati, the son of Nahusha, was greatly distressed on hearing of the fire of the preceptor Sukra.
vrm.7.69 Hearing those words of Yayati, the foremost of men, Yadu replied "Let thy most favourite son Puru take upon himself this decrepitude.
vrm.7.69 Hearing the words of Yadu, Yayati said to Puru "O thou having large arms, do thou take the decrepitude for me.
vrm.7.69 Hearing the words of Yayati, Puru, with folded hands, said "I am always ready to satisfy thy commands; and I have been favoured and honored by this command of thine.
vrm.7.69 Hearing those words of Puru Yayati was highly pleased and attained to an excess of delight and then transferred his own decrepitude to him.
vrm.7.69 Thereupon after a long time Yayati said to Puru "O my son, do thou bring the decrepitude I have kept as deposit with thee let it now assail me.
vrm.7.69 Having thus addressed his son Puru, the king Yayati angrily said to Yadu, the son of Devayani Thou, vicious Rakshasa, art born of me in the shape of a Kshatriya, or else why shouldst thou disobey my orders ?For this thou shalt never be a king.
vrm.7.69 Having thus imprecated Yadu, the royal saint Yayati honored Puru, the enhancer of the prosperity of the kingdom, with installation and then retired to woods.
vrm.7.69 In this wise, according to the custom of the Kshatriyas the king Yayati took upon himself the imprecation of the preceptor Sukra, but he did not forgive him.

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