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vrm.1.55 "On saying thus that extremely infuriated Sage Vashishta post hastily up heaved his baton, which is alike the fumeless Ultimate Fire of End Time, and the other baton of Yama, and affronted Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.56 "The baton of Brahma gripped in his hand and upraised by Vashishta is highly glowing as if it is the fumeless inferno of Time, and as if it is the earthly baton of Yama.
vrm.1.59 Now they will be dragged by the lasso of Time to the House of Yama, and from now to seven hundred births to come they take birth as devourers of corpses, come what may.
vrm.2.1 Rama" is equal to Yama and Devendra in valor, to Brihaspati in wisdom and to a mountain in courage.
vrm.2.16 "May Indra the holder of Vajra in the east, Yama in the south, Varuna in the west and Kubera the god of riches and treasure in the north, protect you".
vrm.2.20 That is why, Yama is not forcingly carrying me off like a lion carrying off a wailing antelope.
vrm.2.25 "Oh, Rama! May Venus and the Moon as also the Sun and Kubera and Yama who are being worshipped by me, protect you, while you reside in the forest of Dandaka.
vrm.2.38 "Oh, the king akim to the mighty Indra the ruler of Gods! You must see that my mother, who has high affection towards her son, will not depart to the house of Yama by abandoning her life being emaciated by grief after my departure for the forest.
vrm.2.64 Thereafter, seeing Yama, I shall tell these words to him.
vrm.2.64 O, Yama! Excuse me.
vrm.2.64 The most glorious and high souled Yama, the guardian of the world will be obliged to give this solitary imperishable boon in the form of fearlessness to me, who is in such a condition.
vrm.2.64 Can Rama now touch me or approach me forth with? Men who attained the world of Yama cannot even see their kith and kin.
vrm.2.64 Messengers of Yama are hastening me to come.
vrm.2.67 Hence, Yama, Kubera, Indra and the very mighty Varuna are outstretched by the a high and eminent conduct.
vrm.2.91 "I further invoke the three Gods Yama, Varuna and Kubera the guardians of the worlds with Indra as their king.
vrm.3.16 "While the sun is steadfastly attending the direction of Time god Yama, namely southern horizon, the northern direction is not brilliant like a woman who lost the vermilion mark on her forehead.
vrm.3.25 And on eliminating infantrymen in that war Rama led them to the abode of Yama, the Time god.
vrm.3.25 Comforting all of them and taking his bow, very highly infuriated Duushana rushed towards that infuriated Rama like the furious Eliminator Yama.
vrm.3.25 Or That highly infuriated Duushana rushed towards Rama as highly infuriated Yama rushes towards Rudra, where Rudra being the ultimate eliminator himself, angry rush of Yama towards Rudra is therefore futile.
vrm.3.31 "Evoking indignation in me it is really impossible for Indra to be happy even for Kubera no for Yama no why them, even Vishnu cannot be happy.
vrm.3.38 "If you wish to intimidate Seetha aggressively despite of my considerable preventing in all my good heartedness towards you, then your army will fade away, and you with your kinsfolk will emigrate to the world of Yama, the Terminator, for your life will be taken away by the arrow of Rama.
vrm.3.42 What is appearing before you is the reflected image of mine, as I am already slain by the wand of Yama, the Terminator, the moment I conceded to your demand.
vrm.3.49 "If that ambidextrous Rama comes to know about me, even if I am taken to heavens, or, even if I am impounded by Death, that great mighty Rama brings me back, on aggressing against all of the Gods in heaven, or, against Yama, the Death God.
vrm.3.71 b, a "When I begged of him saying, lead me to the hell of Yama, rather than making me to live this hell of a body.
vrm.4.17 "Had you been in combat with me en face oh, prince, you would have been killed by me and by now you would have seen the death god Yama.
vrm.4.30 Otherwise, now driven by my arrows to death, and on going to Yama, the Time god s Inferno, you will see Vali Thus Rama appraised Lakshmana about his thinking of Sugreeva.
vrm.4.41 After that, farther from earth there is the most dreadful world of Pitris, namely the abode of Yama, the Terminator, and you need not consider going there.
vrm.4.41 "You can go or search only up to this point, oh, the best braving vanara s, as that world of Pitris will be encompassed with an alarming darkness, and it is the capital city of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.4.41 After that there is no entry into the abode of Yama for the mortals.
vrm.4.43 "Accompanied with a hundred thousand forest dwelling Vanaras of your kind, and also with all of your ministers who the sons of Yama, the Terminator, you have to proceed.
vrm.4.50 b, a Though a suspicion in general is evoked in them, as they presumed that cavity to be Naraka, The Hell of Yama, or Patala, of Emperor Bali, those highly resplendent and great mighty fly jumpers have neared it, rejoicing for the availability of water in there.
vrm.4.52 "He mobilised us along with these important vanara s and Angada as helmsman to this southerly prospect, which is the walkabout of Sage Agastya and watched over by Yama, the Death god, saying, you all shall collectively search for Seetha of Videha kingdom together with the Rakshasa Ravana, a guise changer by his wish.
vrm.4.53 "If we do not return to that champion Sugreeva on searching somewhere here for Seetha, or on our educing some information about her, we will rather enter the realm of Yama, the Terminator.
vrm.4.56 "Look! In the name of an eagle, the son of the Sun, Yama, the Terminator, has manifestly arrived at this area for the fatality of Vanaras.
vrm.4.61 "We are not in the know of southern direction which belongs to Yama, the Terminator, nor of south east which belongs to Agni, also not of west which belongs to Rain god.
vrm.5.9 Whatever was the fortune of Kubera the King of Yakshas, of Yama and of Varuna, the same fortune or even greater treasure was at this house of Ravana.
vrm.5.13 Salutations to Rudra the god of destruction, Indra Yama and Vayu.
vrm.5.26 "Now if there exists any one who is a giver of poison here, I without husband quickly will see the god Yama.
vrm.5.28 Seetha, who was tormented with grief, thus thinking in various ways and thereafter holding her braid of hair looking like a hanging rope now thought within herself I shall go to the presence of Yama by tying my neck quickly with my braid of hair looking like a hanging rope" Thereafter Seetha with all her soft limbs stood seizing a branch of that tree.
vrm.5.30 "As soon as Seetha shouts loudly, a troop of female Rakshasas, wielding various kinds of weapons and appearing dreadful as Yama the Lord of Death, may assemble here.
vrm.5.39 "That Rama is capable of enduring even the sun god, even Indra the god of rain or even Yama son of the sun god a battle field especially for your sake.
vrm.5.46 Like Yama the Time spirit waiting for the right moment for the destruction of the mortals, the heroic Hanuma, killing the eminent Rakshasas and the army generals with their troops and vehicles in the combat, waited for the right moment at the arch way.
vrm.5.47 Killing that Aksha, possessing a lustre equal to that of Jayanta the son of Indra and having his eyes resembling blood, the heroic Hanuma reached the same archy door way again, like Yama the lord of death expecting in a moment any mortal getting destroyed by him.
vrm.5.50 Are you, the one who has entered our city, assuming the guise of a spy, sent by Kubera or by Yama or by Varuna or whether sent by Vishnu, as a messenger, longing for a victory?
vrm.5.50 Hearing the words of Prahasta, Hanuma spoke to Ravana the Lord of Rakshasas as follows, "I am not a messenger of Indra or Yama or Varuna.
vrm.5.54 He is either Indra wielding a thunderbolt, or Yama, or Varuna, or Vayu or Agni or Rudra or Arka or Kubera or Soma.
vrm.6.16 But one who speaks of useful but unpleasing words as also the one who listens to them, are rare to be obtained I could not ignore you, being destroyed by the noose of Yama tied around you and which snatches away all beings, as none can ignore a burning house.
vrm.6.24 Neither by the thousand eyed Indra nor by Varuna in person in a combat, nor by Yama with the fire of his arrows, nor by Kubera in person, can I be able to be attacked in a great battle.
vrm.6.30 O, king! Here is Sushena the son of Yama the Lord of Death who is valiant and virtuous, as well as a Vanara called Dadhimukha, the cool minded, who is the son of moon.
vrm.6.30 The young Angada, Indras grandson, the strong and invincible one, both the mighty Mainda and Dvinda born of the two divinties of Ashvin as well as Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha and Gandhamadana the five sons of Yama all of them resembling Yama at the time of dissolution of the world, the valiant ten crores of Vanaras who are yearning for battle are all here.
vrm.6.30 There is no one on earth who is equal in prowess to Rama, by whom Viradha was killed as also Kabandha who was equal to Yama.
vrm.6.32 Ravana the king of Rakshasas, resembling Yama addressed all the generals standing nearby, devoted to his interests as follows:
vrm.6.43 That great Vanara called Sushena, the strong son of Yama fought with Vidyunmali.
vrm.6.45 How much less, you two! O, Descendant of Raghu! Having imprisoned you in this net work of arrows furnished with herons feathers, I, yielding myself up to the violence of my wrath, am about to dispatch you to the region of Yama the Lord of Death.
vrm.6.49 "I shall follow him to the region of Yama, as that illustrious warrior accompanied me when I retired to the forest.
vrm.6.53 Tremendously frightening the Vanaras in the battle by his arrows, Vajradamshtra moved himself in the battle field like Yama moving at the time of dissolution of the worlds, wielding a noose in his hand.
vrm.6.56 Seeing that Hanuman, like unto Yama the Destroyer of vital Breaths, full of wrath armed with a tree and taking off lives, the Rakshasas took of flight.
vrm.6.59 Amidst the fiery ghosts of terrible aspect, this king of Rakshasas shines like Yama the Lord of Death surrounded by blazing genii endowed
vrm.6.59 While that mountain top with its well developed ridges and excellent trees was rent asunder and fell on the earth, Ravana like unto another Yama the Lord of Death, loosed an arrow resembling a great serpent.
vrm.6.59 Then, Hanuma answered, O, Ravana! Cursed by that strength since you do still survive! O, foolish fellow! Why this boasting? Now come, strike me once! My fist is about to dispatch you to the Abode of Yama the Lord of Death! Hearing the words of Hanuma, the powerful Ravana, enraged, his
vrm.6.59 O, Tiger among the Rakshasas! Stay, stay! Having evoked such a displeasure to me, where will you flee and get an abandonment? Even if you seek refuge in the region of Indra or Yama or the Sun or Brahma or Agni or Shiva or in the ten regions, even in those abodes you will elude me from now on.
vrm.6.60 The fuming Kumbhakarna, going to his brother s palace along with the army of Rakshasas, appeared like Yama the Lord of Death at the end of all destroying Time.
vrm.6.61 He conquered Yama and Indra in battle.
vrm.6.61 "Seeing the mighty Kumbhakarna with ghastly eyes and a spear in hand, the Devas were not able to kill him, having confused to think that he was Yama.
vrm.6.63 I can engage in combat with all those persons, whether he is Indra or Yama or the Agni to the wind god or even Varuna.
vrm.6.63 "I shall extinguish even Yama
vrm.6.63 While I send Rama to the world of Yama, Seetha will be subservient to your after a log time.
vrm.6.65 "Therefore, go like Yama by taking a dart and a noose in your hand.
vrm.6.65 Wielding a large iron rod for the destroyable of the enemies, that gigantic Kumbhakarna looked like Yama the lord of death armed with a rod of punishment, waiting upon him as his attendant at the time of dissolution of the world and caused a great terrific fear to the troops of Vanaras.
vrm.6.66 Seeing that Rakshasas of terrific eyes who could not be destroyed either by Indra or by Yama the lord of death or by Varuna, the Vanaras ran away.
vrm.6.67 Wielding a spike in his hand in the battle front, the mighty Kumbhakarna shone like Indra wielding a thunderbolt in his hand and like Yama wielding a noose in his hand.
vrm.6.67 Having his entire body besmeared with flesh, marrow and blood together with wreaths of tangled viscera hung over his ears, the Rakshasa with his very sharp teeth, rained spikes on the Vanaras, like Yama, the god of death, risen to power at the end of the world cycle.
vrm.6.67 Then, that Kumbhakarna, comparable to Yama of terrific prowess and strength, firmly holding a fearful mountain peak, hurled it towards Rama.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw that Kumbhakarna, who was licking the corners of his mouth which were bathed in blood, all they way trampling the Vanaras and resembling Yama in the form of all destroying time.
vrm.6.68 Seeing that the great souled Rama killed Kumbhakarna, the Rakshasas reported the matter to Ravana, the king of Rakshasas as follows: "O king! That Kumbhakarna, looking like Yama driving away the army of Vanaras and devouring some Vanaras, met with death, the time s act.
vrm.6.68 Then, recovering his consciousness with difficulty, distressed as he was for the killing of Kumbhakarna and perplexed in mind, Ravana the foremost of Rakshasas, lamented as follows: "Alas! O hero, destroying the pride of enemies! O mighty Kumbhakarna! Leaving me behind, you have gone by divine will to the abode of Yama the lord of death.
vrm.6.70 Thereupon, Trishira the son of Ravana seizing hold of a spear, as Yama the lord of death takes in his service Kalaratri, a night of all destroying time, hurled it on Hanuma.
vrm.6.71 Why do you wish to fight with me, who is like Yama the Lord of Death? Go away.
vrm.6.71 Abandoning your lives, you will reach the abode of Yama.
vrm.6.71 Meanwhile, Lakshmana hurled at Atikaya, that blazing and awful arrow employed with that mystic missile as Yama the lord of Death would hurl his rod of destruction.
vrm.6.71 Seeing his arrow made of cane struck down, that young Atikaya was quite enraged and fixed his arrow with a missile presided over by Yama the lord of retribution.
vrm.6.71 Having charged the missile of Brahma on that arrow with the feathers and all, equal to a messenger of Yama the lord of Death over his bow, Lakshmana released that arrow looking like a thunderbolt on Atikaya, the son of Ravana.
vrm.6.71 Seeing that blazing arrow, looking like Yama the lord of Death and black in colour, approaching him, Atikaya then struck it with spike, spear, mace, axe and arrows.
vrm.6.77 Like the death dealing rod of Yama, it seemed causing dismay to the Vanaras and nerving the Rakshasas with courage.
vrm.6.82 That Hanuma, accompanied by his army of Vanaras, brought about the destruction of Rakshasas, as Yama the lord of death does at the time of universal dissolution.
vrm.6.87 After being killed, you will do sacred work in the abode of Yama,
vrm.6.88 Indrajit was looking like Yama the lord of Death at the time of dissolution of the world, sitting in a well decorated and distinguished chariot yoked with black Horses, having upraised sword and weapons, raising a big terrific enormous strong and swift bow and laying hold of arrows which can torment the enemies.
vrm.6.88 Today, I will send all of you to the world of Yama the lord of Death, by piercing you with my sharp arrows and hurling the pikes, javelins and lances on you.
vrm.6.88 Do you not have that remembrance? I presume clearly that you are on the road to Yama the lord of Death, since you have come to give battle to me, enraged as I am, like a venomous serpent.
vrm.6.88 The fact that you desire to attack me means that either the remembrance of it no longer exists in you or I presume you desire to go clearly to the abode of Yama the lord of Death.
vrm.6.90 Enraged with his paternal uncle, that Indrajit, standing in the midst of Rakshasas, took hold of an excellent arrow earlier presented by Yama the lord of Death.
vrm.6.92 "Alas! My child, the chief of the army of Rakshasas, having extraordinary might! Having conquered Indra, how have you been subjected to the power of Lakshmana now?" "Certainly, when enraged, you would pierce with your arrows in battle, even the all destroying time in the form of Yama the Lord of Death and even the peaks of Mount Mandara.
vrm.6.92 "O the long armed one! Highly esteemed to me is the king Yama, son of sun god, by whom you have been subjected to the ravages of time today.
vrm.6.92 Rakshasas could not go towards Ravana, who was looking at all the four quarters, like the enraged Yama the god of Death, who wants to devour both the mobile and the immobile creatures.
vrm.6.94 Rama", coming in the form of either Rudra the lord of destruction or Vishnu, the lord of preservation, or Indra who performed one hundred ritual sacrifices, or otherwise Yama, the Lord of Death himself, is killing us.
vrm.6.95 Then, the powerful Ravana, resembling the all destroying Time in the form of Yama, along with his army troops of Rakshasas, set out for the battle with his raised bow.
vrm.6.100 Thereupon, Ravana took hold of another large most competent spear, which was difficult to be approached even by Yama the lord of Death and blazing as it was, with its own splendour.
vrm.6.101 "In the same way as the very glorious Lakshmana followed me When I was going to the forest, I too will in the same way follow him to the abode of Yama the lord of Death.
vrm.6.105 "He is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Skanda, Prajapati, Indra, Kubera the bestower of riches, Kala, Yama, Soma the moon god and Varuna, the lord of waters.
vrm.6.108 It was giving perennial feed to Vultures, Eagles, Cranes, troops of Jackals and Rakshasas in the battle field, possessing a form of Yama the lord of Death and was fearful.
vrm.6.108 That arrow, which was inviolable as a thunderbolt hurled by the arms of Indra and irresistible as Yama the lord of Death, fell upon Ravana s chest.
vrm.6.110 "That Ravana, by whom Indra was thrown into fear, Yama was struck with terror, by whom Kubera the king was deprived of Pushpaka the Vimana aerial car, and by whom fear was caused on the battle field in the Gandharva in the sages and the great souled Devas, lies killed in the battle field.
vrm.6.111 "Otherwise, for your destruction, Yama, the lord of Death came himself assuming the form of Rama having arranged an unimaginable form of illusion.
vrm.6.116 No one near and dear was indeed able to cajole on that occasion or to speak or even to look upon Rama, who appeared like Yama the lord of death at the time of dissolution of the world.
vrm.6.117 Thereupon, Vaisravana, the King of Yakshas, Yama together with the Pitris, Indra the lord of Devas, Varuna the lord of waters, the illustrious Shiva having three eyes, Brahma the creator of all the worlds and the best among the knowers of sacred knowledge all these together reaching the City of Lanka in aerial cars, shining like the sun approached Rama.
vrm.6.126 "The illustrious Rama, the destroyer of enemies, happened to meet Indra, Yama, Varuna, Maheshvara, Brahma the self born as also Dasaratha and was bestowed boons by them.
vrm.7.3 Thereat, Brahma along with the deities gladly said in a gratified spirit, Very well I am about to create the fourth of the Protectors of creatures Yama, Indra and Varuna, the position which is sought for by thee.
vrm.7.4 Learning that she is the sister of Yama, he repaired unto Yama.
vrm.7.4 On his request, Yama gave his sister Bhaya in marriage to Hoti.
vrm.7.6 I am Vishnu, I am Rudra, I am the king of the Devas, I am Yama, I am Varuna, I am the Moon, I am the Sun, flattering themselves in this fashion, Mali and Sumali and the Rakshasa Malyavan as well as those going before them, are annoying the gods, breathing exhilaration of martial spirits.
vrm.7.6 Do thou dedicate to Yama the lotuses of their faces, severed in pieces with thy discus.
vrm.7.6 Even Narayana and Rudra, Sakra and Yama, ever fear to stay before us in the field.
vrm.7.14 And that high souled one, raising up his mace resembling the rod itself of Time, entered into that army, despatching Yakshas to the abode of Yama.
vrm.7.18 To day with my sharpened shafts shall I despatch thee to the abode of Yama.
vrm.7.20 These for cetain will have to repair to the abode of Yama.
vrm.7.20 Therefore, O Paulastya, O captor of hostile capitals, do thou put down Yama.
vrm.7.20 How can this lord of Rakshasas, of himself, go to him who, resembling another fire, beareth to the gifts and acts of persons, that high souled one of whom attaining consciousness, people put foth their activity; and afflicted with the fear of whom these three worlds fall away? How can Ravana subdue him who ordaineth things both great and small, who meteth rewards and punishments for good and bad acts, and who himself hath conquered the three worlds ?Resorting to what other means shall Ravana secure victory ?I am curious about it: To Yama s abode shall I go for witnessing the encounter between Yama and the Rakshasa.
vrm.7.21 Having reflected thus, that foremost of Vipras endowed with fleet vigor, bent his steps towards the abode of Yama, for the purpose of relating to him all that had taken place.
vrm.7.21 And there he saw that god Yama sitting in front of fire and offering into it the good and evil fruits of their actions.
vrm.7.21 And seeing the Maharshi Narada arrive there, Yama offering him Arghya according to the ordinance, addressed him saying, when he was seated at his ease: O Devarshi, is it well with thee ?And doth virtue deteriorate.
vrm.7.21 And there he saw Yama s soldiery along with Yama s followers, fierce forms, grim visaged and terriffic.
vrm.7.21 And O large armed one the exalted councillors of Yama and Ravana sore assailed each other with arms.
vrm.7.21 And leaving the councillors alone the highly powerful wariors of Yama rushed against Dasanana with a shower of spears.
vrm.7.21 And that terriffic shower of trees, rocks and arms, alighted on the army of Yama fighting on the earth.
vrm.7.22 And beside him was the rod of Time in its native from the divine instrument of Yama like unto a flaming fire on account of its own energy.
vrm.7.22 And in a moment those horses like unto thoughtin celerity, and resembling the steedsthemselves of Hari, took Yama where the warfare had already begun.
vrm.7.22 And approaching Ravana, Yama, enraged, discharged spears and Tomaras, and began to pierce Ravana s marrow.
vrm.7.22 And again at his spacious breast, that Rakshasa who had undergone slender injury, could not resist, Yama s arms with hundreds of mighty darts hurled.
vrm.7.22 And in this way that destroyer of foes Yama fought for seven nights with various arms; until at length his enemy was driven back and deprived of his senses.
vrm.7.22 And then, O hero, there took place mighty onset between Yama and the Rakshasa both eager for victory and both never tiing of fight.
vrm.7.22 And he smote Death with four, the Yama s charioteer with seven, and swiftly struck Yama in the marrow with hundreds and thousands of shafts.
vrm.7.22 And then from foth Yama s mouth there issued darted flames with his teeth mixed with smoke, the fire of his fury.
vrm.7.22 And beholding Yama with his rod uplifted, the Devas were agitated.
vrm.7.22 And on Yama being desirous of slaying Ravana, the great father manifesting himself spake unto Yama: O Vaivasvata, O mighty armed one, O thou of imeasurable prowess, this certainly must not be: Thou shouldst not with thy rod slay the night ranger; for, O the foremost of Devas, I have conferred a boon on him; thou shouldst not render false the words that I have uttered.
vrm.7.22 Thus addressed, Yama then ansewred, I restrain this rod.
vrm.7.22 Having said this, even thus did he vanish with his car and horses; And having vanquished him and distinguished his name, he again ascended the Pushpaka and went out of the abode of Yama.
vrm.7.23 Having vanquished Yama, the foremost of Devas, Ravana delighting in warfare, saw his adherents.
vrm.7.24 There was another man in that flame, as if in a swoon, engarlanded with golden lotuses, incapable of being looked at, like the sun, and resembling the Yama s self.
vrm.7.24 He is gifted with many qualities, resplendent like unto Yama with mace in iis hand or the newly risen sun and incapable of being defeated in conflict, impetuous, invincible, victorious, powerful, a veritable ocean of accomplishments, sweet speeched, supporter of the dependants, fond of preceptor and Brahmans, always waiting for opportune hours, gifted with high powers, truthful, of a handsome person, skilful, gifted with all accomplishments, heroic and engaged in the study of the Vedas.
vrm.7.26 Hearing the words of Mandhata, Ravana said Ravana did not experience any affliction from Varuna Kubera or Yama ;why should he experience fear from thee, who art a man ?"Having said this, the lord of Rakshasas as if burning in fire, ordered the Rakshasas irrepressible in battle.
vrm.7.26 Then hurling his mace again and again resembling that of Yama, he struck, vehemently, Ravana s car therewith.
vrm.7.28 The Adityas, the Maruts, the Siddhas, the two Aswins, Rudras, the mines, Yama, Kubera, the oceans, mountains, rivers, all the divisions of the Veda and knowledge, ie, Planets, stars, sky, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Charanas, the ascetics conversant with the knowledge of Vedas, Garudas and the Nagas, the other Devas, Yakshas, Daityas and Rakshasas, were all seen in their incorporeal forms, on the person of that great Purusha, lying down.
vrm.7.34 I shall slay Indra, Kubera, Varuna and Yama what to speak of more I shall soon destroy all the Devas and place myself above them.
vrm.7.37 And throwing down of his hand the iron mace, he, in anger, began to roar, like Yama.
vrm.7.44 He is day, night morning and evening, Yama, the moon, Kala, the wind, Brahma, Rudra, Indra and water.
vrm.7.65 here beside himself with fire he said I was unconscious in sleep still soiled with anger thou hast hurled the fiery curse against me like the second rod of Yama.
vrm.7.70 The assembly of Rama, of unwearied, actions appeared like that of Mahendra, Yama and Varuna.
vrm.7.70 He is the moon, death, Yama, Kubera, the giver of riches, fire, Indra, the sun and Varuna.
vrm.7.72 The Vulture having said this, the Owl began "True, it is, O king, that in him are the portions of the Moon, Indra, the Sun, Kubera and Yama, but there is in him also a portion of man.
vrm.7.72 O Raghava, death pursues him with whom thou art offended and it is for this reason that thou art styled by people the highly powerful Yama.
vrm.7.81 Do thou behold this world of creatures to thy hearts content for I shall by various sharp weapons despatch thee to Yama s abode who is the enemy of the three worlds and Raghava.
vrm.7.89 By virtue of the portion of Indra s energy the king Khshupa brought the earth under his control ;by that of Varuna s energy he fostered his own body :by Kubera s portion he conferred riches upon his subjects ;and by that of Yama he governed them.
vrm.7.95 Those on earth, who cast dreadful looks on thee, are immediately brought under the control of Yama and are constrained to go to hell.
vrm.7.105 The ascetics said: We have never seen before a sacrifice like this, Indra s, Soma s, Yama s or Varuna s.
vrm.7.121 And they all said "O Rama, O foremost of men, if thou dost repair to heaven forsaking us all, it will be hurling Yama s rod upon us.

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