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vrm.2.32 "Oh, Lakshmana! Which Brahman is studying Taittiriya a school of Yajurveda, a preceptor, a man of conformity a knower of Vedas, serving Kausalya with his devotion and blessing, to him see that he is duly gifted conveyance, servant maids and silken clothing till he gets satisfied.
vrm.2.32 Here are many religious students carrying staffs, belonging to katha and kalaapa branches of Yajurveda, who being always engaged in studying the sacred scriptures, do not perform any other austerities but are highly honoured by even noble men, are inactive in the sense, they do not move out for alms and crave for sweets.
vrm.5.35 He got trained in Yajurveda, the sacrificial Veda.

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