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vrm.2.16 Women of exquisitely beautiful form standing in palaces and on ground were offering salutations to Rama with the best words with a desire to please Rama.
vrm.2.59 Women, being more sorrowful, are looking at each other indistinctly with their long bright eyes overwhelmed with a flood of tears.
vrm.2.91 Women with charming eyes came running and shampooed their limbs.
vrm.2.117 Women", like you, on the other hand who are endowed with virtues, who look with detachment on prosperity and adversity in this world, therefore dwell in heaven as those who performed meritorious deeds.
vrm.3.45 Women using words that are in a class by themselves is not at all surprising.
vrm.3.45 b, Women" by their nature are unbound by the etiquette of decency, whimsical, cantankerous and they tend to become the artificers of vicissitudes, and oh, Vaidehi, the daughter of Janaka, indeed unbearable are this kind of words that are much the same as burnt iron arrows thrust in between my two ears.
vrm.5.5 Women with good character were sleeping with husbands and also rakshasas with extremely strange character started to roam.
vrm.5.9 Women of royal sages, brahmanas and Rakshasas and of Gandharvas, of Rakshasas all those unmarried girls surrendered from lust to Ravana.
vrm.5.10 Women of that Ravana being tired from lustful passion and exertion and having lean waists slept at first opportunity.
vrm.5.12 Women of Ravana have been seen.
vrm.5.53 Women, children and old people came out from their respective dwellings, with an eagerness to see that Hanuma with his burning tail.

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