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vrm.2.15 Water was brought from auspicious conjunction of rivers ganga and Yamuna, from other rivers, lakes, wells, ponds, from streams flowing eastwards, from streams which joined together and from oceans in all sides.
vrm.2.59 Water born flowers and flowers living on dry lands now give very little fragrance and fruits do not have a luscious look as before.
vrm.4.46 "There I saw the mountain wreathed in with ores, namely Mountain Udaya, the Sun Rise, and I have also seen the Milk Water Oceans which is forever an abode for Apsara s.
vrm.6.22 Water constantly seen, gushing forth from it resembled seawater.
vrm.6.22 Water was dried up in those cavities, as a result of hurling of that arrow by Rama.

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