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vrm.1.24 b, a "Oh, impenetrable is this forest fraught with swarms of crickets, brutish predators, and Vultures, which are all horribly strident.
vrm.1.24 "Various Vultures are screeching with fierce sonority, and Tigers, wild Boars, and Elephants render this forest atypical.
vrm.2.33 Let Kaikeyi with her son along with her relatives indeed inhabit the region where ferocious animals and Vultures live with grass, meat and fruits.
vrm.3.14 "And from each of the five daughters of Taamra in turn emanated are the other avian species, where Kraunchii gave birth to Uluuka s, the owls, Bhasii s gave birth to Bhaasa s, the Vultures, and Shyenii gave birth to very sharp Eagles and Falcons, and then Dhritaraashtrii gave birth to swans and all other kinds of graceful water Birds.
vrm.3.23 Cacophonous and carnivorous predators and Vultures took over the nearby places of Janasthana and they made raucous sounds of many kinds.
vrm.3.23 An untimely eventide glistened with a colour similar to the one drenched in blood, and then horrendous brutes and Birds have clamoured facing Khara directly, and the Vultures, Jackals and Eagles too have screamed portending danger.
vrm.3.46 "This is the dwelling place of Rakshasas, and no goddess, nor a Gandharva, nor a Kinnara can arrive here, but how you have come here? b, a "Here, Simians, Lions, Leopards, Tigers, likewise other predators, Bears, Tigers, Vultures will be moving.
vrm.4.58 The fourth flight level is that of Hawks and the fifth is that of the Vultures.
vrm.5.26 After knowing will that glorious Rama tolerate this outrage?" "Whoever Jatayu nearing Rama will have let known to Rama that Seetha was stolen, that king of Vultures has been killed by Ravana in war.
vrm.5.26 "This Lanka shortly will become like a graveyard, with paths agitated with smoke of funeral pyres, crowded with a group of Vultures.
vrm.5.35 Hearing about the killing of his brother, the vulture king Sampati the brother of slain Jatayu the King of Vultures spoke the following words in anger: O the best of Vanaras! Tell me who, where and how my younger brother Jatayu was killed and made to fall.
vrm.6.10 Vultures fly to and fro in circles over the city.
vrm.6.20 You killed Jatayu, the king of Vultures and who was senior to you in old age.
vrm.6.23 Crows, Eagles and Vultures are flying low.
vrm.6.41 Crows, Eagles and Vultures are whirling round at a lower level.
vrm.6.44 Long tailed and black faced Vanaras with their gigantic bodies and dark like figure, crushed the Rakshasas with their arms and allowed them to be eaten by Jackals, Vultures etc.
vrm.6.54 Some Vanaras and Rakshasas, with their shattered heads, but bereft of arms and legs, lay on the earth bathed in blood with their bodies wounded by weapons, a prey to Herons Vultures and Crows or devoured by troops of Jackals.
vrm.6.58 With the heaps of warriors for its banks the broken weapons its trees, the torrents of blood its huge waves, death appeared like an ocean receiving its floods, livers and spleens its mire, entrails its moss, severed heads and trunks the fish, and morsels of flesh the grass, the innumerable Vultures its lovely Swans, Herons its Geese, covered as it was with fat for the foam, the tumult the sound of its waters, the battle field resembled a river, incapable of being crossed by cowards, visited by water fowls at the end of the rainy season, those Rakshasas and the foremost of the Vanaras crossed over that impassable river, as Elephants lead their herds across a lake that the lotuses have covered with pollen.
vrm.6.79 "O sinful one! Today, Vultures Jackals and Crows with their sharp beaks and goad like claws will be satiated with your flesh.
vrm.6.88 The sharp edged and deadly arrows, with their wings, released from my bow, will now take your life, O Lakshmana! O Lakshmana! Let a number of Jackals, multitude of hawks and Vultures descend upon you, when struck down by me, you are dead.
vrm.6.95 Today", I shall satiate the Crows, Vultures and all those other creatures which eat the flesh, with the flesh of enemies, struck by my arrows.
vrm.6.95 Ill omened Vultures together with Crows cried out aloud.
vrm.6.97 That rock, broken to a thousand pieces by that Rakshasa with a multitude of his arrows, forthwith fell down on earth, like a flock of frightened Vultures.
vrm.6.99 The sky was studded as with eye holes, by showers of arrows of high velocity, which were extremely sharp pointed and adorned with plumes of Vultures and were loosed with high speed.
vrm.6.99 He released sharp arrows, having the heads of Lions and Tigers, those of buzzards and Crows, even of Vultures and faloons, as well as those of Jackals and wolves, arrows with their mouths wide open, having the heads of venomous snakes with five heads, bringing fear.
vrm.6.103 O Ravana! Let Vultures fly down on your wounded breast when you have been thrown down on the ground and oozing out from the orifices caused by the impact of my pointed arrow tips.
vrm.6.103 Let Birds such as Crows and Vultures tear out your bowels, as Eagles would drag Serpents when you fall down dead when pierced by my arrows today.
vrm.6.106 A large flock of Vultures, roaming about in the sky, was flying forward in the same direction in which Ravanas chariot was going.
vrm.6.106 The she Jackals followed by Vultures hastily uttered inauspicious howls, on beholding Ravanas face as also vomiting fire from their mouths.
vrm.6.108 It was giving perennial feed to Vultures, Eagles, Cranes, troops of Jackals and Rakshasas in the battle field, possessing a form of Yama the lord of Death and was fearful.

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