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vrm.6.123 O Seetha! Look at the City of Lanka, resting firmly on the mount of Trikuta, looking like a peak of Mount Kailasa and built by Viswakarma, the universal architect.
vrm.6.127 The wonderful aerial car called Pushpaka was built with his intelligence by Viswakarma.
vrm.6.127 Rama, with his long and large eyes, seated in the aerial car, created by Viswakarma the divine architect with his intelligence, shone like another Indra who carries the thunderbolt in his hand.
vrm.7.3 On its brow is a beautiful and broad city built by Viswakarma, named Lanka, resembling the city itself of Indra the great, designed for the abode of Rakshasas, like unto the Amaravati of Indra.
vrm.7.5 Once the king of the Devas, Indra, through the great Architect Viswakarma got the most magnificent and the most impregnable Lanka and as splendid as Amaravati of Indra, built on mount Suveladri, surrounded by mountain Trikuta, on the coast of the southern ocean.
vrm.7.5 The sons of Sukesa once captured Viswakarma and asked him: "Do thou construct for as a magnificiant city and palace like the city of Indra.
vrm.7.13 And, thereupon, employed by the king, architects resembling Viswakarma constructed an edifice beautiful to behold, measuring the smooth space of a Yojana diagonally and two in area; graceful to the view.
vrm.7.42 At my command Viswakarma has constructed the celestial and picturesque city of Kishkindha.

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