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vrm.1.27 a Raghava", I am going to give the highly divine Danda disc Punisher disc next, oh, best one among men, Dharma disc Virtue disc, and like that kaala disc Time disc then oh, brave one, Vishnu disc similarly oh, dextrous Rama, Indra disc and Thunderbolt missile the best trident pertaining to Shiva the missile called Brahma shira Brahma crest the missile called the Aishiika missile Grass Blade missile, and that way oh, Raghava, I am going to give the unexcelled and highly formidable missile called Brahma missile.
vrm.1.27 "Oh, Rama, like that I will be giving three nooses called Dharma paasha and kaala paasha and Varuna paasha, Virtue noose and Time noose, Rain god s noose as well as an unequalled missile called Varuna astra, Rain god s missile.
vrm.1.56 "And he launched discs called the Discs of Virtue, Time and Vishnu and he also launched other missiles like the Blower, Stirrer and like that the missile with Horse head.
vrm.4.36 Virtue souled Raghava reacquires Seetha, and even exterminates Ravana by himself with his own resplendence, while I and my assistance remain only in name.
vrm.6.83 Then, the highly lamenting Lakshmana, having embraced that ailing Rama in his arms, spoke the following meaningful words, endowed with reason: O venerable brother! Virtue cannot save you, who are sticking to the noble path and who have subdued the senses, from adversities and is hence useless.
vrm.6.83 viswarupa, son of twasta "O Rama! Virtue destroys enemies, when united with might something other than virtue.

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