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vrm.1.6 Born in Vindhya Mountains, and also from Himalayan regions, mighty are the Elephants fully vigorous and fattened ones, and most powerful in their strength and each in similitude is a huge mountain.
vrm.1.39 "The father in law of god Shankara who is well known by the name of Himavan sets eyes on Mountain Vindhya, which stands as loftily as Himalayas, and those two mountains peer at each other.
vrm.1.39 b, a "Oh, best one among men, Rama, that Vedic ritual of Sagara came to pass in between those two mountains, namely Himalayas and Vindhya ranges, and oh, tigerly man Rama, that area is renowned for Vedic rituals, isn t it! b, a "Oh, dear sire Rama, the grandson of Sagara and the son of exiled Asamanja is Amshuman, oh, descendant of Kakutstha, which Anshuman s bow will be unfaltering and who is a top speeded chariot rider, and he has escorted ritual Horse released.
vrm.3.11 Complying which sage s directive Mountain Vindhya ceased to heighten in order not to obstruct the path of the sun, such sage s hermitage is this who is renowned in the world by his deeds and whose longevity is inestimable, hence this glorious hermitage is adored by well behaved animals and humans as well.
vrm.4.3 b, a I deem that each of you are the choicest one to protect the earth adorned with Mt Meru and Vindhya range, and with all her oceans and forests.
vrm.4.33 In that city Lakshmana of Raghava dynasty has seen buildings that are not single storied but multi storied, semblable with Mountain Vindhya and Mountain Meru, and he even saw mountain rapids with pure water.
vrm.4.37 "Convoke the Vanara s available on the summits of these five mountains, namely Mountain Mahendra, Mountain Himalaya, Mountain Vindhya, and Mountain Kailasa and those that are on the whitish peak of Mountain Mandara.
vrm.4.37 Millions and millions of Vanara s whose looks and deeds are gruesome, and who equal the planet Mars in their crimson flush, as they dwell on the hotbeds of Mountain Vindhya, have swiftly alighted from Mountain Vindhya.
vrm.4.38 Oh, enemy flamer Rama, the legions of Vanaras along with their Vanara commanders who are viable to Mahendra in valour, and who compare with massive clouds and mountains, and who domiciled on Mountain Meru and Mountain Vindhya will be coming in your service.
vrm.4.41 "Search the thousand crested Vindhya mountains abounding with numerous tress and climbers, then the delightful Narmada river coursing a little southerly to that range, which is adored by great snakes, along with wonderful River Godavari, as well as River Krishnaveni and Maha Nadi, and then the greatly auspicious River Varada which is an adoration to great snakes.
vrm.4.46 "Then from that eastern direction I fled to southern direction, which is thick with Vindhya Range mountains and diverse trees, especially with sandalwood trees.
vrm.4.48 Arriving at a remote place with all of those powerful Vanaras, then Hanuma searched the caves and forests of Vindhya Mountains, and on their mountaintops, at impassable places, at rivers and lakes, and in stands of trees with beamy trees, also on diverse mountains, forests and trees.
vrm.4.49 Those great mighty vanara s again perking themselves up searched the southern compass that is overspread with Vindhya forests.
vrm.4.49 Again making Mountain Vindhya as the starting point of search, those best fly jumpers, namely Hanuma and the other chieftains of vanara s, have searched all over the southern direction for Seetha.
vrm.4.50 Tara and others, the Vanara Hanuma searched the caves and thick forests of Vindhya Range.
vrm.4.50 Hanuma has searched in the caves of that kingly Mountain Vindhya, which are jammed in with Lions and Tigers, and even at the towering rapids.
vrm.4.50 a They reached the southwest peak of that mountain during their search and the time set by Sugreeva swiftly lapsed while they are overstaying thereat that Mountain Vindhya alone.
vrm.4.52 "This one which is surrounded by diverse trees and vines is the magnificent Vindhya Mountain, this mountain is Prasravana, and this vast expanse of water is the southerly ocean.
vrm.4.53 Sitting on a foothill of Mountain Vindhya which is with fully flowered trees those virtue souled Vanaras are then driven in desperation.
vrm.4.56 On coming out of the cave of the great mountain Vindhya, Sampati is gladden at heart to see the Vanaras sitting down there, and he spoke these words.
vrm.4.58 And oh, vanara chiefs, when sunrays have utterly burned my wings I fell down on this Mountain Vindhya, and while living hereabouts constrainedly, I could pay no attention to my brother s experiences or, at least his existence, or otherwise.
vrm.4.60 Oh, impeccable Angada, once I have fallen on the peak of this Mountain Vindhya when sunrays completely burned my wings and limbs scorching in sun s heat.
vrm.4.60 Since this mountain is teeming with teams of Birds, caves in its midriffs, and it is with peaks of its own kind, thus I resolved this to be Mountain Vindhya at the coast of southern ocean.
vrm.4.60 I again reached the earth descending from the lopsided peak of Mountain Vindhya, onerously and slowly, whereat the sacred grass blades are thorny.
vrm.4.61 Himalayas", even Mountain Vindhya, and even the very high mountain Mountain Meru, shone forth like Elephants in lakes.
vrm.4.61 "I supposed that Jatayu as has fallen in Janasthana, but I have fallen on Mountain Vindhya, as a wing burnt and insensate eagle.
vrm.4.63 mountain I clambered up the Mountain Vindhya and I am looking forward for your arrival.
vrm.5.14 Hanuma broke circles of great creepers by His might like the wind during rainy season, breaking the groups of clouds of mountain Vindhya.
vrm.5.35 A number of days and nights passed, filled as we were with grief, having got lost our way intensely in a mountain range called Vindhya.
vrm.5.35 They were making up their energy to see you, rose up from Vindhya mountain and reached the northern shore of the ocean.
vrm.5.36 O Seetha the princess! I swear and tell you by the mountains Malaya, Vindhya, Meru and Dardura as well as by our staple food of roots and fruits, that you will soon see Rama s face, having good eyes, handsome, having lips with the colour of a bright red gourd fruit of Momordica monodelpha and with its charming look like a rising full moon.
vrm.6.21 Thousands of waves, so large resembling Vindhya and Mandhara mountains, jumped up from the sea with its crocodiles and sea monsters.
vrm.6.26 "O, king! He who resembles a tawny lion with a long mane and who is looking at Lanka attentively as though he wishes to consume it with his glasses, who dwells mostly on the mountains of Krishna and Sahya of Vindhya range of pleasing aspect, is the General named Rambha.
vrm.6.27 Besides, other excellent Vanaras residing in Vindhya mountain are quick paced and are impossible to be counted because of their multitude.
vrm.6.59 He who, the archer like unto the Vindhya, Asta or Mahendra Mountains, standing in his chariot, a mighty warrior, of superior strength, who wields a bow of unequalled size and having an exceedingly grown body, he is called Atikaya.
vrm.6.59 His formidable stature equals the Vindhya the Lord of Mountains.
vrm.6.67 Rama saw that Kumbhakarna, looking like Vindhya and Mandara mountains, adorned with armlets of gold, emitting blood from his mouth and appearing as a rising rainy cloud.
vrm.6.76 Due to the hurling down of Kumbha, the fully risen sea, reaching a height of as to that of Mount Vindhya, diffused on all sides.
vrm.6.126 "Having lost our way in Vindhya, the foremost of mountain ranges, a long time slipped past us and we felt sore stricken with sorrow.
vrm.7.36 Hearing of the absence of the king from the citizens Visrava s son came out of the city and reached the Vindhya mountain resembling the Himalayas.
vrm.7.36 And casting his looks upon Vindhya mountain, resembling the Himalayas and having huge caves Ravana, the king of Rakshasas, reached the river Narmada, of holy waters and going rapidly to the western ocean.
vrm.7.37 Thereupon stood there obstructing his course Rakshasa, worked up with anger and with a mace in his hand, like unto the Vindhya range standing in the way of the sun.
vrm.7.92 Thereupon finding no other province worthy of Danda he allotted the region between Vindhya and Saivala to him.
vrm.7.94 O Rama, in the golden age, the province between the mountains Vindhya and Saivala comprising Danda s teritories, imprecated by the Brahman saint, in consequence of the iniquity of the vicious souled, was reduced into a desert.
vrm.7.121 Having informed him of the renouncing of Lakshmana, Rama s promise and the following of the citizens they said: The intelligent Rama has reared for Kusi the spacious city of Kusavati at the foot of the Vindhya range.

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