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vrm.1.17 The direct son of Vayu is the marvellous and adventurous Hanuma with an indestructible body, and one identical in the speed of lady Vinata s son, namely Garuda, the divine eagle vehicle of Vishnu, and among all Vanara chiefs he is the intelligent and the indefatigable one too.
vrm.1.41 "That great mighty son of Lady Vinata, namely Garuda, also spoke this word to Amshuman, do not bemoan, oh, tigerly man, this eradication of your paternal uncles is worthwhile to the worlds.
vrm.2.25 The illustrious Kausalya gave the desired fee to that chief of brahmanas and spoke as follows to Rama: "Which felicity occurred in Devendra the thousand eyed, adored by all Devas when Vritra was destroyed, let that felicity occur to you" "Which blessing was invoked by Vinata to Garuda who was setting off to bring nectar in the past may that blessing happen to you.
vrm.2.71 Bharata, after crossing Sthanumati river at Ekasala village and Gomati river at Vinata village, took rest at a grove of Sala trees at Kalinga city as the Horses were very much tired and then proceeded quickly.
vrm.3.14 b, Dhritaraashtrii" gave birth even to Chakravaka water Birds, and Shukii gave birth to a daughter Nata, and Nata s daughter is Vinata.
vrm.3.14 "All the merited fruit bearing trees are given birth by Anala, and now I will narrate about Vinata, the daughter s daughter of Shukii, and about Kadru, the sister of Surasa.
vrm.3.14 Kadru" gave birth to thousand Nagas who is the bearer of this earth, and Vinata gave birth to two sons namely Garuda and Aruna.
vrm.4.40 When Rama said so, Sugreeva spoke in the presence of Rama and the observant Lakshmana, to a mightiest chief of fly jumpers, named Vinata, who is a commander of vanara army, who is like a mountain in his sheen and who thunders like a cloud.
vrm.4.40 a "Oh, Vinata, the best vanara, you are an expert in determining the tasks in consonance with time, place and probity.
vrm.4.40 "On that Shalmali Island in Wine Ocean you will be seeing the mansion of Vinata s son, namely Garuda, the Eagle vehicle of Vishnu, which is decorated with numerous jewels, and which in sheen will be like Mountain Kailasa, the abode of Shiva.
vrm.4.40 Thus Sugreeva addressed the vanara s that are being sent to East under the leadership of Vinata.
vrm.4.42 Sugreeva ordered the superb Vanara son of great sage Maricha, called Arcishman, to western direction, who is a surrounded with exceptional and braving Vanaras, a coequal to Indra in his resplendence, endowed with brilliance and bravery and whose speed equals that of the son of Vinata, namely Garuda, the Eagle vehicle of Vishnu.
vrm.4.45 b, a The Vanara troop commander Vinata journeyed towards the eastern direction, and the fly jumper, leader of Vanaras and Vayu s son Hanuma travelled towards southerly quarter that is once trodden by Sage Agastya, along with Lt.
vrm.4.47 Commander Vinata, the great mighty vanara, came back after searching eastern quarter as Sugreeva had advised, but without finding Seetha there.
vrm.4.58 But the uppermost path is that of the sons of Lady Vinata, namely
vrm.4.66 The son of Kashyapa Prajapati and Lady Vinata is the best bird among all the Birds who is superbly mighty and who is universally renowned as Garuda.
vrm.5.24 Thereafter a Rakshasa woman named Vinata with a horrible appearance with an angry form, crooked, having a prominent belly spoke to Her.
vrm.6.26 "He who is encamped with sixty lakhs Vanaras as his army strength on the sea shore like unto a second ocean is the commander called Vinata who resembles Dardura mountain in size and is positioned there lending charm to the formidable army marching ahead and moves about, drinking the water of River Vena, the foremost of all rivers.
vrm.6.50 Thereupon, all the Vanaras saw within a moment, a mighty eagle, Garuda, the son of Vinata, like unto a blazing torch.
vrm.7.6 And equipped with weapons and quivers, he mounted on Vinata s ofspring.
vrm.7.6 And donning on his mail furnished with the efulgence of a thousand suns, fastening his spotless quivers filled with shafts, being engit with his waist band and bright falchion, and equipped with his conch, discus, mace, Sarnga, sword, and other superior weapons, that lotus eyed lord, seated on Vinata s ofspring like a very mountain, set out speedily for compassing the destruction of the Rakshasas.
vrm.7.8 Thereat Vinata s son, growing enraged, drove the Rakshasas away with the wind of his wings, even as a lusty wind bloweth about sere leaves.

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