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vrm.2.39 I am unable to deviate from virtue, even as a moon from the moonlight" Vina" indian lute does not resonate without chords.
vrm.2.65 The auspicious words uttered by bards parrots etc and the notes of Vina as well as blissful songs of the metric verses filled that palace.
vrm.6.24 I shall cause to resound Vina a musical instrument in the form of my bow, which is played on with the heads of my arrows, the bow string producing a tumultuous sound, the huge cries of the wounded its terrible accompaniment, the darts soundiing its innumerable notes, when I enter a vast stage in the form of my enemy ranks in that battle.
vrm.7.27 Thou art an ascetic, livest in a cave and carriest a Vina, Panava, and quiver in thy hands; thou art immortal and at like the newly risen sun to behold.
vrm.7.90 Some of them were singing, some dancing and some playing on Mridanga, Vina and other musical instruments and some were fanning lotus like countenance with valuable, golden chowries, blazling like the rays of the moon.
vrm.7.106 O Kusa and Lava, in your proper mood do you sing this sweet song with charming Murchana accompanied by the sweet notes of Vina.

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