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vrm.1.7 Dhristi, Jayantha, Vijaya, Suraashtra, Rashtravarddhana
vrm.2.68 Hearing their words, Vasistha spoke as follows: O, Siddhartha! O, Jayanta! O, Vijaya! O, Ashoka! O, Nandana! Please come.
vrm.6.127 On hearing that command of Shatrughna, Dhrushti, Jayanta, Vijaya, Siddhartha, Arthasadhaka, Ashoka, Mantrapala and Sumantra proceeded with joy.
vrm.6.128 Ashoka, Vijaya and Siddhartha, with a great concern, discussed about Rama s advancement and the prosperity of the City.
vrm.6.128 Vasishta, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Katyayana, Suyajna, Gautama and Vijaya consecrated Rama the tiger among men, with clear and fragrant water, as the eight Vasus
vrm.7.53 Vijaya, Madhumatta, Kasyapa, Mangala, Kula, Surajni, Kalya, Vadra Dantavakta, Sumagadha alldelightedly began to introduce many amusings talks before the high souled Rama.
vrm.7.72 The ministers of Dasaratha and Rama, Vrishthi, Yayanta, Vijaya, Siddhartha, Rashtravarddhana, Asoka, Darmapala the highly powerful Sumantra and others were well versed in laws, high minded, conversant with all the Sastras, intelligent, born in respectable families, and adepts in counsel.

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