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vrm.1.65 This way on saying to the best saint, the king of Mithila and the legatee of Videha lineage, immediately performed circumambulations along with his teachers and relatives to Vishvamitra in veneration.
vrm.1.68 His highness Janaka of Videha, and the sovereign of Mithila, having asked after your highness wellbeing is sensibly saying this word to your highness, with the indorse of Kaushika.
vrm.1.68 Thus the sovereign of Videha kingdom said these endearing words, abiding by the counsel of Sage Shataananda, and Sage Vishvamitra is also consentient to the proposal.
vrm.1.68 This one Rama, the enhancer of Kausalya s rejoice, is stopping over at Videha kingdom along with his brother Lakshmana, and Vishvamitra is taking care of both these boys.
vrm.1.69 Travelling on a four day route Dasharatha reached the fringes of Videha kingdom, and on hearing this, the illustrious king Janaka arranged for welcome ceremonies at the outskirts of the city.
vrm.1.69 On listening that sentence of that affirmer of principles, namely Dasharatha, that which is conformable to the principles of marriages and familial glory, a thrill of joy came over the king of Videha.
vrm.1.70 b, a Oh, valiant king, oh, sovereign of Ayodhya, his highness the sovereign of Mithila from the heritage of Videha kings is poised for seeking an audience with your highness, along with your highness royal priest Vashishta and other mentors.
vrm.1.70 b, a That sententious king Dasharatha said this to the king from the lineage of Videha kings, Janaka, who is with his mentors, kinsfolk, and ministers.
vrm.1.70 his men of the cloth said these sentences to the king of Videha, namely Janaka.
vrm.1.72 Then the eminent saint Vishvamitra together with Vashishta said these words to Janaka, the valiant king of Videha, who has just said about his lineage.
vrm.1.72 The Ikshvaku s and Videha s are unimaginably admirable and immeasurably distinguished dynasties, oh, Janaka, the best one among all men, there is no single king comparable to one from these dynasties.
vrm.1.72 legatee of Videha is talking in such a hobnobbing way, and he replied king Janaka in this way.
vrm.1.73 Then that king from Videha bloodline, Janaka, said in this way to Vashishta, Oh, the knower of punctilios, oh, Brahma sage, oh, masterly sage, along with other sages you make happen all of the marriage ceremonies of Rama, the rejoicer of the world.
vrm.1.74 Then that king Janaka of Mithila, the one from Videha lineage, gave innumerable patrimonial riches.
vrm.1.75 b, a "That celebrated Rudra on his part with indignation has handed over that longbow, which is already fitted with unloosened arrow, to the sagely king among Videha kings, namely Devaraata.
vrm.2.30 Distressed and highly agitated, the said Seetha reproached Rama having a broad chest, from affection and pride in the following words: "What my father, the king of Mithila belonging to the country of Videha, think of himself having got as so in law you, a woman having the form of a man?" "It is a pity if these people of Ayodhya through ignorance tell the falsehood that excellent valour is lacking in Rama as in a blazing sun.
vrm.2.40 Seetha" the princess of Videha kingdom has done what ought to be done, by going along with him like a shadow, delighted in virtue as she was and does not leave her husband in the same way as Mount Meru does not leave the effulgence of sun" "Oh, Lakshmana! You are attending ever to your brother who speaks affectionately and is equal to the god.
vrm.2.44 Indeed, what handicaps are there for him in the forest or in Ayodhya? Rama the best among men will be installed on the throne soon along with the Mother Earth Sita the princess of Videha kingdom and Lakshmi Seeing Rama departing, all the people in Ayodhya smitten as they were with upsurge of grief shed tears born of agony.
vrm.2.66 Even so, Sita, the daughter of king of Videha, the pitiable lady and who is unworthy of lamentation, will get frightened with grief in the forest.
vrm.2.117 Atri excellent sage spoke to the illustrious Anasuya, rich in asceticism and who lived a pious life, saying "You welcome Videha s daughter!" and thereafter introduced that virtuous female ascetic to Rama as follows: "O, Irreproachable Rama! When the earth was burnt up by drought without break for ten years, this virtuous woman produced fruit and roots, caused the River Jahnavi to flow here, undergoing a rigid mortification enriched by pious observances, by whom the most severe asceticism was practised for ten thousand years and obstacles were done away with and by whom for the reason of a divine command, in a great hurry ten nights were reduced to one night.
vrm.2.118 "O, Seetha, the daughter of Videha kingdom! Here are divine gifts: a garland, an apparel, jewels, a scented cosmetic and rare body cream.
vrm.3.12 Then he who is a delight to the on lookers that noble hearted Rama on revering the sage along with Lakshmana and Seetha, the princess from Videha, stood aside with his palms adjoined.
vrm.3.34 "She has a complexion mathing the shade of refined gold, her nails are rosy and jutting, and she with her curvaceous hips and slim waist is the daughter of King of Videha, and known as Seetha.
vrm.3.45 Lakshmana spoke to Seetha, the princess from Videha kingdom, who is talking deluged under tears and anguish in that way, as she is fretful like a she deer.
vrm.3.58 "If Seetha, the princess from Videha, does not chat with me as before smiling gleefully on my arrival at the hermitage, oh, Lakshmana, I really breath my last.
vrm.3.62 face to stand him? b, a On seeing me without Seetha the king of Videha will be distraught by the perishing of his daughter, and he defiantly goes under the preponderance of perplexity.
vrm.3.67 when I am overtired Ravana gashed my wings and flew skyward taking Seetha of Videha kingdom with him, and it will be inapt of you to kill me who am already killed by the Rakshasa.
vrm.3.68 That night walker hacked both my wings when I was overtired, and went southward taking the princess of Videha, Seetha, along with him.
vrm.4.40 "There in the East, the forests, mountains and impassable places shall be searched for the princess from Videha kingdom, namely Seetha, and even for the residency of Ravana.
vrm.4.40 And the kingdoms like Brahmamaala, Videha, Maalva, Kasi, and Kosala, and in Magadha, which kingdom has grand villages, and in that way, also in the kingdoms of Pundra and Anga, and in the countries of the kings called Koshakaara, and in the provinces of silver mines search is to be conducted.
vrm.4.43 "Thereby, oh, Vayu like and Marut like vanara s, on your seeing the princess born in Videha kingdom, namely Vaidehi, an extremely desirable task for the sake of Dasharatha s son Rama is considered as done.
vrm.4.52 "He mobilised us along with these important vanara s and Angada as helmsman to this southerly prospect, which is the walkabout of Sage Agastya and watched over by Yama, the Death god, saying, you all shall collectively search for Seetha of Videha kingdom together with the Rakshasa Ravana, a guise changer by his wish.
vrm.4.57 Ravana" forcibly abducted his wife from Janasthana, namely Seetha, the princess from Videha kingdom, and a kingly eagle named Jatayu, who is a friend of Rama s father Dasharatha, has seen her while she was being abducted by skyway.
vrm.5.9 Hanuma, the destructor of enemies, moved around in all directions searching for Seetha the wide eyed daughter of King of Videha Thereafter, Hanuma the glorious one neared and observed the best residence of Rakshasas and the house of Ravana, containing Elephants with four tusks and also those with three tusks, those with two tusks and still not crowded.
vrm.5.13 But I am unable to see Seetha, beautiful in all limbs, and the daughter of Videha.
vrm.5.13 Otherwise Seetha belonging to Videha born in Mithila and daughter of king Janaka Can she be helplessly together with the evil minded Ravana.
vrm.5.13 The daughter of Videha, Seetha.
vrm.5.33 "I am the daughter of the noble natured Janaka, the king of Videha kingdom.
vrm.5.34 "O Seetha the daughter of the king of Videha Kingdom! I have come here as your messenger on Rama s directions.
vrm.5.51 Seetha", wife of Rama, devoted to her husband and daughter of the high souled king, named Janaka, the head of Videha kingdom, got lost in the forest.
vrm.5.66 "O gentle Sugreeva! Seeing now this excellent jewel, I am considering it as surely as obtaining the sight of my father as well as Janaka, the king of Videha.
vrm.5.66 "O gentle one! Repeat again and again, what Seetha the daughter of Videha s king said to you, sprinkling me with your stream of words, like offering water to a thirsty person.
vrm.6.13 Fearing the curse given in this manner by Brahma, I am not violently making Sita the daughter of Videha, to mount on my beautiful bed forcibly.
vrm.6.119 Dasaratha again uttered the following words to Lakshmana: "A great gratification has been rendered to me and reward in the form of religious merit earned by you in that you served Rama and Seetha, the princess of Videha kingdom, with devotion.
vrm.6.123 O the princess of Videha territory! Having duly returned, offer your salutation to Ayodhya.
vrm.6.125 Lakshmana" too, who is endowed with extraordinary energy, is coming intact with Seetha, the illustrious princess of Videha territory and with Rama as Sachi the wife of Indra would with the mighty Indra
vrm.7.57 Thereupon having reached the other side of Bhagirathi, Lakshmana, with subdued voice and folded palms, said to Sita "O daughter of the king of Videha, this, thougth pierced my heart like a dart, that my brother, by making me the instrumental of this action hath made me the object of censure in the world.
vrm.7.67 He was called Mandhata?? for he originated from Manthana ;he was called Janaka for his having sprung up from Janan and Vaideha having been born from Videha.

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