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vrm.1.32 "That great souled Kusha begot four selfsame and mighty sons, namely Kusumba, Kushanaabha, Asuurtarajasa, or also called Adhuurtarajasa, and Vasu through the princess of Vidarbha, which princess is of noble birth and an eligible wife of Kusha.
vrm.1.38 "The daughter of King of Vidarbha, renowned by name Kesini, is the eldest wife of Sagara, and she was virtue minded, and an advocate of truth.
vrm.1.38 Highly gladdened are the daughters of kings of Vidarbha and Aristanemi, i.
vrm.4.41 And the territories of Mekhala, Utkala, the cities of Dashaarna, kingdoms of Abravanti, Avanti, and Vidarbha, also thus the charming kingdom of Maheehaka, are to be searched thoroughly.
vrm.7.91 There flourished in the days of yore a highly illustratious and powerful Vidarbha king under the name of Sudeva known over three worlds.

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