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vrm.1.73 b Rama arrived at his father together with all of his brothers, keeping sage Vashishta and other eminent saint ahead of them, on an opportune and appropriate hour called Victory.
vrm.5.46 Victory in a battle is indeed unreliable.
vrm.6.12 Victory is surely mine.
vrm.6.42 The Vanaras, who were able to change their form at will, shouting Victory to the mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana! Victory of Sugreeva protected by Raghava! and roaring, rushed towards the defensive walls of Lanka.
vrm.6.46 Victory is not certain.
vrm.6.50 In the midst of this turmoil, the valiant Vibhishana, wielding a mace in his hand came there and cheered Sugreeva and Rama saying Victory" to Rama! Victory to Rama!.
vrm.7.18 And thereat considering him as defeated, Suka proclaimed this all round; and from delight cried aloud, Victory unto Ravana And then devouring the Maharshis that were present at the place of sacrifice, Ravana, satiated with their blood, again went to the earth.
vrm.7.40 It is by the strength of the arms of that Vayu s son I have obtained Lanka, Sita, Lakshmana, Victory, kingdom and my friends.

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