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vrm.1.1 "He is the champion of his own self righteousness and also champions for adherent s welfare in the same righteousness, and he is a scholar in the essence of Veda s and their ancillaries, too.
vrm.1.1 He is an expert in Dhanur Veda, the Art of Archery.
vrm.1.4 On seeing that pair intellectuals who are proficient in Veda s that self reliant sage Valmiki made those two to memorize the epic, as the epic Ramayana is composed only to reinforce the import of Veda s, as an ancillary.
vrm.1.5 She that Ayodhya is encompassed with Vedic scholars who always worship the ritual fire by enkindling the three kinds of ritual fires continuously, virtuous Brahman scholars in Veda s and their six ancillary subjects, and other great souls that are in similitude with great saints, and who are just like sages that are charitable donors, and that abide by the truth.
vrm.1.6 He who is well versed in Veda s, who is a gatherer of all scholars, riches and forces as well, a foreseer and a great resplendent one, also one who is esteemed by urbanites and countrymen alike, one who is a top speeded chariot warrior aamong the emperors of Ikshwaku kings, one who has performed many Vedic rituals, a virtuous one, a great controller, a saint like kingly sage, one who he is renowned in all the three worlds, a mighty one with all his enemies eradicated, nevertheless who has friends, one who conquered all his senses, one who is similar to Indra, or Kubera on earth with his wealth, accumulations and other possessions, he that king Dasharatha while dwelling in the city of Ayodhya protected the world, like Manu, the foremost protector of mankind.
vrm.1.6 There is no atheist, no liar, and none is less learnt in Veda s, and no one is found to be jealous, or disabled, or unscholarly person.
vrm.1.6 None can be found anywhere in Ayodhya without the knowledge of the six ancillaries of Veda s like astrology, prosody, grammar etc.
vrm.1.13 Thus flawless scholars in scriptures and those men who are well read in Veda s, are called and he addressed them saying, Performance" of the ritual be organised by the order of the king.
vrm.1.14 The Hota s, invocators, have welcomed the Devas for partaking oblations by singing Sama Veda hymns sweetly and harmoniously, and on inviting them with Vedic hymns they have offered oblations to them.
vrm.1.14 The Horse Ritual is to be performed for three days as laid down in Kalpasutra s, the rules governing such rituals, and by Brahmana s, the penultimate parts of Veda s, and the one performed on the first day is called Chatuhstoma ritual.
vrm.1.15 That intellectual sage and one proficient in Veda s Rishyasringa contemplated for a while, and gaining indications as to which ritual is to be performed, then said the king.
vrm.1.15 "I will procedurally conduct the ritual contained in the preamble of Atharva Veda with procedural hymns, called
vrm.1.18 All the princes are scholars in Veda s, valiant ones, all are interested in the welfare of the world, all are intellectuals and all of them possess an air of probity.
vrm.1.18 b, a Even those tigerly men, namely the princes, are engrossed in the studies of Veda s, delighted to render service to their father and they are also the experts in art
vrm.1.33 Vedic splendour is flourishing in you when you have become one with Brahma, oh, supreme ascetic, I may please be endowed with a righteous son whose ascetic spirituality may embody the spirituality enunciated in Veda s.
vrm.1.45 b, a "After a thousand years of churning, then a male personality, an epitome of Life Sciences, namely Aayur Veda
vrm.1.55 Dhanur Veda, the Holy Writ of Archery, with its complemental and supplemental Writs, and along with its summational Upanishad s, together with its preternatural doctrines.
vrm.1.59 Vishvamitra" calling forth all of his disciples said this sentence, invite all the eminent sages who are well read in many Veda s, along with their disciples and friends, and their ritwiks, the conductors of rituals, and even the sons of Vashishta, at my order.
vrm.1.61 "Oh, dextrous Rama, when that advocate of Veda s, namely Shunashepa finished his speech, then the king gave gold, silver, and gemstones, each in ten million heaps, and even a hundred thousand Cows, and oh, Rama, the legatee of Raghu, that king Ambarisha went away highly gladdened to take Shunashepa with him.
vrm.1.65 b, a If Brahman hood and eternality have befallen on me, let the quintessence of AUM and vaSat syllables, and even all Veda s patronise me.
vrm.1.65 Oh, Gods, he who is the outstanding one among the geniuses of kingcraft, and among the scholars of Veda s as well, even that Vashishta, the brainchild of Brahma, shall acknowledge me in this way as Brahma sage.
vrm.1.72 the initiatory ceremonies of his sons, as well, he that serene king Dasharatha who is amidst the quartet of his sons, shone forth like serene Brahma, who is quartet faced, with the quartet of Veda s, and who is the overlord of mankind, amidst the quartet of presiding deities in the quartet of the world.
vrm.2.5 Vasishta, who is the best of knowers of Veda, who is expert in mantras, who is firm in austerities and who is divine, said to Dasaratha "I agree to it" and personally went to Rama s house on a chariot which was ready and quite suitable for a Brahman so as to advise Rama to undertake a fast with mantras performed by Rama, a knower of mantras.
vrm.2.14 "In that manner, Alarka the glorious man plucking his own eyes, indeed gave remorselessly, to a brahmana skilled in the Veda, When asked for them.
vrm.2.25 "May Veda, the Smriti texts taken as one body, the resolution and the piety protect you, my son! May lord Skanda and the moon god along with the sage Brihaspati, the well known seven sages as well as Sage Narada guard you on all sides.
vrm.3.14 Veda, i.
vrm.3.14 Rig Veda Purusha Shuukta.
vrm.3.30 "You are atrocious in conduct because you countervail against Veda s, debased by conscience because you counteract to Vedic rituals, and you are countermanding Vedic procedures because you have always been bothersome to Brahmans, and those Brahmans becoming sceptical of your deeds of hindrance, they are hesitatingly consigning oblations into Ritual Fire, which are to be swiftly dropped into fire to the chants of hymns and even on time, hence you are countervailing against Veda s and counteracting to their rituals, and countermanding their procedures.
vrm.3.30 When Khara is descending on boisterously with his body bathed in blood, that adept one in the Science of Archery, Dhanur Veda the scripture on archery, and that valorous Rama, in swiftness lurched a little.
vrm.4.3 the non knower of Rig Veda, or the non rememberer of Yajur Veda, or the non scholar of Sama Veda.
vrm.4.17 "Will anybody born in Kshatriya s family, a learned one in Veda s, thereby who is rid of ambiguities with respect to right and wrong, and who is cloaked in an air of probity, execute such a ruthless deed like this? "Though born in Raghava s dynasty and renowned as a moralist you are actually amoral, and for what purpose you run around with this moral aspect?
vrm.4.28 "The month of Bhaadrapada August September, is for those Brahmins who concern themselves for Vedic Studies and came forth is this time for learning the singing of Sama Veda.
vrm.5.34 "O Divine Lady! Rama the son of Dasaratha, who is excellent among the knowers of Veda and who knows Brahmastra missile and Vedas the sacred knowledge, enquired about your welfare.
vrm.5.35 He got trained in Yajurveda, the sacrificial Veda.
vrm.6.28 Nearby is a warrior, dark of hue with eyes like lotuses, a chief warrior among Ikshvakus, his heroism is well known in the world, his sense of duty never wavers, nor does he ever transgress the righteousness, he knows to loose Brahmas weapon and is conversant with Veda, he is the most learned of the Vedic scholars, he shatters the firmament with his arrows, and rends even the earth, his anger is akin to that of Death, his valour equal to that of Indra his consort is Seetha who was taken away by you from a place called Janasthana, he is Rama who has come to wage war on you, O king! This man, having the radiance of pure gold, with a broad chest, having red eyes, with black and curled hair, standing at the right side of Rama, he is called Lakshmana, who is interested in the care and welfare of his brother, skilled in leadership of combat and excellent among the wielders of all weapons.
vrm.7.2 And at that time that exceedingly energetic and mighty sage, Prajapati s son, with his soul sanctified through asceticism, was engaged in the study of the Veda.
vrm.7.2 And as thou hadst heard the Veda recited by me, so, without doubt, he shall be named Visrava.
vrm.7.9 Hearing his speech, she, bowing down, said, O reverend ascetic, such sons of terrific ways seek I not from thee that followest the Veda.
vrm.7.9 But the righteous Vibhishana, ever intent on piety, dwelt there, studying the Veda, restraining his fare, and controlling his senses.
vrm.7.10 And for five thousand years, he adored the Sun, and with his mind concentrated in the study of the Veda, remained with his head and hands raised up.
vrm.7.28 Beholding that Rakshasa fallen and having distressed others that huge person, like unto the Rig Veda, resembling a mountain and be decked with lotus garlands, entered the region under thc earth.
vrm.7.28 The Adityas, the Maruts, the Siddhas, the two Aswins, Rudras, the mines, Yama, Kubera, the oceans, mountains, rivers, all the divisions of the Veda and knowledge, ie, Planets, stars, sky, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Charanas, the ascetics conversant with the knowledge of Vedas, Garudas and the Nagas, the other Devas, Yakshas, Daityas and Rakshasas, were all seen in their incorporeal forms, on the person of that great Purusha, lying down.

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