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vrm.1.40 To whom this Mother Earth belongs in all her entirety, he is that prescient Vasudeva, and she is also the consort of that Madhava, and that Vishnu eternally props up Mother Earth.
vrm.1.40 "But all those great souled and great mighty ones with terrible dash have seen the Infinite Vasudeva in the form of sage Kapila there in the northeast, and oh, descendant of Raghu, they have also seen the ritual Horse moving nearby that sage Kapila, thus all of the sons of Sagara obtained a matchless delight.
vrm.2.113 Before him, Vasishta, Vasudeva of firm vows, Jabali and all the ministers distinguished for their counsels, went ahead.
vrm.7.24 The person, who is standing at the door, is this supreme Vasudeva, void of passion.
vrm.7.63 When Vishnu assuming a human person shall be born in the Vasudeva family of Yaduvas and enhance their glory he shall liberate thee from the curse.

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