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vrm.2.5 Vasistha thus spoke to Rama and enjoined him to undertake a vow of fasting together with Seetha, in the accompaniment of mantras.
vrm.2.5 Thereafter, Rama worshipped the royal priest Vasistha suitably.
vrm.2.5 Vasistha then got Rama s permission and left his house.
vrm.2.5 Seeing Vasistha had returned, King Dasaratha alighted from his throne and asked him with regard to his mission.
vrm.2.5 Vasistha informed him that it was accomplished.
vrm.2.6 After Vasistha left, Rama took bath and meditated on Lord Narayana with undistracted mind along with his wide eyed wife, Seetha.
vrm.2.37 Seeing Seetha accepting the piece of bark, Vasistha the king s preceptor prevented her and spoke thus to Kaikeyi.
vrm.2.68 Hearing their words, Vasistha replied thus to that group of friends as well as ministers and to all the Brahmans assembled there: Bharata, who was given kingdom by Dasaratha is staying very happily in his maternal uncles home, along with Satrughna.
vrm.2.68 Hearing their words, Vasistha spoke as follows: O, Siddhartha! O, Jayanta! O, Vijaya! O, Ashoka! O, Nandana! Please come.
vrm.2.68 Having completed all the remaining preparations for the journey and having been permitted by Vasistha, the messengers quickly proceeded to the destination.
vrm.2.68 For the sake of fulfilling the beloved object of their master Vasistha, for the sake of preserving the royal family and for keeping up the prestige of the sovereign race, those messengers quickly and respectfully reached that city in the night.
vrm.2.70 Vasistha, the family priest and all the ministers were asking about your welfare.
vrm.2.74 Once upon a time, Kamadhenu the mythical cow of Vasistha, who knew righteousness and was worshipped by Devas, is said to have seen her sons, drawing a heavy burden on earth and became unconscious.
vrm.6.128 The elderly Vasistha, with diligence, along with other brahmins on his side, prevailed upon Rama duly to occupy along with Seetha, on a seat made of precious stones.
vrm.7.65 After the departure of Vasishta the great Gautama engaged in the satisfaction of Vasistha s duties.

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