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vrm.1.1 b, a "On Dasharatha s departure to heavens, though Sage Vashishta and other Brahmans have impressed upon him for his investiture in kingship, and even though he is highly effectual to rule such a kingdom, he that Bharata refused the kingdom, and that self denying Bharata, for he is aloft the greed, grouse, and gripe, went to forests to pray for mercy at the feet of Rama.
vrm.1.7 Two venerable saints of eminence are religious ministers for they are authorities in Vedic rituals, namely Vashishta and Vamadeva, who are the acquiescent with religious matters, and apart from these two some more religious ministers are also there to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.8 Then Sumantra gone quickly, for he in quickness is a dauntless one, and fetched all of the clerics like Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jaabaali, Kashyapa, and even Sage Vashishta, and also those other eminent Brahman that are Vedic scholars.
vrm.1.8 Then the Brahman scholars along with Sage Vashishta and all other important personalities in their turn have blessed and honoured him, saying that splendid is this idea.
vrm.1.12 Then King Dasharatha said to his best minister Sumantra, "Let the Vedic scholars and ritual conductors like Sages Suyajna, Vamadeva, Jabali, and Kaashyapa, along with the family priest Vashishta, as well as other Vedic Brahmans that are there, they all be invited swiftly.
vrm.1.12 Then Sage Vashishta along with all other important personalities have applauded the idea that has come out of the king s voice, and all those Vedic scholars and clergymen keeping Rishyasringa at helm of affairs said this to the king, in appreciation of that idea.
vrm.1.13 Greeting and even adoring the Sage Vashishta customarily Dasharatha said these very humble words to him.
vrm.1.13 Then that reverent Brahman Vashishta said to king, "Whatever that is requested or decided by you, I will see that all of them are materialised accordingly.
vrm.1.13 Then Sage Vashishta then summoned and spoke to elderly Brahman scholars, and elderly architects who are all proficient and elderly experts in conducting the construction of the ritual hall etc.
vrm.1.13 Thus Sage Vashishta spoke to the organisers.
vrm.1.13 Then all of them collectively replied to Sage Vashishta "As desired, all the well ordered works will not be neglected in the least, and they will be done as ordered, and not the least of them will be slighted.
vrm.1.13 So said the artisans to Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.13 "Then on calling for Sumantra, Sage Vashishta said these words to him, "Let all those kings of the earth that are righteous be invited, and let all the people from all the kingdoms, say Brahmans, Kshatriya s, Vyasya s, Shudra s be invited in scores duly honouring them.
vrm.1.13 So said Vashishta to Sumantra.
vrm.1.13 Thus Sage Vashishta said to minister Sumantra.
vrm.1.13 On hearing that word of Vashishta, Sumantra expeditiously ordered devout envoys to invite all those kings to their kingdom.
vrm.1.13 All those artisans engaged in ritual works have reported Vashishta, the details of all those ritual works that are accomplished.
vrm.1.13 Then, that satisfied saint and eminent Brahman Vashishta, spoke this way to all of them, "nothing is to be endowed to anyone either with disrespect or deceptively, the deeds done with disrespect will kill the donor and there is no doubt about it.
vrm.1.13 Then the well pleased Sage Vashishta said this to King Dasharatha "the kings from distant kingdoms have arrived at your behest, oh, tigerly man, and thse best kings are well honoured by me also as per their status.
vrm.1.13 Said Sage Vashishta to King Dasharatha.
vrm.1.13 Thus, on a good day while the ruling star of the day is favourable, King Dasharatha came forth towards the ritual hall according to the advice of both the sages Vashishta and Rishyasringa.
vrm.1.13 Then Sage Vashishta and other eminent Brahmans keeping the Sage Rishyasringa ahead of them entered the ritual hall, to commence the ritual works thus.
vrm.1.14 Day by day those expert Brahmans have performed all ritual works as encouraged by Vashishta, and others and as contained in scriptures.
vrm.1.14 Then all those officiating priests collectively gave that wealth to sage Rishyasringa and to the enlightened sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.14 b, a Then all of those Brahmans are well satisfied at heart and distributed among themselves the wealth passed on by Rishyasringa and Vashishta, and then they said, "We are highly gladdened.
vrm.1.18 The other kings who arrived for the ritual are delighted when befittingly honoured by the king Dasharatha, and they too returned to their countries, after suitably adoring the eminent sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.18 Elapsed are eleven days and the naming ceremony is performed, then Vashishta, the chief priest, named the high souled elder one as Rama, Kaikeyi s son as Bharata, and one son of Sumitra as Lakshmana and the other as Shatrughna The king feasted Brahmans, urbanites and villagers and he gifted many
vrm.1.18 b, a Sage Vishvamitra asked Dasharatha, Are all of the provincial kings acquiescent to you, and all your enemies conquered? Are you properly performing the devotional and social works? b, a And on meeting the eminent sage Vashishta and with them the other exalted sages according to custom Vishvamitra asked after their well being.
vrm.1.19 Oh, tigerly king, to you befitting are these words and to none else, as you are born in a great dynasty and tutored by Vashishta.
vrm.1.19 b, a I am sensible of that sublime soul Rama, whose valour is his truthfulness, and even this great resplendent Vashishta and these saints that are here are aware.
vrm.1.19 b, a Oh, Dasharatha, you may send Rama if only your ministers and all the other elite headed by Vashishta are going to give assent.
vrm.1.21 On knowing the appalled appearance of the entire world at the fury of Vishvamitra, Vashishta the great sage with high vows and an insightful one too, said these words to the king.
vrm.1.21 Thus the prominent king from Raghu dynasty, namely Dasharatha, became serene minded by sage Vashishta s words, and he who is supreme among other kings and who has pronounced renown, that Dasharatha then gladly and wholeheartedly consented to the travel of Rama along with the sage Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.22 When Vashishta said that way king Dasharatha with an air of satisfaction personally fetched Rama along with Lakshmana.
vrm.1.22 Rama is blessed for a propitious travel firstly by his mother Kausalya and then by his father king Dasharatha, thereupon the royal priest Vashishta rendered Vedic hymns blessing the journey, then Dasharatha well pleased in his heart of hearts kissed his son Rama on forehead and entrusted him to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.51 "Moving sequentially about the provinces, cities, rivers likewise mountains, king Vishvamitra arrived at the threshold of a hermitage which is with numerous flowered trees and climbers, overspread with very many herds of animals, adored by the Siddhas and Caaranas, frequented and embellished with Devas, Danavas, Gandharvas, and Kinnaras, spread out with equable deer, adored by flights of Birds, compacted with the assemblages of Brahmarshis, and also with the assemblages of Devarshis who are fully accomplished in their ascesis, where the personal resplendence of each of the great souled sage is similar to each of the Ritual fire available in each of the Ritual Fire Altar before which he is sitting, and which hermitage is bustling with the activity of great souled sages who are comparable to Brahma, among whom some subsist on water alone, and some on air alone, likewise some more on dry leaves, while some on fruits, tubers, and with such of those sages and also with particular sages like Vaalakhilya s, also with others like Vaikhanasa s, who are all self controlled, who have overcame their peccabilites, who have overpowered their senses that hermitage is occupied, and while everyone of the inmates is engaged in meditations and oblations into Ritual fire, and with such sages and their activity whole of the perimeter of that hermitage is brightened and rendered splendent, and king Vishvamitra arrived at such a magnificent hermitage of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.51 a "And this best one among vanquishers and the great stalwart Vishvamitra has then seen the hermitage of Vashishta which is like the worldly Universe of Brahma.
vrm.1.52 On seeing at that best sage among best meditators Sage Vashishta, the great mighty and valorous Vishvamitra is highly rejoiced and obediently made an obeisance to the sage.
vrm.1.52 The great souled Vashishta spoke, "you are welcome," and that godly sage has indeed shown a high seat to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 The eminent saint Vashishta then customarily offered fruits and tuber to the courageous Vishvamitra who by now has assumed a seat.
vrm.1.52 On receiving that deference from Vashishta, then that unsurpassed king Vishvamitra asked after the well being of the ascesis, Fire rituals and disciples and their progress in that hermitage, and that great resplendent Vishvamitra has also asked after the well being of flora and fauna of the hermitage, and Vashishta reported to the matchless king about the all round well being of every activity.
vrm.1.52 Vashishta the supreme one among meditators, a great ascetic, and the brainchild of Brahma has then asked Vishvamitra who is sitting at ease.
vrm.1.52 Thus Vashishta asked the well being of Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 "The great resplendent king Vishvamitra respectfully replied Sage Vashishta saying, everything is fine.
vrm.1.52 "Then at the end of discussions, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, that godly Sage Vashishta smilingly spoke this sentence to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.52 "When sage Vashishta said in this way, that highly intellectual king Vishvamitra said to him, hospitality is deemed to have been offered to me with your reverential words, it is enough and nothing more is necessary.
vrm.1.52 Even if the king was speaking in this way obliquely to him, that virtue souled and magnanimous sage Vashishta entreated the king repeatedly.
vrm.1.52 Gaadhi" s son Vishvamitra then replied the eminent saint Vashishta, "Agreed! As it pleases the godly sage.
vrm.1.52 So be it! "When Vishvamitra said that way then Vashishta, the best one among meditators, and one whose blemishes are laved is gladdened, and started calling his speckled cow, namely Shabala, yclept Kaamadhenu.
vrm.1.52 So said Sage Vashishta to that Sacred Cow, Kaamadhenu, and Vishvamitra continued his narration.
vrm.1.53 "Oh, enemy chastener Rama, when the Divine Cow Shabala is spoken in this way by Sage Vashishta, then that milker bestowed each and every fancy, fancied by each and every fancier, according to one s own fancy.
vrm.1.53 "Oh, Rama, all of the men in the forces of Vishvamitra, who are already rejoiced and regaled by the regular feasts accorded by their king Vishvamitra, are now comparatively well gladdened when feasted by Sage Vashishta, in which they rejoiced and regaled, for a good measure.
vrm.1.53 "When honoured along with his advisers, ministers and attendants by way of receiving a royal banquet, king Vishvamitra then in high admiration spoke this to Vashishta.
vrm.1.53 Thus Vishvamitra said to Vashishta.
vrm.1.53 a "When Vishvamitra addressed him in that way, the reverential sage Vashishta, who is a virtue souled eminent saint, on his part replied the king in this way.
vrm.1.53 So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.53 b, a Though Vashishta spoke thus Vishvamitra being an expert in sententiousness then spoke this sentence compellingly and argumentatively.
vrm.1.53 When the shrewd king Vishvamitra spoke to the reverential sage Vashishta, that sage has clearly said, whatever it is oh, king, I do not surrender Shabala, the cow.
vrm.1.53 So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra, and thus Sage Shataananda continued his narration of the legend of Sacred Cow.
vrm.1.54 "When Sage Vashishta did not yield Kaamadhenu, the milker of any desire, oh, Rama, then Vishvamitra started to seize it.
vrm.1.54 "While the determined king Vishvamitra dragged her away from Vashishta, oh, Rama, Shabala is saddened and tearfully mulled over stung by the anguish of her secession from the sage.
vrm.1.54 Has this great souled Sage Vashishta abandoned me, or what?
vrm.1.54 "On thinking thus and suspiring repeatedly, oh, enemy subjugator, Rama, then she that Sacred Cow hastily rushed with the speed a gust and went to that highly energetic Vashishta on utterly shoving off hundreds of attendants of the king who are roping her, and then she straight went to the base of the feet of the great souled Vashishta.
vrm.1.54 "She that moaning and groaning Shabala staying before the Sage Vashishta spoke this bellowing like a thunderous cloud.
vrm.1.54 So Shabala urged Vashishta.
vrm.1.54 Thus Vashishta tried to pacify that Sacred Cow.
vrm.1.54 "She who is spoken that way by Vashishta, that sententious Sacred Cow, Shabala, in her turn obediently spoke this sentence to that Brahma sage of un balanceable resplendence.
vrm.1.54 Thus Shabala implored the sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.54 "Oh, Rama, when spoken by her thus, that highly glorious Vashishta said to Shabala, the do all cow, create a power that can overpower the power of opponent.
vrm.1.54 Vashishta said so to Shabala.
vrm.1.55 "Then on seeing the flurrying warriors earlier created by the Sacred Cow, Shabala, who are perplexed by the missiles of Vishvamitra, Vashishta started to motivate her, oh, wish milker, generate more forces by your yogic capacity.
vrm.1.55 "On seeing their army utterly slaughtered by the vital spirit of Vashishta, a band of hundred sons of Vishvamitra wielding divers weapons exasperatedly sprinted forth towards that supreme meditator among all meditators.
vrm.1.55 But that great sage Vashishta completely burnt all of them down just by blasting hum sounds.
vrm.1.55 "That sage with vital spirit, Vashishta, then in a wink rendered those sons of Vishvamitra, along with their Horses, chariots, and foot soldiers to ashes.
vrm.1.55 Vishvamitra" who is already a mightier Kshatriya, now on acquiring missiles from the God of Gods, Shiva, will he not come forth paired up with mightiest conceit, and then will not his conceitedness be plethoric like a plethoric ocean? "By vitality Vishvamitra is like an ocean with rough riptide on a Full Moon day, and oh, Rama, he deemed that sagaciously mighty sage Vashishta is now dead.
vrm.1.55 Then on going to the threshold of Vashishta s hermitage that king propelled his missiles, by the holocaust of which missiles that ascetic woodland is completely burnt down in its entirety.
vrm.1.55 "Whoever is the disciple of Vashishta and whichever is either animal or a bird, all are utterly frightened and thousands of them have hastily fled to numerous directions.
vrm.1.55 "The threshold of that broad minded Vashishta s hermitage fell void, and in a wink it has become silent like a burial ground as every shrub, herb and tree is cindery, and every bird, animal and stock is an evacuee.
vrm.1.55 "Although Vashishta shouted at them saying time and again, do not fear, do not fear.
vrm.1.55 "On saying that way to the evacuees, Vashishta, the great resplendent sage and a best one among best meditators rancorously said this word to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.55 "On saying thus that extremely infuriated Sage Vashishta post hastily up heaved his baton, which is alike the fumeless Ultimate Fire of End Time, and the other baton of Yama, and affronted Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.56 "When Vashishta spoke in this way, the great mighty Vishvamitra brandishing Fiery missile challenged Vashishta saying, withstand this, withstand this.
vrm.1.56 "That reverential sage Vashishta then upraising his Brahma baton, which is like the other baton of the Terminator, spoke this sentence furiously.
vrm.1.56 So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.56 "With his baton of Brahma Vashishta silenced that matchless and deadly Fiery missile of Gaadhi s son, namely Vishvamitra, as a deluge of water silencing a rage of fire.
vrm.1.56 "Oh, Rama, the descendent of Raghu, Vishvamitra on triggering off all these missiles then he launched the deadly Trident, Skull and Torque missiles on Vashishta, and whole thing has became a spectacular display of Vishvamitra s arsenal.
vrm.1.56 a Brahma" s son Vashishta defused all of those missiles just with his baton and when all of them are thus silenced, Gaadhi s son Vishvamitra touched off Brahma s missile.
vrm.1.56 b, "Even that deleteriously destructive Brahma s missile is completely consumed with the seraphic resplendence of Brahma baton of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.56 "The appearance of that great souled Vashishta became appallingly perplexing when he is finishing off that Brahma missile as if to surely petrify the Tri world.
vrm.1.56 "From all of the pits of hair of that great souled Vashishta ramified are the raditional beams and those radiated shafts are rolling up with the fumes of radiation, so to speak.
vrm.1.56 "The baton of Brahma gripped in his hand and upraised by Vashishta is highly glowing as if it is the fumeless inferno of Time, and as if it is the earthly baton of Yama.
vrm.1.56 "The assemblages of saints then extolled the best meditator Vashishta saying, oh, Brahman, infallible is your prowess, but bear this combustion of missile by your own combustive power.
vrm.1.56 So said saints to Vashishta.
vrm.1.56 "When that great resplendent Vashishta is spoken thus by saints and Gods he composed himself, and then that estranged Vishvamitra spoke this to himself with heavy suspiration.
vrm.1.57 "Oh, Raghava, on making that great souled Vashishta an enemy, whenever Vishvamitra reminisced over his subdual by Vashishta, he is seethed at heart and heaved sighs repeatedly.
vrm.1.57 Then he sincerely invited Vashishta and told him what his thinking is.
vrm.1.57 "But the great souled Vashishta said it as impossible.
vrm.1.57 Thus repudiated Trishanku went to southerly direction in search of orchestrators for the purpose of realising that task, such a phantasmal ritual that enables him to go to heaven with his body, and that king hjas gone to the sons of Vashishta.
vrm.1.57 a Trishanku" has indeed gone to the place where the sons of Vashishta are protractedly expiating, and there he visited the hundred noble souled sons of Vashishta, who are supremely self luminescent and superbly self refulgent by their ascesis.
vrm.1.57 b, "On reaching nigh of those noble souled sons of the indoctrinator, namely Vashishta, Trishanku reverenced all of them sequentially according to their age, but with a little down faced owing to abashment, and spoke to all of those great souled ones making palm fold in supplication.
vrm.1.57 I have come as a shelter seeker seeking the shelter of yours as you are the shelterers of the needy, you all be safe, as the great souled Vashishta has repudiated me.
vrm.1.57 Reverencing all of the sons of my mentor Vashishta I am proposing this to you.
vrm.1.57 b, Oh, ascetically wealthy Brahmans, as I am repudiated by Vashishta, I do not perceive another recourse excepting you, who are all the sons of mentor Vashishta.
vrm.1.57 Therefore, next to Vashishta you are all the next best Gods to me.
vrm.1.57 Thus Trishanku entreated the hundred sons of Sage Vashishta.
vrm.1.58 "On hearing the sentence of Trishanku, oh, Rama, the hundred sons of sage Vashishta infuriately said this to that king.
vrm.1.58 But transgressing him how do you approach another branch of the same tree of wisdom, when that very tree rejected you? So the sons of Vashishta have started to denounce Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 Vashishta is the most reverential sage and such a sage has already said it is impossible to conduct such a Vedic ritual.
vrm.1.58 That godlike Vashishta alone is capable to orchestrate any ritual by any king in all the three worlds.
vrm.1.58 Thus, the sons of Vashishta refuted Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 b, a I am indeed rejected by the godlike Vashishta, likewise even by you, the sons of the same mentor, as such oh, ascetically wealthy scholars, in this state obloquy I will resort to another recourse, let safety betide you.
vrm.1.58 So Trishanku bade farewell to the sons of Vashishta, but.
vrm.1.58 b, a "But the sons of the sage Vashishta, on hearing that sentence of the king, that is inclusive of and leading to a calamitous situation, have become very highly infuriated and cursed saying, you shall get into a state of basely profaner.
vrm.1.58 That is the curse issued by the sons of Vashishta to Trishanku.
vrm.1.58 "On saying thus those great souled sons of Vashishta withdrew to one s own hermitage and when that night elapsed into day then the king lapsed into a state of basely profaner.
vrm.1.58 b, a I am spurned off by my mentor Vashishta and also like that by his sons.
vrm.1.59 You can go to heaven with this body of yours, as well as with the form which is deformed by the curse of mentor Vashishta through his sons.
vrm.1.59 Vishvamitra" calling forth all of his disciples said this sentence, invite all the eminent sages who are well read in many Veda s, along with their disciples and friends, and their ritwiks, the conductors of rituals, and even the sons of Vashishta, at my order.
vrm.1.59 On listening your word all the Brahmans from all provinces have started to come and some have already come, leaving alone Mahodaya, the son of Vashishta.
vrm.1.59 b, a What all said by those hundred sons of Vashishta is explosively worded in their fury, oh, eminent sage, and what all they have said that you may please listen.
vrm.1.59 How then the Gods or sages can partake of the remnants of oblations in that ritual assembly, especially that of a profaner? Thus, the sons of Vashishta exclaimed.
vrm.1.59 Oh, tigerly sage Vishvamitra, all the sons of Vashishta including Mahodaya spoke these derisive sentences with their eyes reddening in anger.
vrm.1.59 b, a "The eminent sage Vishvamitra having heard those words of the sons of Vashishta from all of his disciples, said this rancorously with bloodshot eyes.
vrm.1.60 "The great resplendent Vishvamitra on knowing through his ascetic power about the ruination of the sons of Vashishta, along with Mahodaya, proclaimed this amidst the observance of sages.
vrm.1.60 As you are thrashed by the damning of your mentor Vashishta, you inane human, again fall down on earth, but with your head inversed.
vrm.1.62 You all will be whirling around the earth totally for a thousand years taking birth in the race that subsists on dog s meat, like the sons of Vashishta.
vrm.1.65 Oh, Gods, he who is the outstanding one among the geniuses of kingcraft, and among the scholars of Veda s as well, even that Vashishta, the brainchild of Brahma, shall acknowledge me in this way as Brahma sage.
vrm.1.65 b, "Then the best one among meditators Vashishta has come over there when the Gods besought him to come, and he made friendship with Vishvamitra.
vrm.1.65 "No doubt, you are a Brahma sage and everything will accrue to you in accordance with the sublimity of this sageship, and when Vashishta said so to Vishvamitra, all the Gods have gone away as they have come.
vrm.1.65 "On getting his Brahman hood even the virtue souled Vishvamitra started to reverence the supreme among meditators and his counterpart Brahma sage, namely Vashishta.
vrm.1.68 Keeping your royal priest Vashishta and other teachers ahead of you, oh, great emperor, I wish you to come apace, let safe betide you, for it will be apt of you to take a look at your ennobled son Rama, and Lakshmana, too.
vrm.1.68 King Dasharatha is highly gladdened on hearing that message from the delegates, and said this way to Vashishta, Vamadeva, and to his other ministers, as well.
vrm.1.69 Vashishta", Vamadeva, Jabali and Kaashyapa, and the long lived Markandeya, and Sage Kaatyayana.
vrm.1.69 a "Providentially bechanced is the arrival of this great resplendent and godly sage Vashishta, who arrived here with all of these eminent Brahmans, like Indra himself with all Gods.
vrm.1.69 a Then, on the forgathering of sages from Vashishta s side with the sages of Mithila all the sages have attained extreme joy and they spent that night happily.
vrm.1.70 b, a Oh, valiant king, oh, sovereign of Ayodhya, his highness the sovereign of Mithila from the heritage of Videha kings is poised for seeking an audience with your highness, along with your highness royal priest Vashishta and other mentors.
vrm.1.70 Oh, exalted king Janaka, you already appreciate that this godly sage Vashishta is godlike to the bloodline of Ikshvaku s, and in all affairs he is our internuncio.
vrm.1.70 b, a Should an assent be given by Sage Vishvamitra, along with all the great sages present here, this equanimous Vashishta will narrate about my bloodline, lineally.
vrm.1.70 And, to the nod of Vishvamitra Dasharatha become reticent, and then the godly and sententious sage Vashishta who is along with
vrm.1.70 So said Vashishta to king Janaka.
vrm.1.71 When sage Vashishta said that way, Janaka reverentially made palm fold and said this in reply, "oh, sage, let safeness betide you all.
vrm.1.71 "Oh, eminent sage Vashishta, he who is born in a particular noble gens has to inform about his parentage in its entirety, especially when he offers a bride.
vrm.1.71 "Oh, Brahma sage Vashishta, for the reason of my non bestowal of bow or bride he warred with me, and when he affronted me in that war I have put that Sudhanva to the sword.
vrm.1.71 "Oh, best sage Vashishta, on eliminating king Sudhanva, I have anointed my valiant brother Kushadhvaja in the kingdom of Saamkaasha.
vrm.1.71 "Oh, best saint Vashishta, this is that younger brother of mine, and I am the elder.
vrm.1.72 Then the eminent saint Vishvamitra together with Vashishta said these words to Janaka, the valiant king of Videha, who has just said about his lineage.
vrm.1.72 On hearing the words of Vishvamitra that have the concurrence of Vashishta then Janaka reverently said this to those two eminent saints.
vrm.1.72 On saying those gracious words thus, king Janaka got up from his throne and coming nigh of both of the eminent saints, Vishvamitra and Vashishta, reverently said this sentence.
vrm.1.72 On seeking leave of absence from the sovereign of people, Janaka, that highly renowned king Dasharatha promptly departed from there, keeping both of the eminent saints afore, namely Vishvamitra and Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 b Rama arrived at his father together with all of his brothers, keeping sage Vashishta and other eminent saint ahead of them, on an opportune and appropriate hour called Victory.
vrm.1.73 Then that godly sage Vashishta on going from Vedic ritual hall to marriage hall said this to Janaka, Oh, best one among best people, oh, king Janaka, having performed the auspicious marriage thread ceremony, Dasharatha along with his sons is looking forward for the donor.
vrm.1.73 Janaka is not just a decidedly valiant king but he is the profound knower of probity also, besides being an unreservedly generous king, hence he has already made all arrangements, and when he is spoken in this way by Vashishta that king replied this sentence to that right honourable Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 Oh, eminent saint Vashishta, on absolutely performing the auspicious ceremony for the marriage thread, and thereby tying thread band at
vrm.1.73 So said Janaka to Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 Then that king from Videha bloodline, Janaka, said in this way to Vashishta, Oh, the knower of punctilios, oh, Brahma sage, oh, masterly sage, along with other sages you make happen all of the marriage ceremonies of Rama, the rejoicer of the world.
vrm.1.73 Thus Janaka spoke to Vashishta.
vrm.1.73 Thus said, that godly sage Vashishta on saying, so be it, to Janaka, embarked on arranging Altar of Fire keeping sage Vishvamitra and the virtuous sage Shataananda afore of him, and that sage with great ascesis, Vashishta, has arranged an Altar of Fire in the midpoint of the cool thatched manorial marriage shed, decorating it with sandal paste and flowers.
vrm.1.73 b, a Then that great resplendent and eminent saint Vashishta neatly overlaid even sized sacred grass on that Altar of Fire synchronising with
vrm.1.73 b, a All the four bridegrooms are palminpalmed with all the four brides, paying heed to Janaka s words, and abiding in Vashishta s orchestration of Vedic hymns and procedures.
vrm.1.73 On performing circumambulations along with their wives around the Ritual fire, and around the Altar of Fire, and that way, around king Janaka, the awarder of wives, and around sages as well for they conducted the marriages well, those great souled bridegrooms that have emerged from Raghu s dynasty on performing further deeds of ritual consistent with custom as directed by Vashishta, they are all wed.
vrm.1.74 Also thus, all of the earth bound animals are going his leftward, and on seeing this, albeit he is a tigerly king he is perplexed, and particularly asked Vashishta.
vrm.1.74 On hearing all that is said by king Dasharatha, the instinctual sage Vashishta said this sentence in a soothing voice, I will tell apart the result of these auguries.
vrm.1.74 b, a Then Vashishta and the other sages, the king Dasharatha along with his sons remained there with animation, and everything and every other one available there has become inanimate.
vrm.1.74 On seeing him who is perilous in his propensity and flaming like the Ritual fire, Vashishta and the other prominent Brahman s who are the practisers of meditation and fire oblations have come together and started to susurrate, up and down.
vrm.1.74 quot On receiving the deference paid by the sage Vashishta, that
vrm.1.77 On paying respects to sage Vashishta and to the other important sages, Rama, the delight of Raghu s lineage, placatingly addressed his agitated father Dasharatha.
vrm.2.14 While the auspicious, moment united with lunar mansion approaching, the sage Vashishta who is rich in virtues surrounded by his disciples entered the capital city of Ayodhya briskly, having procured the requisite materials for Rama s coronation.
vrm.2.14 Passing through that city, whose streets were swept and watered decorated with excellent flags, overspread with colourful flowers made brilliant with various types of garlands, filled with people of joy, with shops and markets with abundance, filled with lot of festivities, anxiously waiting for Rama, fumigated on all sides with perfumes of sandalwood also resembling Amaravati city capital of Indra the sage Vashishta beheld the excellent, gynaecium filled with many a number of brahmanas, crowded with citizens and countrymen, looking splendorous with brahmanas, knowers of sacrificial assembly filled with excellent brahmanas.
vrm.2.14 Sage Vashishta, being well pleased of seeing that gynaecium, got past those people there and entered it.
vrm.2.14 Meanwhile, Vashishta saw Sumantra by name, who was charioteer cum minister of Dasaratha and who had a pleasing appearance coming out of the royal gate.
vrm.2.14 That great splendoured Vashishta spoke thus to the learned Sumantra, "Tell the king quickly, that I have come.
vrm.2.14 Hasten the emperor, so that Rama will get the throne when the day gets started at the auspicious moment of pushya constellation uniting with the moon" Hearing these words Vashishta the great souled, Sumantra entered the gynaecium along with Dasaratha, the tiger among kings.
vrm.2.14 "The venerable Vashishta himself stands waiting at the gate along with brahmanas, being saluted saluted with joined palms by citizens, village folk and merchants.
vrm.2.15 Those brahmans skilled in Vedas stayed there all the night and arrived at a nearby place along with the royal priest, Vashishta.
vrm.3.66 Which great sage Vashishta is there, who is also the priest of our father, he parented a hundred sons in one day and like that they are all eliminated in one day by Vishvamitra, for which Vashishta also lamented, but not for a long.

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